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All-flash is a synonym for a tough market

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Enrico gets it

... and NetApp gets it. Pure, SolidFire and Kaminario also get it ... they just can't deliver it like NetApp can.

They are shiny baubles ... and the sparkle only lasts for fleeting moments in a fast moving industry. NetApp may not have the sparkle, and the paint is original, but those are often the most sought after and valued creations.

We shall see...


It's a CLUSTERPLUCK: Isilon array gobbles 4TB drives

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EMC Isilon benefits from 4TBs!!! Really?

As if EMC Isilon is the only manufacturer that benefits from supporting 4TB drives. REALLY? Lots of vendors have had these for months. Like every manufacturer that uses them, they too provide "33%" more capacity for the same spindle count, use 30% less power and require less hardware to provide equivalent capacity to 3TB based solutions.

How about just an article about the availability of 4TB drives in the industry .... and the obvious merits therein? Lose the vendor slant ... pick up some credibility.



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