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Digital radio may replace FM altogether - even though nobody wants it


You left one out

FM Radio:

-Doesn't have the channels I want to listen to.

Ah, but that doesn't fit your arguement does it?

BBC suspends CTO after £100m is wasted on doomed IT system


Funny that's what they did and abandoned it

"It's easy to avoid this. Try a small experiment on a local scale, Perhaps in an island site where their may be local chaos."

Which is EXACTLY what they did in DMI V1. But when Siemens got cold feet (A very risk adverse company) when offered the opportunity to bail out they did in short order. The original local deployment was orphaned and a completely new solution was designed. Siemens were in fact very close to producing a working system, albeit limited. In came Mr Linwood and his cronies, eager to prove how they could do better. Any dissenting voices were silenced by a culture of bullying.

Cue a lot of people losing their jobs and consultants making millions.

That original local deployment is still in daily service, but nobody likes to talk about that.

Review: Sony Xperia SP


Looks good but why compare it against a Lumia 720?

This certainly looks to be a well-judged phone and I'd certainly consider buying it. At £300 you can't compare it against a Lumia 720 which is a far cheaper phone. Compare it against a Lumia 820 that's a fair comparison and one I'd like to see.

I note that it has a large battery which cerainly sells it to me. I'm fed up with poor battery life. Interestingly that is the one facet on which the Lumia 720 compares well to any phone. It has a good battery life.

Quantum: No! Object storage CANNOT exchange data with tape!


Re: I might be rusty...

The architecture that Quantum have used is to introduce the Lattus (Amplidata) object store as what used to be termed a "Storage disk". Storage disk is effectively a tape copy on disk. Storage disk is not a tier as such.

The Object store is effectively a copy of what is on tape. This means that only one tape copy need be written.

In our scenario at least, the workflow never requires object storage to tape migration. The great benefit that is introduced is that data can be accessed directly from the object store, or moved to the disk WIP very quickly.

It also avoids wasting expensive fast hard disk space and reduces the number of tape copies to one.

Of course others needs may be different.

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