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I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working


Can totally identify with your comments there as have the same experience myself working in IT and on a helpdesk

However I cant help point the finger at yourself for creating this situation and getting annoyed at others seems a little nonsensical plus burning bridges with your neighbors especially those that notice someone strange might be hanging around your property and call the authorities can be a life saver

I would suggest you harden up and deal with this in a way that fixes your boundary issues and stops you being a door mat

This works for me so feel free to use or tailor anything to your liking

1 if someone ask's me to look into their computer issue I offer to do it gladly for $50 per hour which is approx half price compared to other places around town - this gets rid of at least 99% of all enquirers right then and there

Regardless of its the nice old pensioner down the street on a low income or such and such cousin I've never seen before in my life or a anyone at a party, the only exception to this rule is parents sibling and parents/siblings of your partner and one or two best mates

2 Learn to know and love the local IT stores in your community too bad if they are over priced and don't preform a grade A+++ job find one or two you reasonably happy with and anyone asking to buy this or that should be sent their way - memorize address and hourly rate so you can rattle this off without getting drawn into too much of the nitty gritty of whatever issue that person is dealing with

They(the store) are getting paid a commission to sell and support the equipment they sell, you do not

And if you really cant be bothered fixes anyone's equipment disregard point 1 and stick to point 2

3 Lastly set boundary's and limits otherwise the only person you can blame is yourself! - chivalry be damned if I'm spending my free time bothering with someone else clunky old pc for free!!!

Politely advising someone who knocks at your door at 8pm that this isnt a good time now or ever is a good move but I would also point them in the direction of the aforementioned it store

hope this helps

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