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Boffins debate killing leap seconds to help sysadmins

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"What I find funny though is why do we need leap seconds? doesn't that mean when the second was defined they made a mistake and the second is a TEENY bit too slow?"




Storage firms, tremble: MASSIVE tech beast Cisco has just spaffed $415m on Whiptail

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Same question! also what data acceleration are you referring to.

the whiptail site don't have any details. is this servers running whiptail os connected together with UCS.

Wow, the future is HERE: Charge your phone (wirelessly) in your CAR

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Back to the future: Used since 2009 with webOS devices around the world

As "Touchstone" technology uses magnets to hold the device and inductive coils to charge, it is the perfect solution for incar usage.

Back to the future :)


Legal bible Groklaw pulls plug in wake of Lavabit shutdown, NSA firestorm

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Come now...

...get your GPG on baby! Why is it that when there is a good reason to use encryption, people just bend over instead?

British spooks seize tech from Snowden journo's boyfriend at airport

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The question on everyone's lips is...

...did they read him his Miranda Rights???


Chrome, Firefox blab your passwords in a just few clicks: Shrug, wary or kill?

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how is this new?

They don't recognise us as HUMAN: Disability groups want CAPTCHAs killed

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How about another captcha to make sure a person is asking for a different captcha and if he/she requests another captcha for the captcha making sure that a person is requesting a captcha for the captcha request?

Sergey Brin's 'test-tube burger' cooked, eaten, declared meat-like

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Re: Colour me unimpressed

"I'd be more convinced by that is Quorn wasn't so damned expensive."

It's probably because there's not a lot of demand for it. Economies of scale would quickly drive the price down if it was the only feasible source of protein around.

Peter Capaldi named as 12th Doctor Who

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Re: BBC PR = news

Thanks mate for one of those precious 'thank christ, I'm not alone' moments

Tool time: Implementing configuration management, properly

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How Novell peaked, then threw it all away in a year

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Re: running a few meters of Cat 5?

"familiar GUI"

I think you've nailed it that was the MS best argument. It's ironic though how now MS messes up with their GUI and promoting buggy/ugly CLI tools (PS). Was server 2008 peak MS?

Sleek Nokia Lumia details EXPOSED ahead of Thursday's disrobing

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Re: What are they selling?

Natwest there already, as is RBS. Baclays is coming soon, as is Halifax anjd Lloyds

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The Microsoft store has already leaked a price of $600 unlocked, so it will probably cost the same as any mid-range to high end handset ie £500 unlocked and £30-35 on contract.

IT bloke inadvertently broadcasts smut on vast public screen

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Re: Has to be said...

"...used to be..."

Definitely a thing of the past.

Hey Britain, want to link your mobile to your BANK ACCOUNT?

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mobile phone as a malware free platform lol very amusing.

Andreessen, Metcalfe, Stallman and Swartz added to Internet Hall of Fame

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"former fearsome folk dancer"


Flash flaw potentially makes every webcam or laptop a peephole

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Re: Surprise!

I suspect Jess has a PowerPC Mac, while it's true that chrome supports 10.6 and above, 10.5 is the last OS X to support non-intel chips.

Remote code execution vuln appears in Puppet

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why bother?

admittedly the press release itself is annoyingly non-specific, but that's no excuse for just republishing it verbatim merely wrapped with a few excerpts from puppet's about us page. in the future just link to the press release and the company's wikipedia page.

Internet fraud still stings suckers

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Re: me no good at math , please help

the article appears to be in error

though the article mentions $525 billion, the linked pdf specifies 525 million

that said, 525B divided by 1/3B is not 175...

Seagate reveals a NASty side, tears wraps off WD Red copycat disk

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Re: why the paranoia?

Paranoia? Perhaps I was reading a different article. the one I read was illustrating that Seagate (a major disk drive manufacturer) has released a NAS optimized hard drive with largely the same specs as a product made by WD (aka Western Digital, another major hard drive manufacturer). then it contained a mention that WD may soon need to release new drives to compete with the larger sizes of Seagate's product. I'm not certain on this, but it seems to me that comparing the specs of two similar products hardly qualifies as paranoia (a thought process heavily influenced by fear or anxiety).

Whoever recently showed us the secret documents: Do get in touch

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Re: it wasnt me but can i just say:

Eagle has been scrambled and the eggs have been flown inside the milkman.

Call Martha Stewart, we're having a dinner party.

