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Hacker claims PayPal loophole generates FREE MONEY


[quote]Cernaianu, known as TinKode, was found guilty of hacking into the Pentagon, NASA and the British Royal Navy and ordered to pay $US120,000 in damages[/quote]

Using Paypal no ?

Linux distros fix kernel terminal root-hole bug


Re: This wouldn't have happened...

No it crashed when you inserted the joystick adapter instead..

BBC hacks – tweet the crap out of the news, cries tech-dazzled Trust


Sky news ftw!

Minecraft players can now download Denmark – all of it – in 1:1 scale


Re: OMG!

Minecraft chunk loads, and only loads a specific area of blocks into memory, so the actual size of map isn't an issue, however you would need a e beefy GPU to use a texture pack over 128x128,


Re: "will they be improving the resolution of the game"

Check out 7 Days to Die, it's Minecraft with Zombies, but Voxel based.

Wii got it WRONG: How do you solve a problem like Nintendo?


Re: Wii failed

But isn't that the point?, 30 years ago, we only had that option. In fact my ZX48k connected by RF, but given that the Wii was apparently at the forefront of technology at that time, why not ship with HDMI ?

I bought the Wii when it was first released, spent about a week playing with it until the novelty wore off and now it's just a soft-modded coaster.

XBOX ONE owners rage as HDMI SNAFU 'judders' Brit and Euro tellies


I expect it's the console made by micrsoft that's flakey. :)

Those Xbox One first-day glitches: GREEN screens of DEATH, disc crunching


Gotta say that since consoles were around (Atari 2600 and Joust Anyone ?), consoles have always been on a finite path where compatibility with technology hits a point, well come to the PC world console users...

3CX PBX for Windows: Everything you ever wanted from a phone system


Or do away with a traditional PBX (Unless in an epic lease) and look at Cloud voice select, hosted co-location.

SourceForge responds to GIMP grump with crowdsourcing caper


Good on 'em, it seems more and more apps are coming bundled with toolbars and such nasties, I can't help wonder that half (Ok maybe not half), of the security issues users suffer are down to these toolbars.

Users blindly clicking through, next, next, next ... and given the ones where you have to tick the box to confirm you do NOT wish to install said tooldbars.

Now if only the likes of M$, take note.....

Virgin Media only puts limited limits on its Unlimited service


Re: Why the hell...

I download 8.1 on newsgroups I get 120mb+ on VM, I download same 8.1 on torrents I get about 10mb... It's not the service providers fault..

Apple pulls VPN app, helps censors' job in China


Do they ever respond?

Maybe you should try using Tor to contact them :)

Don't wait up for BBM on iPhone, Android – BlackBerry


Surely all it would need is a plugin for Whatsapp+ / Viber / Bria, them type of apps to add the same functionality that BBM currently offers.

I really don't see a future for BBM given the alternatives.

Behind the candelabra: Power cut sends Britain’s boxes back to the '70s


Re: Power Cuts

Bait - A can of Stella (it has to have be of use somewhere in society, and use grease proof paper for the launch pad.

Think I'll do an Apple now and go patent this..

Punter strikes back at cold callers - by charging THEM to call HIM


Re: : )

He's not changed his number, all he's done is point his main CLI to an 0870 number, which he than hands out the 0870 number to businesses, or fills in on web forms. You can still hand out the original CLI ie 0161 for example, to your friends and family, they will only get charged at the normal rate.

ISPs: Relax. Blocking porn online won't really work



Am I missing something here, yes you can use OPENDNS, however your traffic is still routed through your ISP, and as they will be the ones applying DNS filters, I don't see what difference using OpenDNS offers, as the DNS ranges are still blocked ?

Also the way I see it, using automatic filters that trawl, are not selective, they'll just block anything remotely related to what the filters are being asked to block. Given then if someone was to hack a site and plant nasty images et cetera, how long would it be before the DNS filters kick in and block what was a legitimate site ?

Also if I was to say look for an online source for Viagra & the potential side effects, would that also be blocked as it's remotely linked to what the filters are being asked to block.

This hasn't been thought out in the slightest.

Filters are not selective in what they block, humans are.. let us decide ourselves what is / isn't appropriate, not some idiots in parliament who run fetish parties!.

Is this the first ever web page? If not, CERN would like to know



Surely the 1st webpage would have been a 404 ?

Windows 7 'security' patch knocks out PCs, knackers antivirus tools


Firstly it looks as though this is a kaspersky related issue, but also you can boot into safe mode (F8) and uninstall the offending update until a fix is issued.

Microsoft Xbox gaffe reveals cloudy arrogance


If M$ do decide to go down the "Always On / Always connected' path, I for one will not buy another console from them.

I have two 360's atm, one for media and the other my sons, however I let the gold membership expire, and I now cannot even use the internet on either console unless I pay M$ for a membership fee. Utter nonsense!.

It's already been mentioned that not everyone can have an always on connection, so why would you opt for a console that you can only play when your online, add to this that M$ want us to stop using pre-owned games and only use the games they want us too, I think NOT!.

I payed good monies for these consoles, I should be able to play and use them how I wish (within legal realms), if that be online or offline / a new game or a game I've bought pre-owned so be it.

Software bug halts Curiosity: Nuke lab bot in safe mode


Can you imagine the call out fees ?


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