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BlackBerry Z10: Prices pruned despite eager iPunter interest

Big Browne Paul

You are so right sad really, my contract up soon so will take a punt on a Z10 only thing that is worrying me is I punted on a Win7.5 last time and was left with an apps dead end within months of signing up a 2 year contract.

I am looking for signs of life in the apps before I commit to BB or its Nexus 4 for me.....


The truth on the Navy carrier debacle? Industry got away with murder

Big Browne Paul


This is just typical of the waste and horrendous decision making that has been going on for decades, go back to the TSR2 best aircraft in the world in its class, cancelled why?

Nimrod....lets not even go there

Tornado......Someone needs to ask about the maintenance contractors replacng panels on the airframe damaging them so badly they need to be retired......

Harriers.....useful adaptable and sold to the US Marines.....

Jaguars.....useful reliable cheap to run.....scrapped.....

HMS Ocean.....great idea

Various Type 22's great fleet ships still effective needing upgrades.....scrapped

Ark Royal....a disgrace

Invincible....a disgrace

Bay Class sold to the aussies, useful adaptable model of excellence.....

You get where I am going here, why are we doing this to our forces, its beyond belief that we keep seeing these vested interests taking hold and leaving our country in a poor state of defence.

Its one of the few duties the government has to do properly.


BIS, bash, bosh: El Reg solves BlackBerry 10 email bafflement

Big Browne Paul

A bit odd

I think dropping BIS is a mistake but I do understand the reasoning as discussed above, BIS is the main reason I went back to BB from a Windows 7.5 phone the data usage was horrendous as I manage 4 different business email accounts for my various small enterprises.

BIS has always given me great reliability, I didnt really suffer with the network issues as I simply logged into my email via other means.

My costs have been minimal since switching back but I do miss that big screen and apps from my iPhone 3GS.

I am none the wiser which way to go in november, Android is too fragmented, IOS could be it and BB has to give me a reason to stick with it....I was really hoping for a big win this time from RIM and its not clear to me (as a fan of BB) that I should stick with them....



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