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BlackBerry Z10: Prices pruned despite eager iPunter interest

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Z10 - Frustration beyond words

I've been a Blackberry fan for some time. I've just upgraded my Bold 9900 to the Z10 - What a disaster - I'm sending it back! There are of course some very good features such as browsing/processing speed, screen size and definition etc, but I use my mobile primarily for email, text and phone calls - where Blackberry have led the field - and the other things are a great 'add-on' if the basics work properly. It is almost impossible to manipulate text accurately, and to try and 'cut & paste' parts of texts or emails is frustrating beyond belief. The real problem is there is no accurate way to move around the screen and/or highlight or isolate text. I was hopeful that the Q10, with its physical keyboard, might solve this when it gets released, but I see they have removed the scroll pad, and therefore any accurate control of the curser, from the keyboard - BIG mistake. Want to forward a conversation, (i.e. a series of messages not just an individual one) - forget it, not possible, Try and copy a phone number from say a text to put into a contact - it dials the number!! Try and delete a phone log and it just dials the number! Try and put the curser in the middle of a misspelt word to correct it - impossible - unless incredibly lucky! Blackberry is really struggling to get back into the market - unfortunately in their desperation to clone the iphone, they have missed a big trick by removing some of the unique features that have in the past made Blackberry so much better than the rest. Looks like I will have to stick with my Bold for now - what a disappointment.



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