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Acer Iconia W3: The first 8-inch Windows 8 Pro tablet


Re: Too late to market

I'll tell that to our customers who have been using Stylistic tablet pc and their follow ups for a decade now. And we are talking three and four digit numbers of those units.

The main reasons for the low but steady sales (Just ask Fujitsu and Lenovo - they have been doing them for that decade) where

+ HDD in a roughly handled mobile device

+ Battery capacity since the units should come in under 2kg

+ Screens easily scratched

Those resulted in a costly device with high maintenance requirements and short runtimes. More than a normal notebook a tablet pc needs good batteries

The problems either completely solved (SSD, Corning class) or can be solved (either going Haswell or, if performance is less critical, going Atom)

As for the price:

Good qualite Windows tablets with the criteria for under 1000€ are not that uncommon. Granted Atom based but the dual core CTrails used have enough power for the "common tablet" and quite a few tablet pc uses(1). All units even have UMTS or LTE for that price

If that is below 1000 of that funny money pieces they use in the land of the great Echo(lon) is yours to check

(1) Picture editing is better done on a core-i unit


Re: It's shit

30GB on a recovery, the full OS and Office. And as we all know Acer quite likely some 90day test versions.


Re: Let's play "list the dealbreakers"

Quite a few Android tablets do not have a USB charger either. Neither Note10.1 nor A500 had. The default 500mA a "standard charger" delivers is likely not enough anyway so you have to carry the right charger. Same for the Note2, that has USB but only the Samsung charger gives a good loading speed

Win8 and 2GB works for what you will do with an Atom class CPU. Same as a netbook and from experience with a Lenovo S10-3 that is enough for MS-Office.

The 32GB SSD is a joke sure. But the 30GB include a recovery partition that you can drop so the 64GB unit has useable amounts of storage.


The article is neither about a phone nor about Win/RT. It is about an Atom based Win8/x86 unit.


Re: such a shame

If it must be "now":

Lenovo TPT2

Dell Latitude 10

Maybe a Samsung Ativ 500 (skip the dock if you can)

Maybe the Hondo based Fujitsu unit

They all get 8+ hours of use, similar to a Note 10.1 and from the forums run OneNote just fine. As all CTrail Atoms they are not that great at handling multiple big programs, mainly due to the memory limits.

Above 1000€ you get

Sony Vaio Duo 13 with the Haswell

Lenovo Helix

Or wait a few month until the Baytrail comes in, that will fix the memory problem


Re: The screen is too small for windows 8?

I use it on to 24'' Samsungs and it works fine. So maybe you are not using enough monitors.


Re: Wonder how it would work with Linux?

Is it that much smaller? Win8, Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote), Eclipse, Artrage, 100+ Kindle books, some games and some other tools and on the 64GB SSD in my old EP121 I have 28+ GB left (no recovery partition)


Re: Too late to market

For me, WP8 does not work at all - No Stylus, no buy! I simply HATE touch!

Anything smaller than 10'' is to small for me anyway. Tried a Note(2) and it's too large for the throusers, to small to work. So no matter what OS - for me a tablet pc is 10+ inch and a inductive stylus, everything else is a piece of junk

So actually I do not care if Win8 or WP8 works on smaller displays. I won't buy anything smaller, just waiting for a 10'' Baytrail and the final Fragmentdroid unit goes into the (e)Bay and no more smartphones for me.


Re: Too late to market

W8 may be new, Windows and Windows on tablet pc is not

You are allowed to use a business device for privat/public. Many have done so and some of the 10'' Atoms are clearly marketet for them (i.e Samsung)

Consuming the web - works in Win8. Stylus a pro for non-touch forums

App store - who cares, it's Windows and with a pen, all Windows programs work

HWR may not be the main reason but it is the difference that makes a Windows tablet pc useable standing, one handed. Unlike a Android/iOS touch only device

Note(2) and a pocket - than you have deep pockets. Won't fit in my shirt pocket and does not fit securely in my throuser pocket. And I am a big (190+cm) person. Jacket / suit may be - rarely wear those and when I do I carry a attache case or notebook bag anyway since it is "customer time". And in summer I do not wear windbreakers etc either.


Re: Too late to market

Why? 10'' is the common tablet size in Fandroid.


