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Insane homeowners association tries to fine resident for dick-shaped outline car left in snow


Re: "Insane homeowners association"

Mexicans are a little thin on the ground in the UK but black people, renters and racists do all exist over here too.

Crowdfunded lawyer suing Uber told he can't swerve taxi app giant's £1m legal bill


Firstly, the UK does not have a 'federal government'.

Secondly, HMRC is only going to prosecute if it feels like it and if it thinks Uber has broken the law. This chap was trying to hurry the process along a little.

IBM so very, very sorry after jobs page casually asks hopefuls: Are you white, black... or yellow?


Re: what if you're multiracial ?

You would be expected to pick 'mulatto', I would assume. I'm surprised they didn't go the whole hog and add quadroon, octoroon etc.


I wonder if this is anything to do with firing all their more experienced employees and replacing them with people in 'low cost countries'. Cultural and linguistic differences can cause this sort of problem, unfortunately.

Linus Torvalds pulls pin, tosses in grenade: x86 won, forget about Arm in server CPUs, says Linux kernel supremo


Re: Apple PC

I think we all did, mate. Please link to the announcement on Intel's website.

Alternatively, rumours aren't the same as facts.



Given the number of web/backend developer types I've seen who develop on Macs and then deploy to Linux servers, I'm not sure Mr. Torvalds is in the right here. Different operating systems seems a much bigger stretch than different ISAs.

Accused hacker Lauri Love loses legal bid to reclaim seized IT gear


Re: Moral

It's not like he could afford a lawyer either, though.

Congrats, Satya Nadella. In just five years, you've turned Microsoft from Neutral Evil to, er, merely True Neutral


Can't speak to WSU, but the POSIX subsystem was an incredibly basic POSIX.1 implementation that was included only as a box ticking exercise for the US government and was pretty much useless in practice.

Boffins debunk study claiming certain languages (cough, C, PHP, JS...) lead to more buggy code than others


Re: poor tools can't be blamed?....sure, sure, suurrrrre

Assembly for systems programming?! (outside of the very start of a bootloader or OS kernel, of course). How is life back in 1966?

World's favourite open-source PDF interpreter needs patching (again)


Re: "Tavis wants people to stop using PostScript"

Because running perl embedded in a printer in 1985 wouid be...optimistic? Resource constrained embedded environments are a strong suit for Forth-likes.


Re: Hardly surprising.

It really isn't an extension of PostScript, more a restriction. PostScript is a Turing-complete Forth-like language. PDF supports a tokenised subset of that, omitting, for example, fairly fundamental things like loops and also programmer-defined functions (which seems to be part of the vulnerability in this case?)

Look out, kids. Your Tinder account is about to be swamped by old people... probably


If I recall, the Ashley Madison leak showed their numbers were more like 99.99% male, and most of the rest other than the bots were, ah, professional ladies...

At 900k lines of code, ONOS is getting heavy. Can it go on a diet?


Should I really have heard of the Xinu embedded operating system?

Sounds a bit...Thetan, to me.

Yale Weds: Just some system maintenance, nothing to worry about. Yale Thurs: Nobody's smart alarm app works


That's going to be a very spicy RCA for some people in a week or two...

Microsoft liberates ancient MS-DOS source from the museum and sticks it in GitHub


Re: To some MSDOS was an major leap forward.

It's written in x86 assembler. Less 'port' than 'rewriting completely'.

Watt the heck is this? A 32-core 3.3GHz Arm server CPU shipping? Yes, says Ampere


Re: Drivers ?

Again, what drivers exactly do you think these servers are missing? For what, your 30 year old Soundblaster that Linux probably does have drivers for in any case?


Re: Drivers ?

I'm sorry, what? ARM /is/ an ISA (instruction set architecture) and seeing as we are talking data centre the drivers are all part of the Linux kernel and generally portable. What 'drivers' do you think are lacking? Please be precise.

Soft eng salaries soar by 25 per cent – and, oh yes, devops is best paid for non-boss techies


Re: Enjoy it while it lasts!

