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Outages plague Hotmail and Outlook users


Re: How about:

That's 6 entirely separate Hotmail accounts with very different email names and passwords.

One used only for Friends

One used only for Family

One used only for commercial exchanges

One used only for online banking

One used only for special interest groups and charities

One used only for signing up to blogs like this ;-)

All 6 were locked out when I tried to check them yesterday with MS forcing me to have to re-verify and put new passwords on them. Coincidence is highly unlikely.

I use Hotmail as well as Gmail in much the same fashion.


How about:

Having invalidated ALL of my Hotmail accounts and forcing me to have to go in and re-validate ALL of them and assign new passwords today?? I'm sure that puts a strain on their servers if there's a significant number of us. (What are the odds that my 6 accounts were the only ones?)

ALL of them used different, complex passwords yet MS claims that they had ALL been compromised and required re-validation and account recovery. Give me a D**ned break!!! They have an issue that they aren't publicizing.

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