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Software glitch WIPES OUT listings of 10,000 eBay sellers


Ebay User Affected By Glitch

Unfortunately, I am one of the 10,000 plus ebay merchants who has been slammed by this problem. Around 2:00pm EST on Wednesday (3/20), I received an email stating that I had reached my monthly selling limits. All but three of my Ebay listings were removed in error. The three that remained were auction listings that already had bids. The majority of my listings are fixed price listings. The communication from ebay has been dreadful. They did not even acknowledge the problem on their website for a good 10 hours. I spoke with a CSR almost immediately and it was clear that they really did not know what happened. The first official email from ebay came at around 5:30pm EST on Thursday.

As you mentioned in your article, we spend years building up our reputations and sales histories. I have already lost about $600-$800 in sales and am very concerned about losing future sales due to a lower placement in the ebay search results. Ebay said this will not happen yet they have still to get all the dropped items relisted. The ones that have been relisted will all expire on the same day, which will also affect sales as listings tend to show up higher in the results right before they expire. Also, many users sort by listings to show those ending soon and now all of my listings will be concentrated on one day.

So far, ebay has restored single item listings but has not restored the multiple item ones or any of the auctions (with no bids) that were active during the crash. This is in direct contrast to the statement on their site that the majority of listings will be restored by 24 hours of the incident. As I carry most of my pieces in volume, only 15% of my listings have been restored. Although ebay said it is acceptable to relist items yourself, I am waiting for them in the hopes that sales history will be saved. I am also hopeful that my items will hold the same positions in the search results.

I spoke with a CSR earlier today if there was a timeframe to have all of the listings restored and she said it could be a day or two. When I asked her to clarify, she stated that no one really knows and that they are being told it is still being worked on. We're now over 50 hours since this problem started and there is still no end in site. This is totally unacceptable.



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