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'Toyota dealer stole my wife's saucy snaps from phone, emailed them to a swingers website'


Average Layman/Layperson/Laypreacher.

I think we have to remember that most of us on here are very tech savvy. Most people have no idea about security and what not to do with their devices. I am sure a lot of people believe that having a four number code on their phones is enough. The number of people who think the drawing a shape method is safer than numbers amazes me. You can actually see the grease stain of the shape if you hold it in the light at the right angle.

So saying it is the victim’s fault doesn’t cut it with me. We should be able to trust people we deal with and when they betray that trust they should be held fully accountable.

As for the document, it could be an email of confirmation from the dealership’s finance company and only the reference numbers etc. was required. The scummy dealer could have claimed that he needed to check it with details he has on his PC and done the deed.

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working


Same old story

I am not an IT professional, however I have been interested in computers since my first ZX81 in 1983. I used to have a reputation of being able to fix most things, firstly on the Amiga platform and then on Windows. I made friends with a guy I was doing a CNC course with, and he complained that his PC wasn’t working too well. So of course I went round and fixed it.

Next thing I knew his brother was asking if I could take a look at his PC as it wasn’t running too well. I agreed like a mug.

When I arrived early on the Sunday morning I was ushered to this PC that although it had a mouse, there was no ball inside it. He had ‘lost it’. I proceeded to sort out his pc which included a huge amount of porn on it and pirated stuff. (He was high up in the C.I.D he had bragged when I first met him). I spent a total of 8 hours there, partly because I decided the PC was beyond hope and reformatted it (porn and all, hee hee).

What did I get for my trouble? 1 cup of tea. I sat there as they tucked into Sunday lunch, without so much as an offer of a sandwich. More fool me I suppose, but in those days I saw it all as a challenge.

I stopped it all when I got fed up with the, “You like computers don’t you?” questions. Yeah I love sat watching progress bars running for hours on end!

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