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Linus Torvalds says ARM just doesn't look like beating Intel


QL Forum

Come back to the QL Linus, we still have a little community holding out strong!

Sinclair’s 1984 big shot at business: The QL is 30 years old



This seems like only half the story for me. The QL failed as a business machine but it found a much loved home as a hobbyist and enthusiasts computer, spawning a large cottage industry.

QUANTA the QL user group is still running after 30 years not to mention all the individuals who still make hardware and software for it today.

Infinite loop: the Sinclair ZX Microdrive story


Sinclair QL

Interesting article. Sinclair was approached by floppy makers to use their drive in the QL but stuck with the microdrive. Who knows what might have been but it's still an enjoyable machine with a great community.

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