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Hey, Teflon Ballmer. Look, isn't it time? You know, time to quit?


Re: good news about Microsoft?

Learn to read Edadon:

Nokia had and has a massiv market share - with FEATUREPHONES!

Maemo/Meego? Try this: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=37570 for shares during the time Nokia switched. And Symbian was not good at touch and everyone and his dog wanted touch,

Nokia always had problems supporting more platforms. Again see Maemos problems. And switching to Android would not changed that.

Unlike you I actually used those things and know their capabilities and limits!


Re: Smart Phones Myth

Another lie from Eadon:

HP Elite Pad - brand new tablet PC from HP, Strange, didn't they abandon Win8 tablets?

The Surface/Pro is priced and designed with quite a bit of space for OEMs above and below. That's why most are busy producing new tablets/convertibles:

Helix and Thinkpad Tablet 2

Asus Taichi and 810

Acer A510, 700, P3

Sony Vaio Duo 11 (and the Duo13)



Re: good news about Microsoft?

Nokia was dying! They had good featurephones but the big money was and is in smartphones. And there they had Maemo/Mego/Tizen/Whatever it is named this year a system that had as much market share as it's parent OS Linux had on the desktop,

Maemo was a "Nerd OS" without any of the infrastructure/support that both end users AND commercial software developers wanted. No App-Store, no integration with Exchange or Domino, complex development environment and "excotic" dev language. Add in "no marketing" even when the system came out, no presence in the big chains and some hardware problems that could not be solved with the stuff used (resistive digitizer).

Nokia had three choices

Build the infrastructure needed AND switch to a induktive digitizer (Maemo needs a stylus and/or keyboard)

Buy into Android

Buy into Windows Phone

With Android they had to compete with Samsung and HTC directly. One can build good quality at lower prices and the other can do cheap. Nokia is always "costly". Add in that the Maemo system needs Note II sized hardware at least (not that common back then as a form factor)

Setting up a fourth infrastructure was likely a waste of money. So they did the smart thing and went MS. The base phone is relatively "locked down" specification wise so they can argue with "good quality" units (camery, general build, battery) and set themself appart

Mobile tech destroys the case for the HS2 £multi-beellion train set


Re: It will only work to move people around the UK if the tickets are cheap!@ mmeier

The "old" german system worked on three levels. A "once every 15-30minutes" local level that worked as a reliable feeder to the next major station. Either local trains, rapid transit (SBahn) or tram lines. Then a larger level net that connected the bigger hubs on a hourly level with less stops and finally the IC(E) net. Again hourly but with few stations served. The trains and lines where well maintained and resonably on time. The whole plan was integrated so even with a local train late (typically less than 5min) you still could catch the InterCity (IC) if you jogged instead of walked through the station. This was costly since maintenance was done "after x hours/kilometers OR if there is a failure(1)" not "when there is a capital damage"

In the (very) late 1990s / early 2000s that died. The local trains where "run to destruction" and in the wet/cold season trains not reaching the target (even resonably new ones) became a "expect once per week". ICE engine troubles became massive and similar stuff happened on the cargo level. And then they cut the net to pieces with local trains being sold to "local service providers" and the intermediat system being gutted as "not cost efficient"

Used trains between 1987 and 1997 on a daily base. Only during a MASSIV snow "storm" (by german standards) did the trains get delayed / did not run. And even then for only a few hours. Tried the same in the early 2000s. Was ordered to take a car after I had to call the customer three times in four weeks due to "train failed" (2)

(1) And the definition of failure was "the conductor says the train feels wrong"

(2) The type of failed where they even give you official writ that it did! Burning engine, failed brakes and once a failed coupling...


Re: As a born-and-raised Yank....

