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Sonos and I: How home media playback just gets SO FRUSTRATING


Re: First world problems

^ this.

I bought 2 x Sonos 5's. They were superb for music (barring occasional loss of signal due to interference from other networks in the apartment block). They even had analog line in.

The problem came with attempting to route tv signal through them using audio out from the led tv. The Sonos system has a slight delay activating it's network among the devices when sound is sent to it. Not a problem with music, but results in issues with video sound sync. Ended up selling them and went for a Bose box which has the tv plugged in via optical. I wonder how they resolved it with their Sonos soundbar.

Microsoft can't even shift Windows 8 slabs in the middle of a tablet frenzy


Re: Tiles interface done badly = win 8

Disagree. I'm a software dev for iOS and WP and have owned all three major phone OSes. Lumia 920 is now my primary phone.

Win Phone 8's UI is thoughtful, consistent, and constantly suprises and delights people who pick up my Lumia 920. Sure it has limitations that frustrate ... but usability and presentation are great for a handheld, limited attention span device.

The Win 8 desktop team could learn a lot from the Win Phone 8 team, however ....

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