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Google Chrome feature helps you silence noisy tabs


Purely an aesthetic opinion, but it would be nice to have an actual customizable (opacity, color) tint on the tab to show the volume level instead of hijacking the favicon. This could get a little attention-stealing if you're playing music in the background, but I'm sure a keyboard shortcut could be added where the user shift-clicks on the tab and it temporarily disables the tint for that tabs session.

Feature should also have a user-definable threshold that can be set, so any tabs that exceed that volume threshold are automatically lowered to 10% or muted entirely.

And while we're on the topic of muting tabs, tab specific volume control would be pretty great.


Wikipedia to TXT articles to the developing world


I had to double check the date on this article to make sure I wasn't reading something from 1998. Seriously, has innovation deteriorated so much so that we're now reverting back to text-for-fact services?

I can understand there being a very small percentage of the world that may not have the luxury of a phone capable of browsing the internet, but why would they bother requesting up unformatted, cluttered and verbose Wikipedia articles on a device with such a tiny screen, making it even more of a pain to read?

The only way I see this being a viable service is if they add the ability to specify verified excerpts in Wikipedia articles, that are then sent through the TXT, sending TXTs with information grabbed directly from the source brings up the problem of vandalism breaching the barrier, except this time the changes cannot be reverted and the person reading the TXT will be oblivious and take that information as fact. Granted this may abridge the information, but it's sure enough better than getting bombarded with a plethora of messages.

It's a nice thought, but I see the hindrance of bad usability and readability becoming something a lot of people won't want to bother with, especially considering these old devices have a limit on messages.



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