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Microsoft giving up on phones? Naaahh ... Windows 10 Mobile lumbers toward release


Nadella, I believe realizes it is not cost effective to build the phones using Microsoft employees, that was Ballmers Idea. The iPhone is not built by Apple. Apple out sources some of the design and manufacturing of key components to a company or companies in Germany and the assembly is by Foxconn in China and that is the process Microsoft is apparently going to use with Windows 10 Mobile. To date Microsoft has put a lot of work in the design of Windows 10 Mobile and it's more apparent with built 10166.

Sway: Microsoft's new Office app doesn't have an Undo function


I notice you didn't publish my remarks about how One Note works. MS Office 365, while a subscription is totally resident on my hard drive and all Office file saves default to my hard drive. If I choose I can also save selected files on One Drive.


Re: @James51

One Note Is part of Office and the complete application is on accessed and stored on your hard drive. I use Office 365 and the whole program is resident on my hard drive and if I choose to, I can save my Office files to One Drive, but the default file save is to my hard drive.

The Windows 8 dilemma: Win 8 or wait for 9?


Re: Time for some truly revolutionary GUIs?

July 10, 2013 the Navy completed Aircraft Carrier Qualifications on the X47B autonomous attack aircraft. The parameters of the qualifications were to give the X47B mission instructions. The X47B was launched and than the experimental attack aircraft autonomously carried out the mission and returned to the George HW Bush Aircraft Carrier and landed autonomously, which ushered in a huge advance in robotics controlled exclusively by the on board computer. What this suggests is that computers and robotic devices have advanced to a level much greater then we are aware, making it very likely that we are close to having access to a computer that can carry on a conversation with us and at that point the user interface is going to be completely different.

Is your Surface Pro a bit full? Slot in an SD card, it's not from Apple



Carrying a couple of Micro SD cards around in no problem. It is an easy and practical means of providing extra storage. I must admit I would like a 256 gig SSD. There isn't enough information about the Surface Pro to know if one can upgrade the internal SSD.

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