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Oracle 'systematically denies' its sales reps their commissions, forces them to work to pay off 'debts', court told


Appears to be a fairly common tactic for Oracle - screwing people out of their commissions - things like this were happening when I worked there 10+ years ago. Sales people would spend years putting together a multi-million dollar deal, and then get kicked to the curb a month or two before the contract got signed.

Donald Trump promises 'such trouble' for Jeff Bezos and Amazon


Re: Canadians enjoying the show.

That's the rub - Scott Walker, when he was still in the running, was promising a northern wall. Just need to convince Trump now.

If he does win, I'm pretty sure we could take up a collection in Canada to pay for the thing ....



I guess buying media outlets is bad, but buying off Florida prosecutors is ok....

MasterCard stings PayPal with payment fee hike


Re: Coming to a wallet near you...


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