Re: Too late to market

Actually MS comes with a very, very mature product (Windows has been on tablet pc for a decade). It is some hardware companies like Acer that deliver crap. And "publications" like elReg and iHeise that do not / not properly test the good ones.

Windows has a far better integration of Handwriting and the inductive stylus than even the Note-series when it comes to speed, precision and possibilities of the HWR. And very stable and mature software for it (Journal is included, OneNote is part of Office) that also interacts nicely with desktop systems (SNote is Samsung only) Convertibles and the "2in1" (tablet pc + dock) work fine as well since they offer both worlds

All it needs is the proper hardware. And that is

10+ inch display

WACOM or NTrig inductive stylus

2GB memory / 64GB SSD

As the (hopefully soon no longer) user of a Note-2 (I do not use touch only devices) - the unit does not fit securely in anything short of a cargo pocket. To carry it I need an attache case (no handbag for me - Cologne is too close for that) and if I carry that - I can just as well carry a 10'' Atom based tablet pc with UMTS/LTE modem build in. As I will once Baytrail units are out.


Re: it's a shame

If you go 10+ inch on an Atom consider a tablet pc instead of a tablet. The inductive stylus on units like

VEB Plaste und Elaste Ativ 500 (11.6 inch actually)

Dell Latitude 10

Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2

really makes a huge difference in usability. Never understood why Acer went "cheap" on their hardware and used touch only.

Microsoft to ship Windows 8.1 in 'late August'


Re: @mmeier

Given the licence and the fact it is OpenSource I am sure the developers spend a lot of care on the installer. After all the always do - not!


Re: @mmeier


Looked at my installations:

Visual Studio Express: Four

Office: One per Program (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, OneNote)

Netbeans and Eclipse: One each

ArtRage: One

Firefox: One

Various games: One each

Foxit: One

VLC: Two

Kindle: One

PDF Generator: One

RPG Character Generators: One each

There may be "badly behaved" programs out there but I have none installed. There are quite a few more under "Alle Apps" but the above is what was auto-pinned


Re: Rodents, a dying species

I see that mouse thingy and raise by a Wacom stylus. Even more precision and less space. Works one handed as well

Tablet PC != Church of Jobs/Fragmentdroid touchy toys


Re: The Evil Empire has become the Stupid Empire

Will not work for quite a few devices. Namely convertibles, tablet pc with docking stations and the "in between" units like Lenovo Helix. So IMHO Microsoft made the right choice and the IT support guys agree - one UI makes support on the phone easier than guessing wether Olav Officedrohne runs Modern or Classic. Bonus points for killing Aero, 3D effects and other useless crap.


Re: How much?

According to the german Fosstard Research Site at heise.de the 8.1 will be free of charge


Re: Google Chrome

Works for those with a useable network speed and a printer that can do it / infrastructure that supports it. Will not work for those at the end of a 384kbit DSL line or without the right hardware. Both are quite common.

Will not work for quite a few documents with a non-European cloud (legal reasons). And if I use a privat cloud - MS has some very nice solutions to share documents without printing them. Actually one of the ideas behind tablet pc is to print less..



What software are you using/what are you doing with the box? Hundrets of icons? This sounds very strange and/or like badly programmed applications

The Three Amigos offer sanctuary to cornered NSA leaker Snowden


Re: Three Amigos

What has been depictable? Manning is a traitor that knowingly endangered his fellow soldiers. He was caught, he is in a military prison and he gets a trial. If he had done the same in one of the "oh so great" socialist dictatorship that some praise here he would most likely have been "shot trying to escape" or simply vanished

US Navy coughs $34.5m for hyper-kill railgun that DOESN'T self-destruct


Re: Erm, curvature of the earth, anyone?

As early as WWI guns with a > 100km range where used (Paris gun / Kaiser Wilhelm Geschütz) so the math can be done even without a computer. Using one will make the difference between hitting Paris and hitting the Arc de Triomphe.


Re: Revolutionise what?

Simple - you buy a GERMAN supercavitating torpedo that actually can change course (Barracuda) and the problem is solved. Like the US buying the mature Gepard AAA turret instead of developing their own AAA tank...

INVASION of the UNDEAD ANDROIDS: Hackers can pwn 'nearly all' devices


Re: Simple solution

Will systems older that three month get an update from Samsung? Maybe even with fixes for the other bugs and security holes?

