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Destroying the city to save the robocar

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Re: Obviously the solution is....

As to banning manual cars from the roads, that will happen automatically and all players, for or against, will ban themselves. How?

The insurance industry will eventually make premiums for manual cars prohibitively expensive. And the 'manual' car holdouts will dump their cars in droves.

Kaspersky axes antitrust complaints against Microsoft after Windows giant vows to play nice

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Allow Russia??

As much as I don't particularly like Microsoft, I trust them implicitly over a bunch of demonic Russians. That will be the day I allow this country to put anything on my computer, never mind a program with access to everything going in and out.

In this case, it is Microsoft all the way!

Human-free robo-cars on Washington streets after governor said the software is 'foolproof'

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software is 'foolproof'

Compared to humans, this comment is not far off...

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software is 'foolproof'

Compared to humans, this comment is not far off...

Trump's FBI boss, Attorney General picks reckon your encryption's getting backdoored

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Does not matter...

Anyone that has real important secrets to hide does not use off-the-shelf encryption software. Instead, they us one time pads and double encrypt this into stenography to prevent attention. Only amateurs use off-the-shelf encryption.

Don't panic, friends, but the Chinese navy just nicked one of America's underwater drones

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Microsoft throws crypto foes an untouchable elliptic curveball

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Re: Yeah but...

Yes, pulling finger nails trumps untouchable elliptic curveballs every time. Torture countries like the US do not care about laws and other social niceties.

So this Saudi Prince calls and asks why he can't watch movies ...

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Back to the stone age

If these backyard Kings and Princes ever lose access to western intelligence they are doomed to live out their pitiful lives in candle lit tents in the desert...

Boffins attempt to prove the universe is just a hologram

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Universe thinks differently!

Universe attempts to prove Boffins are just a HOLOGRAM!

Putin: Crack Tor for me and I'll make you a MILLIONAIRE

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You have got to be kidding!

That will be the day I would hand over the keys for TOR to a corrupt mafia moron and his ass kissing low brow buddies.

British boffin tells Obama's science advisor: You're wrong on climate change

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Has this mathematician not been told to 'toe-the-line' yet??

The Church of Global Warming must intensify the message or all will be lost!

Sync'n'steal: Hackers brew Android-targeting Windows malware

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I wonder how they will make my 'balance disappear?' According to my bank a hacker can pay my bills, transfer money between accounts and create a new account under my name. They cannot transfer my money out to another account unless I go to the bank and set such a transfer up. When I go there they check my photo ID and always ask me personal questions to verify my ID.

So, again, what are they going to do?

US democracy activists lose case against Baidu and China

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People would talk...

Hard to get a whole country on a plane to Iran for a little softening up. And people would talk if China just "disappeared"...

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