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Intel rumored to plunk $10bn down for Israeli fab expansion


Re: @Darling Petunia

'Logically you'd put a production plant somewhere with high tech manufacturing skills and lower labour costs, and ideally somewhere close to your major markets. That means Asia'

Um...Israel *has* a good deal of high tech manufacturing skills and lower labour costs. Plus the last time I looked at a map, the Middle East is at the join of Europe, Africa and ... Asia.

PM Cameron calls for modern, programmable computers! (We think)

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*Actual* computer science, rather than fluff

I think what the prime minister means is that students can currently choose to study 'IT' or 'Computer Science'. 'Computer Science' means coding and other useful things, 'IT' means learning what a barcode signifies and how to set a page break in Microsoft Word.

Who should play the next Doctor? Nominations needed!


The Doctor ... of whiff waff

You want The Doctor to be someone who is very intelligent but with a good degree of eccentiricity and a fairly odd look.

I vote Boris Johnson.

Failing that, Eddie Izzard, John McAffee or Milton Jones would all make fine choices.

Huddled immigrant masses face 'British values' quiz


1. You're travelling on the London Underground and a man you've never met before sits down next to you. What do you say to him?

2. You're travelling on a bus and a group of youths board the bus and proceed to play very loud music from their mobile telephones. What do you say to them?

3. You've just entered a large building with a friend and are having a conversation with your friend while you both wait for the lift. What will you talk about when you actually get in the lift?

Answers on the back of a postcard (and if you don't know what one of those is, you've definitely failed)

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