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'Mainframe blowout' knackered millions of RBS, NatWest accounts



So they didn't have:

Some kind of HDR (high availability server) to seamlessly swap over to?

A SDS secondary shared disk server to failover to?

An Enterprise replication machine somewhere?

A RSS Remote standby machine, in another location or even the cloud?

Probably Only Informix does this well (and would give me some work), Oracle tries but it's problematic.

I wonder if it were database / application or what. Doesn't sound like a network Issue. SANs are bulletproof as well. I would assume there is a more sinister reason given the state of banking.

Mainframe - no wonder it fails, like almost nobody is alive who knows how to maintain the OS. I've tried and it's super command line unfriendly.

Banks are sadly expertless, I know loads with terrible DBA's runing mickey mouse systems with no failover. The more you know the more you wonder how it works AT ALL.


Data scientists: Do they even exist?


what to do

Wrong way around :)

The question is ... what do you want to do with big data for your business? Maximum profit, kinder to the environment, happy employees, to understand out customers.

The new SQL warehousing features in the upcoming version of Informix (march 26th) are amazing.

Now if only I could find someone wanting to use it :)


I'm an unemployed data expert

I've been transforming data into business information for 18 years saving companies billions. Exactly what these guys are probably looking for, but I'm titles as an 'Informix DBA' not SQL server/Oracle so I'll always be unemployed and not eligible for benefits unlike all the made up cv's from indians (see this so much) who took some meaningless msoft certification or lied their way into a job.

Funny story in that it's great there are so many jobs and people looking for someone like me, gives me some hope of not starving soon.



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