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BT engineers - missed appointments


BT engineers breaking my belongings!

I know this forum is mainly about missed appointments.... However I thought I would share my horror story with you all.

So this Monday (11th March), 3 engineers turn up in two vans to install our new phone line. The young men seemed nice and I offered them all a drink upon arrival. I then left them to get on with their job and asked them to phone me if there were any problems. Alternatively I said they could find me in the workshop, which is about 100 yards from the house.

I came back in to the house a couple of hours later to check everything was ok and to offer more cups of tea, and the engineer inside the house said everything was fine. He was installing the new socket on the wall next to the TV and I had noticed that he had moved our surround system to the front of the TV cabinet so he had more room to work. The new location for the socket seemed a somewhat difficult one, as it was right in the corner of the room and I had already moved the furniture out of the way where the old socket is in order for the new one to be placed there.

Anyway... I asked the engineer to give me a call when everything was done so I could come and lock the house. He did so (after 6 hours of being on my property) and said everything was finished and fine and said he would leave me our new telephone number. I thanked him for everything and that was that.

Me and my partner arrive home just before 8pm to find an absolute disgrace in our house. I don't really know were to start:

*First thing we noticed was that both ours and our neighbours garden gates had been left open, resulting in my rabbits being tormented by the dog from next door all afternoon.

*Inside the house, the old socket had been dismantled and wires left sticking out. I discovered the hard way that one wire was still live when putting it back together!

*Our speakers were still round the front of the TV cabinet, which wasn't really an issue until we got a closer look. Brick dust was all over one side of the TV (the opposite side to the socket) so we had a look and found that the engineer had pulled the sound system out of the way that hard that the cable attaching it to the TV had been snapped!! Now not only were our speakers broken, but the metal part which was once connected to the speaker wires was still inside our TV! So no sound on our TV any more.

£600 worth of damage later and it's safe to say I was angry. I wouldn't have been half as mad if the engineer had told me before he left!

Complaint was made Monday evening and was told I would be contacted within 24 hours. Still waiting.......

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