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Fujitsu: Closes director's gate to Tait, 9 execs abdicate, and for German workers – a crap Weihnachtszeit


Re: Getting out of the hardware business?

I think so. It's in Augsburg, where I live. Pretty glum news. Hope the staff can find something more that just working as Jeff Bezos' slave down the road in Graben.

Though it probably means even more cars on the Autobahn and even more people on the already full trains to Munich (which I, like many others, use to commute to work)

Greybeard greebos do runner from care home to attend world's largest heavy metal fest Wacken


They were picked up at 3am, so they were living after midnight.... you don't have to be old to be wise, but it might help

They're back! 'Feds only' encryption backdoors prepped in US by Dems


Re: Simple, just call: 36-24-36

Unfortunately these dirty deeds are not being done dirt cheap. Instead it's bloody expensive, it seems to me.

Addicts of Facebook and pals are easy prey for manipulative scumbags – thanks to tech giants' 'extraordinary reach'


The late, great Sir Pterry summed it up well:

"People like to be told what they already know. Remember that. They get uncomfortable when you tell them new things. New things…well, new things aren’t what they expect. They like to know that, say, a dog will bite a man. That is what dogs do. They don’t want to know that a man bites a dog, because the world is not supposed to happen like that. In short, what people think they want is news, but what they really crave is OLDS"

- Lord Vetinari in "The Truth"

Ugh, of course Germany trounces Blighty for cyber security salaries


Re: Well you'd need to compare available income

€400 "warm" rent for 75m² is not all that expensive (relatively speaking). Depends on where you are. I'm at about €1000 per month for 88m² for a family of 4, but this is in southern Bavaria about an hour outside Munich.

As far comparing costs of living, I think Dublin is far more expensive. Healthcare and childcare here are brilliant compared to Ireland. Food is much cheaper, too.

Trump buries H-1B visa applicants in paperwork


Re: Off shore slumming

The UK would have been able to restrict "New EU" immigration after certain eastern european nations (including Poland) joined the EU several years ago. Most EU countries passed legislation through their national parliaments for a grace period where new EU citizens would not immediately have full freedom of migration/employment. In Germany, I think it was 7 years. Only a few EU countries did not pass such laws, including UK, Ireland. Guess where a lot of those people went as soon as they were legally allowed? So for all the "polish plumber" complaints, Westminster had the ability to restrict it but did nothing. As Binky said, ask yourself why.

Twilight of the idols: The only philosophy HPE and IBM do these days is with an axe


Re: Critique

About HPE: "With the exception of servers..... they don't produce anything themselves"

HPE servers were also acquired.... from Compaq

So was their EVA Storage, which was based on tech from DEC

Frenchman comes eye to eye with horror toilet python


Re: Called the fire brigade indeed...

Well he probably did "fart in your general direction" while the snake was stuck in the U-Bend.

Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!

Danger! High voltage: German customs bods burn half-tonne of weed in power station


Re: "Kraut" ? really ? in the 21st century ? after 70 years ?

They're just using the wrong vinegar. You try finding malt vinegar in a German supermarket. Only wine or apple-based stuff on the shelves here. Yuck! Only good for descaling the kettle.


Re: "Kraut" ? really ? in the 21st century ? after 70 years ?

I think the pun is somewhat appropriate for this article, as Kraut, or rather its plural "Kräuter" is the German word for herbs....

The Germans also take the piss out of the British for what they consider culinary blasphemy. Like warm beer, the contents of a fry-up, mint-sauce with lamb, and vinegar on chips (and this from a country that considers mayonnaise as an acceptable condiment to chips, the heathens!).

Escrow you, Apple! Ireland expects Cupertino to cough up to €13bn


Re: Tax refund

Fat chance. They won't even use it to plug the gaping holes in the national pension reserve fund. It's all going to pay off a fraction of the Anglo-Irish Bank debt. So some senior bank managers in Paris, Frankfurt and whoever else lent Anglo the money can get even bigger bonuses.