Even subsidize does not help if you do not set the priorities right. Germany has a state owned and run rail and it still does not work. If you want to go Hamburg-Frankfurt it is a good move to take the train (1). If you do not life in one of the major "ICE train station" cities - try walking, not much slower and a lot cheaper. I.e

On a bad day I takes me an hour to get from my hometown (100.000 population) to a major city 45km away to a customer by car. On a good day 30min. That's during the rushhour! The same route by train takes at least two hours and needs a cab/taxi since the local station has no parking lot AND there is no bus from my part of the (inner!) city to the 2.5km distant station. And this is a region of germany that is considered "well developed" when it comes to rail networks and both cities are old!

But If I make it to the large town the 300km to Frankfurt will be less than two hours...

(1) Most of the time. Unless it is summer and the clima control heats the ICE "bullet train" up or winter and the heating can not keep it warm


Re: Other projects? Well, how about a "revolutionary" train set?

Wuppertal and the Schwebebahn have done that. Other uses exist as well in the industrie (mining). Düsseldorf Airport and Dortmund University use similar systems. The main problem is the lower load/cargo weight per car compared to normal trains and maintenance of trains and rails.


Re: Sensible hat on - a better use of £12bn

Cologne-Frankfurt is one of the few high speed railways in germany. Partially due to the costs.

And german trains have not been reliable for at least a decade. The investments are barely able to keep the situation stable. The ICE (high speed) trains have technical difficulties, mid-level train system (Interregio) was gutted and the local trains are either outsourced (and run to destruction) or 1930s technology repainted the 5th time (1). The rail system has been gutted to a rump system and many planned railroads where never build(2)

(1) Really, many local passenger wagons are from around WWII and rebuild numerous times

(2) They did build a number of new airports in the 1970s that where planned to have rail links. They still do not have them and service is by bus or storing the car on the HUGE parking lots


Re: It's more binary than how many minutes are saved

The lack of the Concord-NT has a lot to do with the scum of the earth aka Greenies. They basically castrated the Concord with "environmental laws" restricting it's full use.


Germany is a good example - how NOT to do it.

We have a GREAT river/channel network that actually connects most major industrial cities(1) and many large companies had harbours of their own

We had a good to great railroad network that connected the rest and had side spurs by the dozend

Then some genius level poliTicks threw it all away in three steps

1) Support cars and trucks over trains, dropping many smaller raillines and fright service

2) Listen to the screaming treehuggers and stop important channel/river projects or delay them

3) Try to make the Bundesbahn "fit for the stock exchange" by cutting costs left and right running the trains "till failiure" instead of "regular preventive maintenance"

As a result german trains are "never early, rarely on time and mostly late" IF they run at all, fright cars are worn out and loud raising more protests against new rail lines, channel / river fright is almost none and the big companies fill the roads with "Just in time" delivery trucks making "more autobahnen" a must. Going from one large (100.000+ people) to another even larger merely 30km away can two an hour by train with one stopover. It used to take 45min in the late 1930s with no stopover...

(1) And we are not talking narrowboats here, not even "Canal du Midi"


Re: It will only work to move people around the UK if the tickets are cheap!

Honest question: What European countries have a good railroad network?

France has the TGV but if you are rural - tough luck

Germany has the Bundesbahn - tough luck

The Netherlands have bicycles


German govt DUMPS 170 NEW PCs riddled with Conficker


Re: ...could have taken care of the problem much more efficiently.

Droping poliTicks from a plane works well enough as a fixfor politically created problems. Just ask the FDP


Re: @TheVogon

Actually from the german forums of "Fosstard research" aka Heise. Quite a "pro Linux" publication but even they had to admit the massively swollen permanent IT stuff and the costs that result from that.

Remember in Germany even IF you can fire an employee (the unions often have a word to say, state is typically VERDI(1)) it will cost you money AND will typically take 3 month in the "state service" from the day you hand him the "pink slip" to the day he is off your payrole. Separation pay typically is "half a month pay before taxes per year in company". And employees can (and often do) sue.

(1) A joke compared to a real union like IG Metall but they love to make waves.


