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Dodge this: Fiat-Chrysler gets diesel-fuelled sueball from DoJ


Re: Fiat-Chrysler?

First Daimler-Chrysler THE NAZI's: Now FIAT-Chrysler THE FASCISTS. When I was young I made the mistake to buy a FIAT. It bankrupted me since it always broke down. When I retired I made the mistake to buy a Mercedes Benz. It bankrupted me again since it was far too dangerous to drive. I had to declare it not roadworthy and take it of the road on my own cost. A pity Chrysler allowed themselves to become contaminated. I hope people will really TOTALLY stop to buy Nazi and Fascist cars.

Gravitational waves: A new type of astronomy


Speculation is not Physics-reality

For as long as an experiment cannot be designed that is able to falsity the conclusion that the LIGO instabilities are caused by black holes which had collided millions of years ago, this conclusion remains pure speculation. I so which that modern theoretical physicists will return to Physics Reality! They have for more than 100 years build castles in the air and wasted tax payers' money.


Who confirms what happened millions of years ago?

For as long as it is impossible to design an experiment that is able to falsify the conclusion that the LIGO-instabilities are caused by colliding black holes, this conclusion remains pure speculation. PLEASE return back to Physics Reality!

Physics uses warp theory to look beyond relativity


Space does not contract and warp, and time is not relative

The Lorentz coordinate tranformation (LCT) transforms the coordinates on an electromagnetic (EM) wavefront, emitted by a source that is stationary within an inertial reference frame (IRF), into other IRF's relative to which the source is moving. It does not traform the coordinates of the centres-of-mass of matter-objects. The latter are tranformed by the Galilean coordinate transformation (GCT).

If a wavefront is emitted at time t by such a stationary source, this wavefront instantaneously manifests at the position of the stationary source at the time t when it is emitted.

Within another IRF in which the source is moving away from the origin of the coordinate system, the same wavefront manifests at a later time T(+)>t. While within an IRF in which the source is moving towards the origin of the coordinate system, the same wavefront manifests at an earlier time T(-)<t. This must be so since the wavefront does not move within aether.

The times T(+), t and T(-) are DIFFERENT NON-SIMULTANEOUS times: However, T(+) is simultaneously valid within all possible IRF's: Similarly t is simultaneously valid within all possible IRF's: And similarly T(-) is simultaneously valid within all possible IRF's. Thus, time is NOT a fourth coordinate that can take on different values at the same SINGLE instant. The latter is obviously a contradiction in terms which must be rejected in terms of reductio ad absurdum.

Furthermore, space cannot contract or warp. Only a matter-object with rest-mass m(0) becomes longer with increasing speed along the direction it is moving. This increase in length is required since a matter object moves like an EM wave with a de Broglie wavelength; and it is also required to accommodate its increase in energy (kinetic energy T) which is given by T=m*c^2-m(0)*c^2.

Thus, there is no space-time manifold that can warp to propel a spacecraft through space at a speed that is faster than the speed of light.

There might, however, be another way, and that is to "entangle" the spacecraft within a SINGLE stationary electromagnetic wave. A single EM wave is in instantaneous contact with itself so the an entangled entity can teleport across this wave from one position in space to another position in space. Thus Captain Kirk will not just ask Scotty to beam him up, but also Mr Sulu to near-istantaneously beam the spaceship across space. But for this one needs a single stationary EM wave that fills the universe. Is this possible? Yes it might be opossible that the microwave background radiation (MBR) fundamentally consists of stationary EM waves that fill the volume of the whole universe.

Just a thought!

Hawking: Higgs boson in a BIG particle punisher could DESTROY UNIVERSE


The noise discovered at CERN has not been proved to give "other particles" mass. The "Higgs field" is just like all quantum field theories nothing else than hallucinary bullshit.

Chip daddy Mead: 'A bunch of big egos' are strangling science

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1927: physics hijacked by crackpots


In 1927 the crackpots in physics took control of physics at the Solvay conference in Belgium. Voodoo-physics became the norm just because Heisenberg, Bohr and Born could not and would not accept that electrons are REAL EM waves; just as Schroedinger's equation proves that they are. It was probably just too horrible for them to contemplate the possibility that the spotlight might move from the Goettingen-Copenhagen axis to Zurich.

It is easy to prove from Einstein's Theory of Relativity that a moving electron must be a coherent EM wave with a de Broglie wavelength. If Einstein did not blunder by deriving length contraction, he could have derived and thus discovered this wavelength more than 20 years before de Broglie came up with it. You are absolutely correct Dr. Mead: The time is long overdue to bring theoretical physics back from cloud-cuckoo land. You have my FULL support!

Johan F. Prins


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