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Whatever happened to telepresence? From $2.5m deals to free iPad apps


Re: Cisco is the problem, Skype is good enough

This makes no sense. This is all about corporate offerings and Skype as an unsecured P2P network has no place on corporate networks. If you are placing Skype in offices then you have not accurately communicated the security issues to the customer and have given them a "good enough" security risk. Yes it is free... now consider why it is free! Do you know who the super users of Skype are? These are peers which Skype use for routing and media anchoring and I assure you the requirements needed make these peers the last people you would want your corporate traffic being routed via.

Again yes Cisco are expensive but you may have noted a whole host of offerings from other players listed in this article... you will also note Skype is absent from this article and for good reason.



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