Re: @mmeier


10+ years of support for a Linux? Where? LTS versions are 5years, a joke compared to what Solaris offers even for a single major version. And drivers are often compatible over two major versions

Solaris has better file system, better clustering, better thread handling and as of late 2012 better performance on the same hardware as Linux for J2EE based software. AND it is the set OS for most of our customers

A Linux Admin is "for distribution X using parts a, b, c". If that is your distribution, fine. If not - problem. A Solaris admin is for Solaris.

PostgresSQL is nice. But it is not capabel of keeping up with ORACLE (or DB/2) when it comes to clusters, high available systems and other stuff. Stuff some of our customers need. And Oracle performance on Solaris is better on the same hardware as of late 2012.

Three of our bigger customers use penable tablet pcs in the 500+ number with one planning penable convertibles for the next "replace notebooks" round. Linux won't work there since it lacks the necessary software and drivers

Other customers have a tools chain that is based on MS products. Not ours (we are a Java shop) but we need to integrate with that. Linux can't do that. And we are talking BIG (10.000+ clients) customers here


Re: @mmeier

Simple. I use what is best for the job and/or has the widest installed base and the software I want/need. And that is Windows on the client and Unix on the server for most of the stuff I have done the last 15 years(3). Linux is not good enough on either platform.

Servers: Long term (10+ years) stability is a must have for APIs, Drivers, Libraries etc. Availability of certified hardware from a big vendor is as well. Not having "Distribution wars" makes hiring Admins(1) easier and installing commercial software like RDBMS as well(2)

Clients: Support for all hardware our customers use. That includes notebooks and tablet pc since the early 2000s. Also central software delivery, company wide policies etc. In some cases (not all) our clients also use software that simply requires Windows.

With a 90+ percent market share on the desktop and a useable platform for tablets Windows is the easiest target with the best chance of sales. Add in that it is also the easiest target to develop rich / fat clients that work on Macs and Unix as well and our customers demand those client type for certain tasks. Oh and most use it as an internal platform (the rest uses Macs)

Running J2EE stuff is bette, faster and with less hassle on Solaris same for stuff like Oracle RAC. And most of our customers use that (or AIX) anyway on servers so Linux is a non starter

I don't hate Linux. It was evaluated (and is basically once a year) and found lacking for the needs of my employer so it is not used there. And for my privat use I see no benefit(server) or can not use it (Client - no penable support(4))

(1) I am not an admin by trade. I can do the job if needed (and did) but my specialities and certifications are in software, mainly Java

(2) With Linux the only "will work" platforms are those that come with commercial priced licences for support negating the last Linux benefit

(3) Before that is also included stuff like Step5, ORG/M, QNX, RTOS/UH. Also worked with Win/CE and Android.

(4) Or one not good enough compared to Win7 / Win8 if I count the Samsung Note as a Linux


Re: Shall we chalk that one up to another Windows security FAIL?

TCO of Limux is much higher due to the headcount in IT since Munich did not manage to rewrite critical software. But the socialists where always good at using other peoples work and money, why should Munich be different


Re: @mmeier - This sounds like shit to me

Nope. Last time I worked for or with"the man" was in the 1980s when I was an armed typist [60 character or 900 rounds per minute] Last time I wrote Windows only stuff was 1993 to 1999 and even than that was only part of the work. l prefer Windows as a client and getting it to run there is prime due to the market share but l use Java and used C and C++ in the past. ServerS are Unix. SCO in the old days, Solaris now.


A side note:

The ministry that did it was not the (totally use- and powerless) german eductation ministry but one of the 16 state education ministries. More exactly the one in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, one of the states that came to the BRD during "Kohls big mistake" aka Reunification.

So the politicks are somewhat excused, as former GDR socialists they where used to "throw away, the worker will provide new" ways of handling problems


Re: They should have...

