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Dude, relax – it's Just a Bunch Of Disks: Our man walks you through how JBODs work

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JBOD? Or high availability?

Forgive me author. JBOD and high availability systems are two different if related things as is sas vs sata. If you want a description of JBOD check out Wikipedia. If you were really wanting to talk high availability system, not a bad attempt but interesting you choose to talk about the 'rolls Royce' solution rather than all the steps along the way... Hay Ho!


How the iPad ruined the lives of IT architects

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Disappointed in El Reg

Come on El Reg, I expect better of you than promote this self serving rubbish.

The final paragraph says it all "Gavin Payne is a Microsoft Certified Architect who scopes, designs, implements and migrates mission critical data platforms" or to put it another way a man with a vested interest.

Thanks to you, this individual will now be able to say he has had articles published which will garner brownie points for him and help him further his career at the expense of people who know what they are doing and saying!

I can paraphrase his entire article into" move your data to the cloud because cloud providers can manage your 24x7 better than your IT department and by the way pay me lots of money to fix all the problems/plan the migration."

Any if you don't believe me, my IPAD is a perfect example of perfection because in the two year-ish its been in existence it hasn't broken..... (I've only had to upgrade its operating systems once or twice and when some apps do crash I just have to restart them) So much more reliable than my fridge that has sat quietly keeping my food cold for the last 20 years without a single 'crash' or needed rebooting or its firmware updating because we missed something.... Doh.. How old is you oven, Washing Machine, Microwave?

Rant over, can we now go back to covering real IT news, not self proclaimed experts with vested interests in some aspects of IT trying to further their career or get work.


Public cloud will grow when experienced IT folks DIE

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Over 50? Barr humbug

10-15 years time and businesses will all be using the cloud? The 'Kiddies know best?

Guess I must be a dinosaur as I'm over 50 and one of the people holding the cloud back unnecessarily. Couldn't be a bit of self interest in making that statement could there John? After all you are Rackspace CTO. But as CTO how are you at running a business?

Would you trust AWS or MS to host your whole IT operation? Would you recommend it to your board? Yes I know its a silly rhetorical question, but there are many reasons why it's not being adopted as fast as you may like.

1. It's still new and having teething problems. Yes it will settle down, we'll learn from major outages and we'll improve it. Personally I think adoption in 10-15 years is way to far off. If the suppliers get it right, 3-5 years may be more appropriate.

2. It's not a strategic option for ALL business data. Strategically I support cloud computing for customer facing activity. Web site are a great leader in this field. Can anyone accurately predict how many people are going to hit a web site after a TV ad? With the cloud, its not a problem. In fact a perfect solution. With business critical data.... Much more caution is needed. Even the humble finance system's data if it got into the wrong hands by mistake could give a competitor a massive advantage....

3. Can we really trust the suppliers? Nothing personal, but in my time I've seen suppliers be really nice and friendly to get your business, but if you want to move your business or they go out of business. Who own's YOUR data? In todays world, its simple, if a supplier get shirty when you want to change, or goes bust you have protection because it's all running on your hardware and will continue to run on your hardware (yes you will have problems) so your business will still function, it will also only be one supplier not every single bit of IT you use that goes or has problems. Even your 'kiddies' understand this argument, so you can imagine how easy this argument is to sell to a board.

May be I'm a dinosaur - but I make a lot of money out of being a dinosaur and keep being re-employed simply because I keep my thoughts grounded in the reality of the world not the spin. :-)



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