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The age of hard drives is over as Samsung cranks out consumer QLC SSDs

Sebastian Brosig

Re: QLC? It's not the one for me

> Every level adds one bit of information per cell

Hmm is that so? To encode 4 bits you need 16 distinct voltage levels, no?

In that sense the L in QLC is is not a "distinct voltage level" but more than that. If you only had 4, say, 0, 0.33, 0.66 and 1, you could encode 2 bits. Just like the old NeXT monochrome looked good with 2-bit graphics, showing black, white, light grey, and dark grey.

Some Things just aren't meant to be (on Internet of Things networks). But we can work around that

Sebastian Brosig


...accepting connections from anything that wants to throw electrons at them

Photons. It's electromagnetic waves, that's really limp photons but lots of them.

Sebastian Brosig


...accepting connections from anything that wants to throw electrons at them

Photons. It's electromagnetic waves, that's really limp photons but lots of them.

I think I'm a clone now: Chinese AMD Epyc-like server chips appear in China. What gives?

Sebastian Brosig
Black Helicopters


We need a free open standard for chip design back doors: that way the NSA and the Chinese secret service can both leverage the common architecture and benefit from development speed ups do deliver complete citizen transparency at a greatly reduced cost.

Windows Notepad fixed after 33 years: Now it finally handles Unix, Mac OS line endings

Sebastian Brosig


>Windows "does it right", in theory.

yeah right I was thinking about that just then when i was in the brew room making a cuppa... but then, I thought, even a mechanical typewriter (yes we had one of those at home I am of a certain age) has some sort of "automation" that combines carriage return and line feed into one operation for the user, only prehistoric line printers don't want that feature: they alternate between printing backwards and forwards to be a bit faster.

Huawei P20 Pro: Triple-lens shooter promises the Earth ...

Sebastian Brosig

weird two-tone paint

Does anybody other than puerile car nuts actually find that strange angle-dependent colour attractive?

To me it looks resplendent in the colours of putrefaction.

I remember first seeing a car like (on show in Liverpool airport) that and I immediately exclaimed "Christ that's ugly". But then it was a new "Mini" twatmobile so that may have played a role also.

Ghost in the DCL shell: OpenVMS, touted as ultra reliable, had a local root hole for 30 years

Sebastian Brosig


whyever not?

newsgroups were awesome, and there is no reason why they're not_still_ awesome if they are used by the right people. People sharing news. It's lack of discipline, spam etc, that ruins a medium like that.

Half a terabyte in your smartmobe? Yup. That's possible now

Sebastian Brosig

Re: Easily.

Dear Prst. V.Jeltz, here is a 0.5TB microSD for you. Please fill it with your finest poetry.

Lap-slabtop-mobes with Snapdragon Arm CPUs running Windows 10: We had a quick gander

Sebastian Brosig

Now you'll have to get the ee-PC lady out of retirement and send her on her beach assignment again, for the photo accompanying every article remotely related to one of these new old netbooks.

Mozilla releases voice dataset and transcription engine

Sebastian Brosig

Re: If it can do transcription of more than 1 sec in 1 sec of processing it'd goind alright.

I say it's doing all right if _that_ doesn't make _any_ sense to the AI.

DNS resolver will check requests against IBM threat database

Sebastian Brosig

as long as it can resolve goatse.cx it's good enough for me...

Computers4Christians miraculously appears on Ubuntu wiki

Sebastian Brosig

Gee, that takes me back to 1999, when some joker came up with http://pudge.net/jesux/, suggesting we get rid of abominations such as "chmod 666", demons, and sendmail ("written by a prominent homosexual")

Oracle promises SLAs that halve Amazon's cloud costs

Sebastian Brosig

Oracle DBAs demand a high salary because of the bizarre and unusual installation and maintenance practices necessary to run their products, and they love it because it keeps them on the gravy train. In turn, they do their best to keept their employers locked into Big Red.

Seems like Larry is now biting the hand that feeds it!

So, Nokia. What makes you think the world wants your phones?

Sebastian Brosig

They should put a skin on the OS that emulates the S60 look and feel... for us old fogies.

Why do you cry when chopping onions? No, it's not crippling anxiety, it's this weird chemical

Sebastian Brosig

i chop a lot of onions

It's because I like them. Sharp knives - yes. Scuba kit, chopping under water? Hell no. The first is impractical (will get fogged up or greasy in the kitchen) the second will leave you with wet onions, and who wants that?

I think the main thing is just getting used to it. Yes tears will flow but that's it: no harm done. besides, it wears off, as I first experienced after chopping a few kg for an onion tart for a biggish crowd.