Or will we again be told "buy the next generation"?


Some manufacturer specific parts of Android are closed source. That is why i.e there is no full support for the Wacom Pen used by the Note-series


Re: could mean progress...

Assuming that unit does all you want. If not (i.e I do not use touch-only devices) than the Nexus is not an option.

Vulcan? Not on our tiny balls. Pluto moons named Kerberos, Styx


Re: A better fit

Actually Shattner was the REPLACEMENT for a second rate actor (Jeffrey Hunter).

He was more bearable in Hooker unless he stood between the camera and Heather Locklear


Well done! Another strike aganst the Fanatics calling themselves "Trekkies"

Windows 8 apps pass 100K, Windows 8 passes Vista


Re: I have Windows 8 on a tablet

For the Mail "client" this may help:



Re: Why bother?

@Mystic Megabyte

Aside from the fact that the few things I need (Media Player) are available for free, the "free" OS simply does not do what I want! No Dragon Natural (or equivalent), no OneNote/Journal/Artrage, most games do not run...


Companies with a Win7 volume licence - can still install Win7 on their new units. And since "one client" is a common way in business IT they do

OEMs can (and do) still deliver boxes with Win7 installed if you ask them, DELL even does so in the business webshops

And finally: Those figures are NOT sales figures - they are "Units that visited our site and where not iOS/Android/WP/..." So they give a very good idea what client pc are using


Even funnier:

The numbers are "computers that called this site" not "units shipped" so it is a good representation of client boxes. And those 2.x percent "other" include everything not Windows or Mac-OS but a client OS. So not only Linux but also all the BSD boxes, Atarie ST, Amiga, Archies etc.

Windows 8.1 start button appears as Microsoft's Blue wave breaks


Re: For the last time: we want our START MENU back, not just a stupid button...

Using Win8 on multiple systems, had none of the above problems with software written for XP or better. Systems (non "designed for Win8") are stable both new installs and upgrades. Used for development, general writing, games. With and without touch/stylus, with and without non Intel graphics.


Re: better support for multi monitor?


What is wrong with Drag&Drop in general? Just tested it on a core-i5 unit, works fine with the mouse.

Can not test it with touch (and I doubt you can) since I do not have two touch / pen capabel monitors (Cintiq are a tad pricey after all). But Pen should work fine since it works "like mouse" for that job.


Re: Sourceforge & Classic Shell to the rescue!


What is the problem with Win8 in development? Most time in Development is spent in the IDE anyway with a fistful of additional tools. That works just as well, IMHO better in Win8 since I no longer need to pin stuff on the desktop or taskbar nor do I need the mouse so hands remain on keyboard,

Windows 8.1: So it's, er, half-speed ahead for Microsoft's Plan A


Re: win+S

And Win+F(ind) brings up the search.


Re: Mmeier

And wrong again. Company has nothing to do with MS and except for a few printing modules we wrote on request of a customer do not need MS products in the tool chain. Pure JAVA shop here, software typically runs on Solaris or AIX with some "everything but iOS/Android" Swing frontends to supplement the web apps.


Re: They never tested this with real users as far as I can tell

The average user (and grandma for sure) does not have to search for anything. That user has between 5 and 10 programs he uses and has "muscle memory" or more likely "big shiny icon on desktop" to find them. So for Grandma it is "Hit Win key, Click Icon" where before it was "hide all Windows so you see desktop, click icon".


Re: I've downloaded Eclipse and am "doing" Android now....

The Browser plugin is insecure. Java Applications do not use that and so they are as secure as every other application

Java has not been slow since JDK 1.3. And that was a LONG time ago. What is slow is the work of incapabel programmers that do not understand how to program a Java UI. It's a tad more complex than clicking together some text boxes.

Can't say for Dalvic (The Android clone of the JVM), Google might have fouled up there, but garbage collection in Java is not causing any lags since at least JDK1.5 (still quite some time ago) introduced new garbage collectors

Java and to a lesser degree the JVM have problems and shortfalls. Steep learning curve in UIs (since they require multi-threading, Observer pattern and other stuff), lack of some modern elements (Closures etc), steep learning curve for performant web applications / J2EE. But speed and lag are not among them unless you do high framerate FPS games. And the rest is well documented - just read the books/sites and learn


Re: I've downloaded Eclipse and am "doing" Android now....

