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Windows XP market share GROWS AGAIN, outstrips Win 8.1 surge


Somewhere, in a dark corner of the world, an army of pips from the Apple Orchard..

..is sending gazillions of Apple bots with spoofed XP IE6 user agents to hit up the (s)interwebs.

"Mwahaha... we'll force MS to spend billions on 'educating' computer users..."

Cue cat, glove, stroke, evil snigger

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Re: That has got to be embarrassing for Microsoft

This is a positive for MS. The ad slogan in their future will be: "The OS experience you'll refuse to leave behind, even for us."

I remember when XP first arrived and people preferred Win 98. People will upgrade when forced to do so. Have to say, think I still do prefer 98 as a Windows flavor.

Hands-on with Ubuntu's rudimentary phone and tablet OS


Plasma Active?

Has anyone tried Plasma Active or Kubuntu Active? The only thing holding me back from getting another tablet is that I want to use as many of my desktop apps on the tablet as I can. Kubuntu is my distro of choice so running Kubuntu Active seems logical. Would love to read a few experiences.


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