'SambaCry' malware scum return with a Windows encore

Sebastian Brosig

Re: Autoupdate?

you left out the obligatory "Paris because..." section

Speaking in Tech: What is a Windows 10 licence worth these days?

Sebastian Brosig

Mainframe in 20 years

Wow... i'm going to start a crowdfunding project to connect a Ouija board directly to the IBM/360 architecture.

Speaking in Tech: Rock your body now, Java's back...All Right!

Sebastian Brosig

MS Paint

Digital Lomography. Popular with 4chan artists.

Boffins' five eyes surprise: Bees correct colour for ambient light

Sebastian Brosig


I keep bees, and while they don't talk to me about their eyesight specifically, I must assume they possess pretty good at-a-distance vision as well as short-range, they find their own hive with amazing accuracy, and they do that by sight. If you were move the bee hive by a couple of feet then most of them wouldn't find it their way home any more.

US voter info stored on wide-open cloud box, thanks to bungling Republican contractor

Sebastian Brosig
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Data mining & El Reg's ad customers

Does anyone else find the NetApp ad eerily matching the context?

... in a storage instance that had been misconfigured to leave public access open

<ad> Millions of data points. A singular vision. NetApp. </ad>

Not the first time I've found that.

Microsoft founder Paul Allen reveals world's biggest-ever plane

Sebastian Brosig


So it's basically LOHAN with a plane instead of a balloon?

HTC's 2017 flagship U11 woos audiophiles and bundles Alexa

Sebastian Brosig


That two-tone paint is horrible - you see it on some cars too, mostly BMW "twatmobile" minis parked in airport departure lounges for the purpose of free viral selfie advertising.

Just as pretty as oil on a wet road.

De gustibus and all that - OK I'll get my coat

(You can't) buy one now! The flying car makes its perennial return

Sebastian Brosig

in related news...

this one is not requiring a pilots license for anyone because it's an autonomous drone with human cargo.


Lap(top) of luxury: Porsche Design revs up 2-in-1 Windows 10 slab

Sebastian Brosig

Those "inspired by sports car gearbox" gear hinges look kinda cool but look to me like it would pick up pocket fluff and crap like that at an alarming rate. I know, they could use something inspired by a sorts car's cam timing chain, that would solve this problem. Oh wait, it would look like the watch strap thing on the yoga900 or MS surface. Damn. Well fuck it we're going with inferior functinality but we're damned if we're not different.

Google caps punch-yourself-in-the-face malicious charger hack

Sebastian Brosig

no-data usb cable

maybe it's time to make a usb charge cable with no data lines... I don't charge my phone outside home or work but if i did maybe i'd make myself one:


Building IoT: First keynote speaker announced

Sebastian Brosig


is there a top-level domain .iot yet?

I should register domain "id" really

UK Home Office slurps 1,500 schoolkids' records per month

Sebastian Brosig

It's about contribution to the economy,stupid!

Hey, OK maybe they don't pay taxes but illegal immigrants still work hard and do low-paid jobs so that's good, say the ministry types.

Even better if they are too scared to send their kids to school (lest they may be found by home office enforcers) and instead send them to do... even lower-paid jobs!

German regulators won't let Tesla use the name 'Autopilot'

Sebastian Brosig

Potztausend! Maybe we should not call it an automobile, German "Auto" either, lest someone thinks "auto" means it works without a driver, rather than just without horses pulling it.

Intel fabs to churn out 10nm ARM chips for LG smartphones next year

Sebastian Brosig

Nose out

> Bunny suit ... An Intel Custom Foundry worker in the fab

Is the intel worker complying with the clean room procedure? he has his nose out. When I worked in a clean room (before our UK fab was shut) that was a no-no, though certain individuals did it anyway of course.

Microsoft Office 365, Azure portals offline for many users in Europe

Sebastian Brosig

Maybe it was me wot broke it. I logged in late last night and then a minute later tried to access another account, then it all went belly up and neither account worked any more. Lolz.

NERDS KICK PUPPY 'bot in brutal attack

Sebastian Brosig

Re: What's the power source?

Yes it is running on batteries, the question is "How long?", the answer, presumabily, being "Not very long."

Helium HDD prices rise way above air-filled spinning rust

Sebastian Brosig


It's pricey because they use extremely exotic Helium-6, not only expensive but also it decays into Lithium with a half-life of about 800ms. Ordinary He4 would do for me.