'Then there is the 200,000 grads from Chinese Universities but at the moment, few of them can speak engilsh well enough but that is changing.'

/Is/ it changing? What's your evidence for that?

I've heard doom and gloom about outsourcing to India and China destroying my career as a programmer in the West for the entire 20 years I've been working in the industry. This is nothing new..

ZX Spectrum reboot scandal: Directors quit, new sack effort started


Re: Its traditional for sinclair...

If Wikipedia is correct, he divorced her last year, so no new heirs to worry about, no.

Defense Distributed starts selling gun CAD files amid court drama


Re: Cute, but not for long

Or you're at point blank range.

Heads up: Fujitsu tips its hand to reveal exascale Arm supercomputer processor – the A64FX


'Folks who have done 32 and 64-bit Arm assembly programming' will know it's not quite true that instructions are fixed width - Thumb-2 is a mix of 16 and 32 bit instructions, in particular. :)

Every bloody gadget in the house is ringing. Thanks, EE


So it's 'an operator-specific version of Apple's FaceTime, which will make every connected iDevice in your home (Watch, iPad, iPhone or Mac) "jar out a karate screech".' - which currently only works on iDevices. That, as noted, already have FaceTime.

What genius thought up that idea? They really needed to have an Android version of this at launch.

Brit prosecutors fined £325k after losing unencrypted vids of police interviews


'The original version of the data was retained by the police'

It's data, not a bloodstained knife. This was a copy of the version that was, presumably, properly stored with full chain of custody for the trial.

Blighty's super-duper F-35B fighter jets are due to arrive in a few weeks


Not 'all-American', actually, the flight control software for example comes from BAE. F-35s, whether the ones used by the US or those we're using ourselves, are about 15% British -


Boffins build smallest drone to fly itself with AI


I assume that's 50 euro cents? I don't think I've ever seen a half dollar coin in the wild...

LLVM contributor hits breakpoint, quits citing inclusivity intolerance


I'm pretty sure it's never applied to, e.g., Romanians. Or French people for that matter.

Brexit has shafted the UK's space sector, lord warns science minister


That's nice, but how will the student loans people know if someone abroad has crossed that threshold? Unlike people living in the UK, they don't have access to foreign tax returns.

The true victims of Brexit are poor RuneScape players


Re: "Jagex did not say exactly how Brexit will up its costs"

' It can choose to raise salaries or not.'

Come on, this is bullshit. It can raise salaries, or it can have its developers jump ship to another company that will pay higher salaries and thus go out of business. Employees aren't slaves, you know, they don't have to work for you if they're taking a pay cut in real terms by doing so, and programmers are indeed in the 'very few areas' where salaries don't trail inflation because good programmers are rather hard to find.

Oh bucket! Unpack the suitcases. TRAPPIST-1 planets too wet to support life


I've played Subnautica. Plenty of life on those planets, it just wants to eat you!

Another day, another self-flying car pipe dream surfaces


Used to be? Ripley's Believe It or Not is still there, last I heard...

Google to 'forget me' man: Have you forgotten what you said earlier?


Re: Add spent convictions to the discrimination legislation

'Convictions are also a matter of public record here too, but the idea is that only those who absolutely need to know about it should have access.' - I think the OP's point is that that is not PUBLIC record. Public record means anyone can look at the information, any time, without having to give a reason.

Maplin shutdown sale prices still HIGHER than rivals


I mean, only in the sense your council tax is 'permission to live in your house'. There's a reason it's called 'rates', just as the predecessor to council tax was.

IBM gives Services staff until 2019 to get agile


A quick google suggests 'ceremony' is just an extremely stupid word for a meeting. So a standup is a 'ceremony'. You don't actually have to go up in front of a scrum master and have him dunk you in the river as you pledge your eternal soul to the Dark Lord K'Anban.

Still. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Flight Simulator's DRM fighter nosedives into Chrome's cache


Re: They're not first and won't be the last.

It sounds like Greece doesn't currently have any such legislation, though, and in general legislation isn't retroactive in effect. If that's the case, they only have to worry about the GDPR if they were still shipping this after Greece put it into effect in law, which is going to take at least a year or so I would assume.