:wink wink:

:honk honk:

BEYOND Marxism: What Google learned from staring Glassily at Norks

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i've been to a bunch of marxist countries, and they are nowhere as bad as the capitalist ones. the reason why spin doctors can make marxists look bad is because most people dont understand them, so the spin doctors can say whatever they want and most people wont be able to verify the information.

US spyboss: Yes, we ARE snooping on you, but think of the TERRORISTS

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yea, im thinking about the terorists, and how they operate from the same location as the spyboss

NSA Prism: Why I'm boycotting US cloud tech - and you should too

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if you want to remain private, you've got to boycott all western based technology. this includes windows, m$ office, skype, adobe, java, google, aol, etc. i say western based technology, because western countries like europe, australia, and canada share information with each other. so you are hardly hiding from anyone if you are using an australian service. and most of all, you got to stop using iphones, and android phones. your best bet is a huawei, or zte. as far as operating systems go, i believe the kylin will be the most secure.

Students outraged: Computer refuses to do any work for entire week

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What kind of person ...

... picks on an unhappy worried teenager for not typing a tweet to an immaculate standard?

You sad sour sneery git.

China denies hacking claims, says it doesn’t need US tech

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I must have missed the part where the article claimed the pictured aircraft is a copy of the F-15. I did however notice the photo of the Chinese F-15 taking off from one of their new aircraft carriers. I suspect you're confused by the name, but believe it or not, the chinese can name their planes whatever they please. It also seems to me that a 40-year old aircraft that requires 4000+ ft of runway is not the ideal starting point for a modern naval aircraft.

IBM gets ready to push more UK and Irish bods overboard

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only 6000 globally since 2009 ?

"Sources have told The Register that Big Blue is once more readying the axe for employees in Blighty, adding to rounds of layoffs that have seen over 6,000 workers sacked globally since 2009."

Check your facts ... it is in 10s of thousands!!!

Eric Schmidt: 'Google IS a capitalist country... er, company'

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Big Brother

"Governments have a lot more power than we do ... if the law changes, we will follow it."

Of course, the $18 million Google spent on Washington lobbyists in 2012 has absolutely no bearing on those tax laws.


WW II U-boat attacks prompt new US response

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Why 'remediate'? A proper word like 'fix' would have done.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4

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Re: IR is NOT a useful addition to a phone

Uhm, who's to say that you're the only one with an S4? Presumably couples will buy the same / similar hardware.

Plus, in 3-5 years after a hardware upgrade, you'll have a universal controller for free since you can just leave the thing in the living room. Reduce, reuse, right?

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Re: I really get tired of this bemoaning 'evolution instead of revolution'

Except APL hasn't done anything of note for the past 3-5 years. Name one thing they added that no other had within the past 5-10 years?

There's like two things that I can think of that wasn't available before. A voice assistant isn't one of them, as many people believe -- they just took an application on their own store, improved it slightly, integrated into the system. Meanwhile, Android has widgets (homescreen and lockscreen), expandable notifications (so you don't actually have to go into an application to respond to a message, for example), a system to make sure every component (i.e. mapping, text messaging, homescreen) can be seamlessly replaced by downloading an app on the Play Store.

Samsung's hardware added burst fire camera (S3), touchless gestures based on eye movement (S3), IR blaster (S4, one of the most overlooked feature IMHO).

So no, I don't get where people get off saying Samsung and Google have not been evolving / revolving (?) their software.

Nokia teases world+dog with snap of new 4G Lumia 928

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The NL 920 of course supports 4G LTE.

Atoms star in ball-bothering boffins' Big Blue movie

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Re: Background?

"P.S. I wrote the above response, forgetting the fact that it wasn't a light microscope. Whoopsy."


iPhone 5 totters at the top as Samsung thrusts up UK mobe chart

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Mistake in article - please correct

"Compare that to the US, where BlackBerry is now down to 0.9 per cent of the smartphone OS market, and Windows Phone declined year on year, from 9.7 per cent to 5.8 per cent"

There seems to be a mistake in the article. The latest Kantar numbers for March says US Windows Phone share is 5.6%, up from 3.7% a year ago.

Windows Phone is growing nearly everywhere, and now has a 6.5% market share in Europe (EU5), which is 1/3 of Apple's share (19% and dropping). It is not inconceivable that Windows share could pass iPhone share by next year in Europe - will Eadon's head assplode?

IBM CEO Rometty swaps heads of strategy and servers

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Re: smoke and mirror

Dear Lord Elpuss

Read other posts! Now are you happy that many more people have reported of "buy your own stationary/monitor" policy ?