Well, some might be used to finance the next well-earned pay rise for the glorious elected representatives of Dáil Éireann (apologies if anyone's sarcasm detector just exploded)

Tesla launches electric truck it guarantees won't break for a million miles


Re: Tesla semi?

"they could take power from overhead lines."

Scania have already done this. I kid you not. And it's not a train.


Amazon Key door-entry flaw: No easy fix to stop rogue couriers burgling your place unseen


Re: a locked "Amazon box"

Erm, don't know about the english-speaking world, but here in the Fatherland, DHL already have stuff like that:


(the page in in english, don't worry)

I've used their free Packstation service for about 10 years, maybe longer. Any online retailer worth their salt can accept Packstation addresses. Amazon were one of the first to offer it. In fact, I think I first found out about this on Amazon.

Atlassian kills God, rebrands as a mountain, a structurally unsound 'A' or a high five


Charlie Sans?

Well, at least it's better than Comic Sans

To me that logo looks like someone being hit over the head by a frying pan......(Married Man perspective of teamwork).

Ouch, my head hurts.......

Are Asimov's laws enough to stop AI stomping humanity?


Re: "Zeroth Law Rebellion,"

Well the movie just borrowed the concept. It was in the book "Robots and Empire" where the zeroth law was formulated by the robot Giskard.

Trump as US president (in Sharknado 3)? Oh Hell No!


Trump and Sharknado have one thing in common on how they divide opinion:

Half of America: Oh Hell No!

Other half of America: Oh Hell Yeah!

(Note: "half" is only a rough estimate. Your mileage may vary)

A bit like Marmite in Britain, really.

US Senators want Kaspersky shut out of military contracts


What about Veeam?

Will they be banning Veeam Backup software, too?

Darkness to fall over North America from a total solar eclipse


Re: 'Snot fair

Maybe they can put that in the deal with the DUP - move the eclipse to the UK. The DUP claim to have a direct line to the man upstairs, don't they?

Congressman drafts COVFEFE Act to preserve Trump's Twitter tantrums



The late, great Lester would have appreciated Congressman Quigley's talent for backronyms.


Ex-MI5 boss: People ask, why didn't you follow all these people ... on your radar?



32 counties, not 36 :-)

But you're right on the rest. Though I don't think they're targeting the Irish government. Their target is to be IN the next Irish government. The main political parties have each proved they're useless and can't run the country, so I fear the Shinners will do rather well at the next election. Taoiseach Gerry? Ugh!

Twice-crashed HPE SANs at Oz Tax Office built for speed, not strength, and turned off error reporting


Re: Common guy interpretation?

Zip-Ties + Fibre Cables = Bad Idea

Maybe the cable might have been slightly damaged. Not enough the cause the port to go offline, but just a weak signal. Sometimes that's hard to pick up without appropriate monitoring parameters on the SAN switch (the default thresholds might not have picked it up).

Also, the disk firmware issue can affect multiple disks at once. I saw one advisory that said after a certain amount of running time (about 3 years), some flash disks could shutdown and restart themselves. Since all disks in a SAN Array were started at the same time, it could have caused the affected pool to go offline. Prevented by installing a new disk firmware before the 3 years were up.

Try not to scream: Ads are coming to Amazon's Alexa – and VR goggles


For some reason, this clip from Futurama came to mind:


Google and Amazon are probably working on it as we speak.

London app dev wants to 'reinvent the bus'


Re: So they're going to be big

So something like a purple triple-decker bus, which appears when you call it? And it can zoom and squeeze through London's traffic, because everything else hops out of the way. I think I saw one parked out in Leavesden. Bloke called Ern was driving it.

Big mistake by Big Blue: Storwize initialisation USBs had malware


Re: Forward Thinking Company

Well obviously it was a llama. I don't think you'll find a møøse in India......

Core blimey! 10,000 per rack in startup's cloud-in-a-box


Re: Exactly...

I imagine it's like the exhaust of the batmobile.

