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Microsoft's Surface Pro team takes on Reddit to finesse fondleslab

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Re: MS Surface pro FAIL

I think most of you apple fanboys have become tinted by apple... Whilst all of you are arguing about who is copying who may I remind you that Apple is the biggest copy cat of all... and has been sued many times as a result, Apple even have the design of a rectangle with rounded corners patent, Only naive people would have that done.

Also MP3 > iPod???

So please you apple fan boys get off your high horse because apple is nothing more then another company out there that borrows idea's and technology off other people/companys. If you people believe no one should borrow idea's of other people then how is technology ever going to advance???

And another question for you, When microsoft releases the surface pro, how long until Apple release a Tablet that you can run Mac OSX on?

But surely that would mean Apple is copying Microsoft even though its there operating system....



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