Lord Elpuss is filthy IBM senior executive mole/agent posting on their behalf, and I claim my $100. BTW, I really need it to buy my stationary for this year ;-)

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Re: smoke and mirror

Buy your own pencil is all over USA. Do a quick search on IBM union and you'll find all those stories.

Additionally, employees in services (GBS, GTS) are required to record billable hours greater than 2000. Do the math (and factor in travel time, vacation, sick days, holidays) and quickly it is apparent that the management is asking employees to lie in their time sheets and over charge the clients.

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smoke and mirror

She is inept. Period.

First San, and now Ginni are screwing up the company. EPS increase is not due to operational efficiency. It is due to aggressive stock buy back and very very aggressive cost cutting. The cost cutting include not approving business essential items such as pencils (!) and monitor for programmer to do the work. Employees has to buy stationary etc. using own money.

Lot of good people are leaving the company, only dead-wood that nobody would want runs the company.

Microsoft carves out 'niche' in tablets, says numbers chap

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Re: Hybrids excluded? So MS's share is even higher?

BTW, from the press release : "The definition of tablet does not include e-book readers or convertible PCs."

www.prnewswire. com/news-releases-test/strategy-analytics-apple-maintains-48-percent-share-of-global-branded-tablet-shipments-in-q1-2013-204381411.html

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Re: Hybrids excluded? So MS's share is even higher?

ATOM tablets dont have fans, prices are about the same as for other 10 inch tablets and are set to come down, and did you expect Metro tablets (with all those issues you mentioned) to sell at 20% of iPad sales already?

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Hybrids excluded? So MS's share is even higher?

So these numbers exclude the Lenovo Yoga and the Samsung ATIV SmartPC and that HP they are advertising on TV? So maybe another 1 million could be added to that 3 million total? Also I saw recently that 20% of laptops sold in Q2 2013 had touch screens - Even with a falling market thats got to be about 5-6 million laptops.

I expect by Christmas 2013 both Apple and Android numbers are going to look "niche".

IBM pours $1 BEELLION into flash SSDs

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Its always funny money

When has IBM ever released a PR talking up an investment that has not been upwards of a billion dollars. It's all bulls#!t. Agreed that they make decent products that are very well tested (same as HP, Oracle/Sun), but throwing out these BS billion dollar PRs is deceiving. It usually funny money transactions in a company that doesn't mean $#it.

IBM: please talk up the innovation and not the investment. Your transactions are like DOD budgets -- much higher than they should be like that $2,000 anti- static mat.

Bitcoin gets a $100 haircut on rollercoaster trading run

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Invest in bitcoins? Sooner or later this bubble will burst and you'll be left with nothing.

Me? I've got my Euros locked away safely in a Greek bank.

NetApp snoozing at the wheel of incumbency juggernaut, says chap

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Re: Interesting that this gets posted during NetApp's fiscal year end

Or that they can hit a regular refresh cycle that matches others. Their current boxes are usually one or two generations behind the competition including 3PAR.

Got a Sophos Web Protection box? Make sure it's up to date

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Re: Shakes head

What i find hilarious is that they wrote the interface in php and named it 'web protector', the irconic-meter goes off the scale on that one.

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Re: Well done all round

Well done? It seems to me that they haven't done what they are preaching. When will people understand that the applications these 'security companies' try to sell are no more secure than any other application out there.

I for one think that the security industry needs a security industry.

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working

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Re: Hang on a minute!

No, they don't.

" We all know and love Apple's iconic iPad. It's been shipping in the millions, an oft-wished-for gift on many a Christmas list -- and none of them come with a user manual. Apple claims the iPad is so easy to use that a manual isn't necessary. But while some features are easy to master, more advanced features sometimes makes many an iPad owner wish a manual existed for them to thumb through.

"I was surprised and disappointed that there was no instruction manual with my iPad," says iPad Pete, creator of the iPad tutorial videos. "I thought it was a mistake and the Apple factory forgot to pack my instruction book. But no -- they just don't come with any instructions. At all!"

Apple’s whole model is "ease of use." They claim you don’t even need a manual. Using an iPad's simple features such as checking email easy enough. But many users are finding it tough to get their existing music collection onto the iPad and have many basic questions about its use when first starting out, as evidenced by these posts on the Apple forums."


Congress plans to make computer crime law much, much worse

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How about they give the authority to whoever is investigating these kind of crimes to be able to pull a gun on the suspect's head to force a confession. It would be much more effective than mere empty life in prison threats.

Anonymous Coward #69

"Either that or the death penalty, but where the profit in that?"

When they're in-between migrating the prisoners to a new prison they're currently building so they wont overpopulate. Not profit perse but helps keep the economy running :)


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