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UK IT consultant subject to insane sex ban order mounts legal challenge


Re: "He was found not guilty, therefore he is innocent"

The communists soviets were not secular in any real sense of the word. They had plenty religion. Their religion was called socialism. A secular mindset can not be used to motivate atrocities since it is the absence of something, and the absence of something can not be a motivator.


Re: "He was found not guilty, therefore he is innocent"

>> prevent them from committing said crimes in the first place

You are right. However, first we are going to have to shut down this thing we call "democracy".

Phablet for the biz fleet with easy typing: Microsoft Lumia 640 XL


Re: 8G RAM?

No, adding a microSD card does not change the amoun of RAM in your phone.

Google Chromecast: Here's why it's the most important smart TV tech ever

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Creative Suite cloud lurch crushes beret-wearers' cost-slash bid


Re: Then there is the 'going off grid' situation

Read the FAQ. You have to be offline for 60 days before "Adobe Says No".


Re: Software Vendors, stop lying to your customers and just sell them the product!

>> When I purchase a product of any kind, I then own it.

No, you don't. Never have. Never will. This is why software companies as you to read the licensing terms before installing the software. Even the name of the document (LICENSE terms or similar) should be a clue.

When you buy the software you buy the right to use it. How, for how long and within what limitations. You never owned software. You lease it.

Windows Phone 8 support to end in 2014


Re: So if I had bought a Windows Phone 8 on day of issue [1] ...

I'd recommend you sue your old school since they apparently didn't manage to supply you with basic reading skills. Yes, Windows 8 is going out of support in 2014, but Windows 8.5 (being released this summer) is not. If you upgrade to Windows 8.5 (or whatever version number they are going to assign it then) you have full support.

Some time next year there will be Windows Phone 9, which you should also upgrade to. Then your OS support is extended even further.


Re: Backwards Compatibility

They have also stated that the current phones are going to be upgradable to the next major version of Windows. So there is no issue.

Companies dealing seriously with the Enterprise will always announce when specific versions of their software reaches End of Support, End of Life etc. This is just Microsoft communicating with the enterprise, and a bunch of journalists who are just a tad more clueless than journalists in general - who'd think it was possible to get even more clueless than journalists - posting sensational idiocy for the click rate. Sad really,

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