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"Apple has not returned The Register's requests for comment at this time. ®"

I'm sure that will be coming in any second now...

Oh, wow. US Secret Service wants a Twitter sarcasm-spotter

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Re: Headline, about a year from now

Some woman from the US Secret Service asked me for a double entendre-spotter, so I gave her one.

Spock-style gadget can SMELL my PEE! Weird gizmos of CES 2014

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SeeSpace InAir

... I like the way it superimposes McLaren racing overalls onto Lewis Hamilton with a Mercedes F1 car in the background... Neat trick...

BOOGIE BALLMER: Steve Dirty Dances at tearful Microsoft leaving do

Eddie Knopfler

I wonder...

... if all the "Surface tension" was enough to stop the champagne spilling over...

Deep inside the iPhone 5s lurk a few surprises

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Re: My 5.3" is a Samsung, your 4" is also much Samsung

Hmmm... No, not really.

Both the A(5/6/7) and Exynos(3/4/5) are tweaked designs of ARM-based Cortex SoC's licensed from ARM Holdings.

What you've said is almost as bad as saying an Intel Core i7 based Samsung laptop is a design variant of an AMD Vision Processor E2 based Lenovo machine because they both use x86/x64 instruction sets.

The important thing here is that whether you're an Apple Fanboi or a Samsung Fandroid, none of you would be doing anything with any particular power or efficiency if it wasn't for us plucky Brits.

Move along now, nothing to see here.

Furious Frenchies tell Apple to bubble off: Bling iPhone isn't 'champagne'

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The whole situation becomes so unstable it collapses in on itself before violently exploding?

Champagne Supernova.

'Kim Jong-un executes nork-baring ex and pals for love polygon skin flick'

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Nobody's thought about poor Kim though...

He's doing the same job as his Dad...

Do you have any idea how fucking busy he is?

Mines the one with the lyrics to "I'm So Ronery" in the pocket.

Three axes data-roaming fees in SEVEN countries

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Re: Blighty takes the lead - for once

Not sure Blighty takes the lead. I moved from London to Wicklow (ROI) three years ago and signed up to a Three contract in Eire simply because they still offered the previous incarnation of this deal (Three Like Home) so I avoided paying roaming charges when on personal and business trips back to the UK.

It was only shortly before this that the UK arm of Three scrapped that offering so they've just reverted to something they've previously offered and rebranded it. Still, means I can finally port my O2 number to Three for my UK phone and remove roaming charges on both accounts... which is nice...

Also, Hutchison Whampoa are based out of Hong Kong.

Eddie Knopfler


Microsoft Xbox One to be powered by ginormous system-on-chip

Eddie Knopfler

Re: and mentions of Jaguar...

Yes, it was a 64bit massive black box with release titles that looked no more impressive than games from the previous generation of consoles.

Good job Sony and MS won't be doing that... Oh, wait...

BlackBerry's retro-look QWERTY Q5 mobe: Resentment by design

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New cheapo iPhone ain't gonna be that cheap, says non-Foxconn CEO

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I'll get my coat... but...


Sounds like decept or con.

Cold, dead hands of Steve Jobs slip from iPhones: The Cult of Ive is upon us

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Re: Lowercase keyboard?

Quite different?

I guess that's a perspective thing.

For me, it's not a requirement or something I'd flag up as being a differentiator between devices (e g's point). I rarely look at the keyboard when typing on either a physical or virtual keyboard and for a device the size of a phone fingers or thumbs would obscure the key one wishes to strike anyway - which implies you wish to use other areas of the screen to provide a visual clue as to the outcome of a key press, potentially detrimental to accuracy?.

I don't think iOS users should be forced into having a static label on keys any more than I think Android users should be forced to have a keyboard that changes. As you imply, choice is the key.

Either way, I don't think I'd ever choose a device based on what the OS UI puts on a virtual keyboard to represent the outcome of a key press; Especially not in order to feel better when my new device was placed next to something that offers alternate functionality.

Eddie Knopfler

Lowercase keyboard?

@g e... Why does anyone need a keyboard that changes case to reflect the outcome of a key press?

I'm quite happily typing this on a physical keyboard and haven't gotten myself confused once just because the case of the key label hasn't changed inline with my shift/caps lock commands.

Or is that how Android has "innovated" the keyboard? Or wait, did they "invent" it?

Apple at WWDC: Sleek new iOS, death of the big cats, pint-sized Mac Pro

Eddie Knopfler

Pint sized?!?!

Pint sized? Someone get me to the fucking pub...

New Apple TV may hint at Apple-Samsung divorce

Eddie Knopfler

Re: Trade Descriptions Act. & SoGA

Holy Shit!! You're really on to something... I just looked inside my Samsung Galaxy and there's no fucking stars, nebulas, black holes or pulsars! Shit the bed!!

How do these marketing departments get away with it?


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