James Damore's labor complaint went over about as well as his trash diversity manifesto


Re: controversial bro-grammer ?

I dunno, when I see one of this site's journos post something like that I'm inclined to read The Register more. :)

UK.gov: Psst. Belgium. Buy these Typhoon fighter jets from us, will you?


Re: @ wolfetone

Ummm we co-developed the Eurofighter. It's ours as much as anyone else's, and cross-national development of planes is neither new nor connected to the EU as such - see, for example, the Tornado or for that matter Airbus.

International co-operation is actually a good thing, you know, no matter how much it seems to displease the sort of person who gets on their knees to please Nigel Farage.

Winter is coming for AI. Fortunately, non-sci-fi definitions are actually doing worthwhile stuff


What the bloody hell does the release of the first IBM PC have to do with, well, anything about this? The AI researchers of the time were using rather more beefy (and usable) kit than that.

2017 tablet market trended towards torpor


Around when people decided megabytes upon megabytes of JavaScript libraries were necessary for each and every webpage, I guess.

FYI: That Hawaii missile alert was no UI blunder. Someone really thought the islands were toast


Re: Early warning siren

As far as I'm aware, they're used to this day in Michigan for tornado warnings.

User stepped on mouse, complained pedal wasn’t making PC go faster


Re: If somebody does not understand...

Alright, go teach a classroom of 5 year olds the general theory of relativity.

Sometimes the subject/audience disconnect is too wide to be bridged. That's not the teacher's fault.

Solaris 11.next becomes Solaris 11.4, but new features aren’t set


Re: Where's Oracle's Meltdown/Spectre press release?

The T4 does out-of-order execution so chances are it is affected by Spectre. Previous SPARCs might be alright, though.

We translated Intel's crap attempt to spin its way out of CPU security bug PR nightmare


'Chipzilla doesn't want you to know that every Intel processor since 1995 that implements out-of-order execution is potentially affected by Meltdown – except Itanium'

Well, yes. That's because Itanium DOESN'T implement out-of-order execution. That was its whole USP, that the compiler would do the instruction ordering not the CPU.

HTC U11 Life: Google tries to tame the midmarket


It's also midrange compared to the latest Samsung and Google devices, though. Sorry, I don't like it either, but it's true.

Leftover Synaptics debugger puts a keylogger on HP laptops


Re: Can anyone explain

Why are you capitalising ifdef?

Boffins foresee most software written by machines in 2040


Re: We've been here before...

A specific selling point of the Cortex M is that (because its interrupt handlers use C calling conventions) you can write bare metal firmware for it without using any assembler whatsoever, actually.


'The tools for writing apps that write other apps are also showing up in various programming languages, like Go'

That link is a facility Go has added for running tools like Yacc as part of its build process. Yacc is 40 frigging years old and was old hat then (Yet Another Compiler Compiler). The facility is only necessary because go manages its own build process; if you were writing C it would just go in your Makefile.

The long standing existence of tools which generate code to a programmer's specifications is ummm really not a good argument for most code being 'written by AIs' in the future or whatever they're yammering on about.

Note how stuff like this is always 20 years in the future, by the way? In 20 years' time it'll be 20 years in the future too.

Lap-slabtop-mobes with Snapdragon Arm CPUs running Windows 10: We had a quick gander


Re: Emulation ?

I don't think the emulation is being done in hardware. Software emulation of another CPU is unlikely to infringe or qemu would be in a heap of trouble.

Voyager 1 fires thrusters last used in 1980 – and they worked!


Re: how is assembler outdated and by what?

/That particular/ assembler (or rather, instruction set) is outdated. It's not like there's a Pentium in there.

Possible cut to British F-35 order considered before Parliament


Re: Why cats?

There's the small problem with the Sea Gripen that AFAIK it doesn't actually exist yet.


Re: Still not too late

The plan was to fit this -


So no steam, at least. On the other hand I gather the yanks are having a bit of trouble getting it to work on their new carrier at the moment.


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