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Swedish linguists nix new word after row with Google

Thomas O

Not regulating

Just to clarify things, the department called "Språkrådet" (the Language Council) in Sweden is only documenting the current use of the language. In Sweden there is not attempt to regulate the language or decide what's right or wrong, like there is in for instance France.

Språkrådet listens to the radio, look at TV, read newspapers, searching the Internet etc. in order to determine what words and expressions that are actually in use and then they document it. Each year they publish a list called the "New word list" where they list new words that has reached a certain amount of popularity and they try to document the meaning of the word. They do not define the words, they just document how it is used.

If a word continues to be used, it may eventually enter the official Swedish Dictionary that defines the Swedish language.

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