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US lawmaker blames bicycle breath for global warming gas


Animal abuse

"There's so much crap coming out of his mouth his ass must be jealous."

Just read article again. Are you sure he's got a donkey? Or were you talking out of your arse?

Apple: OK, we tracked your every move... but let's call it a caching bug, m'kay?


"I would be more worried about what Google does".

I would be equally worried about what Google does.

That's better.

Because Apple does it in shininess with a double-skinny-lahtay from the barrista it doesn't mean they're motives are less evil. In fact, their huge mark-ups on bog-standard hardware and often-flakey software (under the shininess) are so laughably exorbitant that they are clearly abusing the simple minds of their form-over-function acolytes. That's abusively evil.

New slogan for Apple / Google:

Don't be evil, cos we are are different evil already, and have patented it!


Re: If you think

"I'm sure they are as guilty as every other computer company, software company, or web browser company that exists"

Company group A: Hey, we've got some customer data from our business. Wonder if we could sell it or pass it on to the rest of our companies?

Company group B: Our business is appropriating as much data from mugs as possible by convincing them that's not our actual business. Products? Pah! The mugs *are* the products!

Hypothesis: certain companies fall into the latter category, but not all.


Is it just me

... or are Apple and Google two sh***y, sh***y companies who cr*p all over their customers' privacy and whose every 'innovation' is valued according to its potential to increase the wormy holes being bored into their bodies and souls for the purpose of extracting their viscera and mental faculties?

I dare say it's just me and they don't think and act this way at all...

Apple iWatch: Coming soon, runs iOS, to earn mucho mazuma


iWatch, gGlass... /no/ Parker

It had never struck me that iCoolios might really aspire to the sort of costume jewellery that Lady Penelope wouldn't be seen dead wearing. But I'm neither a product of Gerry and Sylvia Andersons' imaginations nor a 'creative', so how would I know?


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