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Erik Meijer: AGILE must be destroyed, once and for all


Agile and Technical Debt

Answer the question, "Why do Agile and Technical Debt go hand and hand?"

New UK.gov cyber-security standard puts MANAGERS in firing line


Safeguard Proprietary Information

It is time to end the indiscriminate use of the Internet for information the organization cannot afford to lose and doesn’t know how to protect. It is time to ask acquisition program managers and industry executives to exercise due diligence and to supply evidence of safeguarding proprietary information based on rational conditions for Internet use and various degrees of urgency. What are the pre-conditions for using the Internet?

Acquisition program managers and enterprise executives have a duty and responsibility to safeguard the proprietary information under their control from the clear and present danger associated with Internet use. Accordingly, an organization should not use the Internet for data or information it cannot afford to lose or cannot protect. If it decides to do so in the presence of the known risks, it must be prepared to accept the consequences for stepping over the red line.

Internet availability is a live connection or pathway to the Internet open to Cyber attacks accompanied by known weaknesses, vulnerable attributes, unresolved outcomes, persistent bad actors, and unresolved consequences. The organization that explicitly assesses the rational conditions for Internet use, follows the rules and conditions governing rational use of the Internet by staying within the lines of the truth table of rational conditions; decides to accept the risk of Internet use due to urgency whether vital, necessary or desirable; and rationally accepts the consequences governing use of the Internet beyond the red line is an accountable organization to be admired.

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