That would have required a teacher that can be taught. Most can't they have THE Knowledge and if politically active THE Truth


Re: I wonder what happened to the infected machines

Oh believe me ever since Gerhard gutted Auntie SPD before escaping to Russia the "party formerly known as Sozial and Democratic" has stopped being either and handles graft etc. quite nicely. And the Greenies have been looking for their voters pork barrels for a loooong time.


Re: @ Vlad

Oh, the germans are even very efficient with computers. The problem is the german GOVERNMENT. Back in 1918 we went cheap and used one train to the netherlands to get rid of the Emperor. Would have been cheaper in the long run to use 10 and get rid of the politicks.


Re: This sounds like shit to me

"Linux" Munich has double the PERMANENT IT staff per computer of any compareable city. And in germany permanent staff is something you hire if you plan to keep him for years because once past the 6month "trial" period (Probezeit) it is hard / costly to fire him. Even more so for a city that have the OTV<<<Verdi "trade union parody" to deal with.

There is a lot of smelly stuff in Munich and it's not last years Oktoberfest-Chicken

Microsoft: All RIGHT, you can have your Start button back


Re: Sigh

What choices? Many toolchains simply run on Windows only and can't be / won't be ported due to costs or the integration of MS products with no replacement (Sharepoint, Exchange/Outlook, Word + Word Templates/VBA. Excel with VBA etc.)

Win8 when it comes to companies starting 2014 will run those stuff just fine and with limited training for the end user since Olav Officedrohne does NOT use an OS, he uses a program.


Re: Microsoft had sold 100 million licenses of Windows 8

We'll see again in January 2014. The big companies basically missed the 2012 holliday season and PC sales are down across the board. They will hit the 2013 one perfectly. And with hardware/software combinations that makes iOS/Android tablet toys look like a Model-T next to a current gen Mondeo or Mercedes


Re: Consumers to Microsucks...

The SUN does not shine any more, it is in a drug haze with the Oracle these days.


Re: So obvious...

Actually MS complained about TABLET hardware. And for MS based tablets - TOUCH is the bastard stepchild. Windows tablets have been and still are Pen first, touch second.

The vendors all failed to deliver the Atom based penables they showed mid 2012 in time for the Win8 launch. Some started delivery as late as March 2013. THAT was the complain.


Re: Microsoft's strategy is FAILING


Ac tually it would be enough if it could be a 100 percent replacement for Windows. And Linux fails even that test both privat (games, reliable support for current generation hardware) and business (Lack of well integrated solutions like Outlook/Exchange, Sharepoint). Add in tablet pc and even if we count Android as Linux it is a fail since the tools are not there / not up to the Win7 / Win8 standards.

Win8 may not be the best desktop OS nor the best tablet pc OS. But it is damned good in both jobs AND it is "one set of tools" for ALL jobs. There is no way to pen notes on a N8010 (Note 10.1) and mail it to my co-workes that use Windows PC in a way they can edit/annotate/convert to text. With an Ativ 500 - no deal. The tricked out Powerpoint of our consultant barely runs on an iThingy (some effects are missing not to mention starting applications from PP). On a tired T731 it works like a charm INCLUDING the applications (Groovy and Java/Swing BTW not MS stuff - still no run under iOS or Android)

Microsoft: Next WinPhone 8 update to arrive this summer


Re: Microsoft - Enter These Holy Commands

To the downvoters:

I agree, MZ (HEDP for the Amis) is not really the proper grenade against Pingufreaks. But since the Leo1 is out of service and the Rh120(mm) has no Beehive so it's the best there is short of artillery.


Re: Microsoft - Enter These Holy Commands

Gunner, Pingufreak 12 o'clock, load MZ, fire

Oi, Google! Stop LIBELLING us Germans, fix your autocomplete


Re: "Germans are ..."


Let me guess: German teacher and Greenie


Re: "Germans are ..."