Just put some meat on a skewer, instant BBQ!

Snakes and bats cause more blackouts than criminal haxors


Re: Flying foxes

Terry Pratchett was right. The list of harmless creatures in "Fourecks" is shorter:

Some of the sheep.

Euro Patent Office hit with wave of anti-Battistelli letters


Next opportunity

Does the Turkish patent office have an opening at the moment? Sounds like this guy would fit right in with Erdogan and his cronies. They'd get along like a house on fire.

Twitter app pwned by pro-Turkey hackers: Users' accounts sling 'Nazi' slurs


Re: Turkish diplomacy

What galls me is how many Turks in Germany are pro-Erdogan. If they think he's such a great führer why are they not on the next plane to Istanbul to live in the paradise he's creating for them?

What's scary is what's happening to anti-Erdogan Turks here.There's reports of people being spied on or beaten, simply for saying they disagree with Erdogan and are voting No in this upcoming referendum. The Verfassungsschutz need to have a good look at what some turkish organisations are up to.

The comments of the turkish regime have really shown their true colours and their desperation. I hope EU companies with business interests in Turkey are considering their positions (e.g. VW/MAN has a bus factory in Ankara, MediaMarkt has plenty of stores there, too)

Smart sex toys firm coughs up $3.75m in privacy lawsuit

Thumb Up

Re: Did they collect...

"Is it classed as a root'er?"

Only Down Under....

Oh, 3PAR. One moment you're gliding along. The next, you're in the rain as HPE woos Nimble


Re: Is it my imagination

The MSA was a Compaq product. I think it was based on their Smart RAID controller for Proliant servers, just in an external box. And the EVA was based on the HSx Controller originally developed by Digital (DEC), who were acquired by Compaq, and then by HP.

Clariion was a DG product. Even today, an EMC Unity LUN identifies itself as DGC

Kylie withdraws from Kylie trademark fight, leaving Kylie to profit from… existing?


You should be so lucky.

That was especially for you.

Could a robot vacuum cleaner monitor your data centre?


Re: Camera

Wait until the robo-lawnmower gets a camera. Then you can watch a video of grass growing (and getting trimmed).

Vegans furious as Bank of England admits ‘trace’ of animal fat in £5 notes


..."none shall pass my lips" brigade who insist on different ovens/plates/forks...

try telling that to a coeliac whose "gluten-free" meal was prepared in the same area as regular pizza, bread, or other wheat containing food. Been there, done that. Not a pretty sight (or smell in the bathroom afterwards)

Or a peanut allergy sufferer who is in anaphylactic shock because they had traces of peanut on a spoon to stir their meal.

That's not religion. I know you mean the crazy fad-dieters here, they annoy me as well. Makes things really difficult for those us don't have a choice when it comes to certain types of food.

Portsmouth bomb about to be detonated


GB / US Bombs just as reliable

They still find plenty of unexploded ordnance across Germany. The departments charged with the safe disposal have a great name: Kampfmittelräumdienst

They defuse the bombs (mostly), then transport them to special facilities where the stuff is all placed in a big hole and blown up with a satisfying kaboom.

Some cannot be defused safely, and are detonated on site, like this one 4 years ago:


BOFH: There are no wrong answers, just wrong questions. Mmm, really wrong ones


Obligatory Dilbert


Shopkeeper installs forecourt khazi to counter mystery Dublin dung dumper


Re: Electified seat?

Super glue on the seat. Better survival rate. Then he can find out who it was, and why.....

Das ist empörend: Microsoft slams umlaut for email depth charge


What about Turkish?

Don't they have lots of "ü"s as well?

Password strength meters promote piss-poor paswords


primetime21 ?

Wow, who'd have thought Deion Sanders was so popular as a basis for a password?

Was beastmode24 on the list, too?

Cops break up German sausage fight between pair of Neubrandenburgers


Yep, Germans are particularly rubbish letting people off public transport. My young daughter once got stuck on a tram because some old biddy barged through the door getting on without letting anyone else off. By the time my daughter could get back to the door it had closed and the tram drove on. Luckily the next stop wasn't that far away and no harm done. But still, how rude!

