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Tesla vs Media AGAIN as Model S craps out on journo - on the highway

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Re: Maybe...

I take it, you've never driven in California. IF you only drive in Los Angeles San Diego or San Francisco, and have a short commute you MIGHT be fine but if you want to take your new shiny electric car anywhere outside of the city your screwed since California is 798 miles (1284 km) from the southern border to the northern border. It's can also get incredibly hot in areas. I've seen 131 degrees (55 degrees C) in Death Valley, and while your battery might like the heat, you definitely won't and will have the air conditioning on full blast trying to keep your body cool.

Rexford L

So, when you buy a electric vehicle, you need to buy a petrol powered vehicle as well, so you can go more than a hundred miles. Why not just buy the petrol powered vehicle and use that for all your travel, you save thousands of dollars (pounds) in not just the initial purchase but also taxes that the government charges to keep and use that vehicle.



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