We have two problems:

A screaming minority that is payed by the state and has too little work to do (No, not Wellfare recipients. I am talking about teachers and other "state employee for life"(1))

Courts that are a tad or three removed from the world

The majority of the germans do not care if the name of a state officials lady and "escort" pop up together. But this is simply another step towards the "D(eutsch) Netz" that will only include pages that are

+ Fully compliant with german laws as a Commisioner for Data Protection in Northern germany reads it

+ Fully compliant with the "ethics" as the german forum of Fosstard Research defines it (heise.de)

+ Matching the ideas of the Frank Freeloader Party

Granted, this net will consist of (very few) boring static pages. But it will be ethically, safe and protect your data

(1) Der Bundestag mal voller ist mal leerer aber immer voller Lehrer

Emergency spacewalk as ISS takes a leak


Re: "Thanks for the proof"

Linux Fanatics, Canned Man Freaks - They all get pissy and personal if you critizise their toys. To a point where it is actually FUN to poke at their toys...


Re: @ mmeier

Off the stuff on that list two (lenses, memory foam) where based on NASA developed stuff. But NASA is not the same as developed for or due to manned space flight. Actually both make more sense for unmanned operations


Re: "Thanks for the proof"

As a german Propaganda events have a bad taste for me. And that's all it was. OTOH given that the US program was run by a former SS Major that once requested "better material than the last batch that died to fast " to build his rocket factory so propaganda value may have been high on his agenda. And the UdSSR was even worse in that being quite willing to have people die so they get their propaganda.

From a commercial and scientific point of view the missions where useless. The gathering of probes could have been (and have been) done by robots. They send exactly ONE scientist up and that flight almost got cancelled (Apollo 17)


Within certain limits yes. Underwater has problems with signal speed, either the vehicle is using a cable or is restricted to the limites of a static program so a human can be a benefit. But even here most jobs can be done better by remotes and most jobs ARE done by remotes. They do not need life support and if they are lost it's money not lifes.

The big differences between under water and space are:

Under water bases can do useful things from population base to mining to more secure oil drilling with current day tech. Space tech can not do that neither existing nor projected realistic tech

Underwater technology can transport and house the necessary amount of workers

UW Tech can be used. Quite a bit of the possible space tech can not be used for political reasons (Nuclear technology)

So if the EU or whoever wants to finance some underwater habitats for deep sea mining/drilling/fish farming AND those jobs need humans for some tasks - sure

But all useful things in space, including pure science, can be done as well or better with robots.


Re: mmeier strikes again

So there are no benefits of manned spaceflight. Thanks for the proof


What benefit did Manned spaceflight bring? Unmanned has uses but man in can is a waste of money and payload


The fix for this and all other ISS problems is a simple three step solution

1) Evacuate crew

2) Deorbit station

3) Stop the "manned spaceflight" nonsense

Don't use Google+? Tough, Google Glass will inject it INTO YOUR EYES


Re: But there ARE uses for this!

The older AR solutions where less mobile since they typically required a workstation level computer. Glasses or a less Google-specific follow up are no longer tied to that since mobile computing has made big advances over the last years.

The same can be seen in other areas. Smartphones have been along for almost a decade but only recently have they become "mass market" items. Notebooks took a decade of development before reaching the homes.


Re: Will only provide proof...

Where I work we do not employ Kölner citizens or Catholic priests so that does not happen...


Re: Was out with a full sized DSLR last weekend and nobody gave a damn

They never did in Germany. As long as you stay in public space and do not target a person without consent shooting photos is legal, actually written in the law (Panoramafreiheit)

So say shooting the Ulmer Munster and having Timmy Tinfoil in the picture because he was just walking around there is legal. If Timmy disagrees - tell him to FO. If he gets agressiv - punch him, call the police, sue him and win


VR glasses are already out and have been for a while. Same for HUD systems that clip to a glasses frame or headband. Prices are similar. And if you take away the camera that is all that is left when you take the camera out.