You can get the same (or better) software written for Windows in less time, with less problems and get the benefit of selling it to Mac-OS users as well. And unlike Android the Windows and Mac-OS users are used to PAYING!

Swing and FX-2 are a lot easier UI tools and the available frameworks beat what Android has as well. And the Atom platform delivers the same endurance and better power than ARM.


Re: If Only

Okay then what will the script do on

Sony Vaio Duo

Lenovo Helix, X230

Fujitzu T-73x, T90x and Q702

Samsungs Ativ500/700 and Q

And every other convertible or 2 in 1? Those units switch between modes quite regularly.

Currently writing this on a T731 sitting in the dock(1) running as a "desktop" (two monitors, external keyboard). In about 2h I will grab the unit and go to an privat planning event where I will use it as a tablet pc for the next 6+ hours (dual batterie system). And that is not uncommon, for meetings, talks to QS or customer events I use tablet mode, for development the desktop,

(1) The unit itself is permanently in "tablet mode" since I prefer external mouse/keyboard when docked and have two docks (At home, at job)


Re: MS shilltime!

And Daniel B. is - totally wrong again

I LOVE Windows on the client since the days of Win NT4. And I neither work for them (my employer does "software to measure") nor use MS languages for the laste decade (JAVA, C/C++, if forced PHP). But as an engineer I use

+ What the customer wants (Windows on the client, commercial Unix on the Server, MPCs for controlling)

+ What fulfills all my needs and wants with the least amount of systems (Windows)

+ What does the job best if choice exist (Prefering Outlook/Exchange/Sharepoint to Notes/Domino)

If a customer pays for Fortran - I brush up my F77 (last used in 1990 or so) and if he wants .NET - there is a book for that. If one of these days the "best system" is Mach-3 based - I'll get a Mac.


Re: It's Simple...

Guess the "testers" and the "demonstration team" should be taken out, given shovels to dig their grave and then shot. Anyone who reduces Win8 to the Modern apps in a company environment is either to stupid for anything more complex than pushing a broom or deliberatly sabotaging the company.


Re: Let me get this right...

And on a Win8 box - one can still clutter the task bar with icons to start programs. Or just hit "Win" and select from the Modern icons shown. Up to 72 IIRC on a 24'' monitor leaving the task bar for "running" applications.

Hope the space waster called "start" can be switched off. No need for it.

Play the Snowden flights boardgame: Avoid going directly to Jail


Re: submarine

Nuc subs are not totally stealthy, even less russian ones. And for the rest - minefield! Set low enough so the sub either needs to surface or runs in it. Problem solved.

Julian Assange: I'm quite happy to sleep on Ecuador's sofa FOREVER


Re: This would be an Assange view of the law.....

Let's face it, the worst thing the USA can do to Lasagne is: Nothing!

Let's assume he goes to Sweden, is interviewed and blood tested. Results are either

a) No charge, declared "persona non grata" and 48h later two burly stewards throw him out an SAS jumbo on Sydney international. If he was nice and calm they may even wait for the gangway

b) Charge due to having unprotected sex while suffering from an STD. Basically the same as above with maybe a short stay in a Swedish prison

In both cases he will have a last press conference on Sydney Airport (and the USA will make sure there is A LOT of press) and the world will remember him as what he is: A self-absorbed, paranoid egomaniac.

Then, a few years later they will find a drowned Hobo floating in a dirty pond in the outback and the "Wayoutathere Inquirer" will report that Assange fell in there while drunk and died. And no one will care wether he had help staying in or not.

Microsoft talks up devices, Windows 8.1 at developer shindig


Re: "Customers who have Windows 8 on touch systems are much happier than other Windows 8 customers"

Ah, the "final Fosstard defence - accussing someone of working for MS".


Re: Argh, more microsoft lies.

So? Just a start menu replacement. But if you like "splitting hairs" I rephrase:

"If you do not like Modern Apps - then simply do not use them"


Re: The Win-NT line OTOH

Never used Vista so I can not comment from personal experience. Know two persons who did "late" in the life cycle of Vista and on new hardware. The found the UAC "naggy" but otherwise it worked.

Apple threatens ANOTHER Samsung patent lawsuit


No. A soon to be "no more smartphone" user. As soon as a Baytrail Win8 is out the Note 2 goes into the bay.

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