'Flying Bum's' first flight was a gas, gas, gas


The next Ed Force One?

Will Bruce be flying this for Iron Maiden's next world tour?

Or maybe not, his song "Empire of the Clouds" was about the R101 airship, which didn't end too well.

Robo-buses join the traffic in Helsinki


Re: 10 km/hr

Somehow that scene from Austin Powers with the Steamroller comes to mind.....

DoJ preps criminal charges for VW over Dieselgate


Re: double standards? @Fortycoats

Hi, the only link I had was in German. But found an english one here:


VW were doing the most, it seems, to cheat on the test. But the others are also "optimising" their results. And yes, the tests themselves are rubbish. You never get the mileage stated in the sales blurb, not even close.

And to compare emissions, you don't want to know how much crap the average cruise ship pumps out.


Re: double standards?

What about GM? Didn't they have problems with ignition switches, which resulted in many fatal accidents? Y'know, where people actually died (at least 124). According to Wikipedia they they coughed up $900m to Uncle Sam and about $600m compensation. So about $1.5bn total. But VW are being pushed for 10 times that amount, just for fiddling with the software? Nobody has died (directly) because of this. And it wasn't just VW. Daimler, Opel (yes, GM again), Ford, and others were also found to have "creative" software on their Diesel cars and vans.

So how to explain the difference? Could it be because VW is not American?

If they want to go after anyone, it should be the German Federal Vehicle Regulator (Kraftfahrtbundesamt - KBA). They just ignored it or let the manufacturers design the emissions tests themselves. Which shows how much clout the car lobby has in Germany - about as much as the NRA in the US.

OK, we've got your data. But we really want to delete it ASAP


Re: The real problem is the way bean counters work.

Oh don't get me started on the "1TB Disk for £75". Bean-counters then wonder why enterprise storage costs loads more. RAID, controllers, snapshots, compression, deduplication, replication, and all them backups, plus the cost of the people keeping it all running smoothly. (you know, the ones who are immediately blamed on the rare occasion when it doesn't).

And then there's those who won't archive/delete old data from the active database. Do you really want 5-year old data that hasn't been touched in the last 4 years clogging up your expensive All-Flash Array?

Milk IN the teapot: Innovation or abomination?


Ye Gods!

Tea in a coffee pot????? Blasphemy! And milk in there, too? That's a paddlin' !!

Did anyone dare drink the stuff? Probably tasted of coffee..... bleugh!

Think I need a strong cuppa after the shock of reading that.

Uber's dud private dick given a hard time by judge in stiff surge case


Following Uber's "business practices"

So Uber, who basically are using unlicensed taxi drivers to do the actual work, pay a private investigation firm which then goes and uses an unlicensed investigator to do the actual work?

But the latter wasn't legal, according to the Judge. So what about the former?

Utah sheriffs blow $10,000 on smut-sniffing Labrador


Re: That's a lot of different storage devices....

Well, Zip Drives were invented in northern Utah (Roy). I wonder why.....

This was before the days of USB or cheap CD writers.

McDonald's says bigger fonts cooked up improved profits


Re: McRib

Then move to Germany. Available all the time (except when they're serving breakfast. The all-day breakfast hasn't reached these shores yet)

Is that how you define a flash array, IDC?


This is all getting a bit silly.

I half-expect Graham Chapman to walk out in his Colonel costume and say "Right, stop that! It's silly" (despite the fact that the poor chap died in 1989)

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics.

Swiss effectively disappear Alps: World's largest tunnel opens


Re: Swiss efficiency

If you mean the Hauptbahnhof that is a black hole for public money, then I think you mean "Stuttgart 21". The opera house is indeed in Hamburg - the Elbphilharmonie. How an ugly eggbox like that can cost over €800m (and counting) is hard to comprehend. But nothing beats BER Airport.


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