The camera would allow Augmented Reality on a new level. Not with the Google version since that has a low capacity computing platform as an achilles heel but the general tech is there. Look into an cars engine, have the AR camera and image reconing do the magic and get the components highlighted. Can't do that kind of stuff without the camera OR a static setop with tons of fixed sensors and "place car exactly so and so".

The same works for recognizing people or locations. GPS is of limited use/precision in a city but GPS+ImageRegoc and "This is the oldest still occupied house in the citie. It was build in...." tourist guides work. Indoor museum guides are even better. No more tracking down the warden to ask, the AR glasses can do.

So the camera is a must be there equipment.


Re: meh

503 million citizens in the EU

314 million in the colonies

Customer-wise the EU wins easily. And Japan, South Korea etc. have similar network densities.


Re: Not so surprising...

What problems? Some "screaming minorities" and "building picture scramblers"? Sorry but I never took Timmy Tinfoil serious.

Was out with a full sized DSLR last weekend and nobody gave a damn. And we are not a "tourist town", I was just taking building shots for my hobby.


Re: meh

Well here in the 1st world (Most of Western Europe) and even the second world (Germany) we do have good high speed wireless.


Re: Surprising...

Actually the prototypes of this tech where from the late 1990s and offered more options than this rather restricted kit. Don't get me wrong a good set of AR glasses would be something I sell my neighbours grandma for. But these are not.


Re: @Ian Yates - Not from my Android phone!

Okay Mr. Tinfoil-Head tell us: Why did you BUY a smartphone in the first place? And no, reading mails I do not believe since mail connections surely can be tracked so THEY know where you are.

After all http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/They_Live they are among us (and GG might show them!)


Re: The fact that

AugmentedReality glasses - sure they have applications. The industry has experimented with the tech for at least a decade. Deliver a set that is light weight, has good endurance, no need to use the GMail man / StJobs and interfaces with Windows/x86 and commercial Unix boxes(1) and you have a winner in the tech sector and designers ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cave_automatic_virtual_environment )

Google Classes - no use. Tied to a toybreed OS and the GMail man. Not that SaintJobs version would be any better. GG has the same problem as Evernote since both force you to give your data to a non trustworthy, non government observed third party (Unlike say DATEV in germany)

Charity chief: Get with it, gov - kids shouldn't have to write by hand


Re: Shall we just stop making kids do anything thats hard?

OTOH quite a few well known authors make heavy use of computers and consider it a boost to their productivity. Jerry Pournelle wrote a lot about that in his old "Chaos Manor" column back when Byte was in print.

And the writing is a two part process anyway at least in engineering and science. Generate notes and a rough outline and then polish and clean up. The latter part benefits A LOT from computers compared to pen and death, maimed trees. The former can if the right tools are used.

I still remember university when the professor went "oh, we have to add something", went three to ten pages back on his overhead projector sheets, added something and back. Basically one had to write the whole stuff "into the clean" later. The same situation today would be "scroll back, insert a space, insert the writing" using MS Journal on a penable.


Re: BYOD? Perhaps when Hell Freezes over

As an old professor offered us" You can even go over to the library and fetch the book you need to look stuff up." Because if you could name the book / find the facts fast enough to pass the exam you had a solid understanding of the stuff and just needed some details.

So let the teachers earn their pay and write tests that check understanding instead of memory. For example no one needs to memorize the implementation details for all sorting algorithms, just that they exist and their limits. The rest is a quick lockup away.

How smart does your desk phone need to be?


Re: Just give us voice quality

Even more important if the company has a setup with 2 or 3 support layers. If Olav Officedrohne had the developers number than he would use that. After all Olav and his problems are IMPORTANT! as is Olav.

Well, actually the PFY on 1st level support can handle them while still half-drugged from his trip to the Netherlands and that's where they end up since our caller-id system (and our error tracking system!) do NOT give developer numbers, email etc.

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