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Winehouse cans Bond theme project

James Shepherd


should do the Bond theme - though, they'd probably miss the deadline. May be they can do the next one.

Microsoft jump starts IE 8 with community push

James Shepherd

How to create a website mock-up:

(1) Get design [takes x hours]

(2) Get working in Firefox [takes y hours]

(3) Find any silly bugs using a validator, ignoring most warnings [z minutes]

(4) Get working in IE [takes x+y+z]

So then the client sez, "l I only want IE6, you have wasted half the time!".

"You can't actually *develop* using IE - how do I know which bugs are mine..."

I have to admit IE7 is better. But by now I always use *nix

(Posted mostly for the civvies that read El Reg, this is a moot point for most here)

Google mounts Chewbacca defense in EU privacy debate

James Shepherd

2 me, logically...

... recording my ip address is like recording my face on CCTV when I enter a shopping mall. Assuming my face is recorded when I'm at the till, then once could connect lots of info on me, including credit card number.

What are the rules on CCTV? Are they sensible in this case?

Thom Yorke dismisses net-only album paradigm

James Shepherd

Just for the record...

Like others I'm sure, I knew (from the Radiohead site I think) that a 'normal release' was going to happen in the New Year. Therefore, I bought the download for a quid, and I'll get the CD now.

These guys are not stupid. They, like all true professionals, don't assume everyone else is stupid. For instance, if you got the album off bit torrent - well done. You saved them some bandwidth. 'Course, you might have downloaded a virus.

What does Microsoft's European defeat mean?

James Shepherd

Look it's easy...

McDonalds makes money from good real estate.

Microsoft makes money from good lawyers.

GNU/Linux is an attempt to make good software rather than good money.

Artists make art rather than money. If they make something that is judged as good, then the market kicks in and they make money.

What I don't understand is where a GNU/Linux programer gets food from. So I see no alternative than using the moral right of governments to slap down an abusive company, as I don't understand how the market will ever give something like GNU/Linux the power to do it for itself.

Burned by a MacBook

James Shepherd

Me Too

DVDRW failed - replaced under warrantee

battery failed - replaced under warrantee

HD failed unfortunately just after a year :-(

SuperDuper! is good for backups, saved my skin.

Crashes more in a day than my old Linux/Sony used to in a year (this IS NOT AN EXAGERATION), so I'll be back to another Vaio when I can afford it.

Though for those that can't manage linux, which is most people, then I still recommend apple, as it is more stable and sane than Windoze.

T-Mobile wins iPhone Germany exclusive, paper claims

James Shepherd

„Kein Kommentar”

From reading the original (German) article I think the price was the newspaper's guess.

$100 markup seems a bit low, but then the US$ is pretty weak.

Of course US price quotes don't include tax, so if the speculation is correct it would be fair. I'd still be pleasantly surprised.


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