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Oh noes! New 'CRISIS DISASTER' at Fukushima! Oh wait, it's nothing. Again


There will be many, many radiation deaths

There will be many, many radiation deaths from Fukushima, nearly all in Central Europe.

Due to the panicked switch in Germany from nuclear to coal. Burning coal releases uranium and thorium in the ash. Enough of it that the nuclear-fuel energy content of the ash can exceed the energy generated from burning the coal. Oops.

Panasonic: We'll save Earth by turning CO2 into booze


So they put these "near coal plants"? Mildly idiotic. Let it escape and then pretend to capture it?

How about the well-understood processes that goes approximately like:

Hot CO_2 laden effluent + catalyst + water = methanol.

Divert the CO_2 and just make CH_3OH.

Nobody wants methanol 'cause that's the icky stuff that makes you go blind. AFAIK, FlexFuel cars that have materials which can handle oxygenated fuels like ethanol have no issue with M85.

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