Britain's HUMAN DNA-strewing Moon mission rakes in £200k

Sebastian Brosig

obscene vanity

having one's hair sent to the moon should attract a stiff "lunar littering" fine

GOD particle MAY NOT BE GOD particle: Scientists in shock claim

Sebastian Brosig

still holding out

for the Higgs First Mate, at least, if not the Higgs Captain

This is why we CAN have nice things: Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Sebastian Brosig

up the creek without a rowing implement?

nonsense. you can paddle just fine with any of those over-large smartphones, be they waterproof or not.

Jeff Bezos rolls up another $437m, lights Amazon's cigar with it

Sebastian Brosig

Business model

Lose only a fraction of a penny on each sale but make it up in the bulk! That's the way to do it

Luscious LOHAN t-shirts fly into Vulture Central

Sebastian Brosig

What's the O in LOHAN?

Well "orbit" is a blatant exaggeration isn't it - shed efforts like this, while commendable, are a long way from Orbital Space flight for now.

Experts brand LOHAN's squeaky-clean box

Sebastian Brosig

Sorry to burst the bubble

..but "Die Welt" is a rag of little more worth than your much-derided publication the "Daily Mail" in this country. OK maybe a tiiiiny bit more, maybe halfway between the mail and the Telegraph.

Ex-German speaking here, OK I'll get my coat.


Sebastian Brosig

shut up ye smug London wankers

and Ramsbottom is named after neither ovine males nor buttocks: it's the valley of the ramson, or wild garlic.

Flies WANT beer booze and now we know why - yeast

Sebastian Brosig

thank god

Used to say "Eat more shit, millions of flies can't be wrong" quite a lot. Now I can vary that to "Drink more beer"!

Damien Hirst, eat your heart out - these guys chop up TAXIS

Sebastian Brosig

What about a Sinclair C5: would be about as useful chopped up as it was when new!

Retailers toast welcome return of Back2School notebook biz

Sebastian Brosig

laptops for kids

I bought a couple of fat old Dell Precision M4300s for my girls on Ebay ("mobile workstations").

OK so they're anything but light but they withstand a fair bit of abuse, and have high-res screens especially useful for young people with enviable near-field eyesight. Oh no no Windows 8? Well Ubuntu will have to do for them.

Cost me £40 for the pair (plus the odd spare disk battery etc)

Leak of '5 MEELLLION Gmail passwords' creates security flap

Sebastian Brosig

Re: Not my GMail password

since the password file is out there couldn't Google download it, check the passwords' validity, and email / SMS anyone whose actual password has been leaked?

Am I wrong in thinking there should be no risk with that, other than the Google staffer searching for the relevant torrent being exposed to some "23 hot women near you want to date you tonight"-style links? (*blush* )

SAP chaps cook up Glass Glass style apps for ...WHERE are you off to with that FORKLIFT?

Sebastian Brosig

future here we come

reminds me of this old story:


humans as cheaper alternatives to robots, i.e. as highly capable collection of actuators

Munich considers dumping Linux for ... GULP ... Windows!

Sebastian Brosig

Josef Schmid's personal opinion

I do speak German and have just read up on this: It's not a done deal. The Deputy Mayor doesn't like LiMux but a lot of people on the council do:


Oh and I know there are lots of sucky groupware applications, but Outlook/Exchange is one of them.

Maybe we should all use Notes/Domino (ducks).

Microsoft takes on Chromebook with low-cost Windows laptops

Sebastian Brosig

obligatory Monty Python reference

"Windows 8.1 with Bing"

and , err, get the machine that goes "Binnnnng"


ok I'd get my coat except it's too hot.

Chow rocket blasts off for ISS: Awww, freeze-dried ice cream AGAIN

Sebastian Brosig
Paris Hilton

so there's the theme for the next SPB mission after Lohan: bring crate of beer to ISS.

Paris connection? The backronym will surely provide one.

Booze in SPAAAACE! Brit rocket boffin preps bold stratobeer mission

Sebastian Brosig

I beg to differ


While in general I would assert that London has absolutely nothing to recommend itself and the world would be a better place without it, I find "London Pride" beer quite tasty.

De gustibis non est dispuitandum

What a whopper, LG: Feast your eyes on this 77-inch bendy TV

Sebastian Brosig

re: menotu It's the content that counts

I agree:

Peter Jackson's Tolkien films will be boring no matter what. And seeing a good film will be good almost irrespective of the technical qualites of the TV set.

Google Nest slurps your life into the Matrix? The TRUTH

Sebastian Brosig

> tell when a person was on holiday. Once in "away mode", the thermostat

> can then turn lights off and on to trick burglars into thinking people are inside a target house.

Unless the burgular subscribes to the underground datafeed of a haxx0r inside Nest's database, in which case a burglary will be scheduled automatically in his/her work diary.


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