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Get whimsical and win a Western Digital Black 6TB hard drive


Seeing somebody else? What, some big ape?

Remember back when "Broadband" ...


I once worked for Teletype Corporation, upgrading TTY machines to 300baud modems.

AT&T: We will right many of world's wrongs if allowed to slurp DirecTV


This gives AT&T another excuse to postpone what they should be doing, upgrading the last mile to their unfortunate customers by installing fiber to customer premises.

Why Teflon Ballmer had to go: He couldn't shift crud from Windows 8, Surface


The Replacement

I wonder if the board of directors is looking for a replacement who is good at throwing chairs?

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working


This is why the entry gate at Geek Hill has a sign that says "No, we will not fix your computer". I wanted it to say No Muggles but there was a compromise.


Geek Hill (dot) org

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