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KCL external review blames whole IT team for mega-outage, leaves managers unshamed

Henry 8

"the core College IT systems and data and file storage were backed up on a different location of the same storage unit"

I'm sorry, but whatever organisational problems might also have been at play in the sorry episode, any sysadmin who thinks that copying data to the "same storage unit" can in any way count as a backup is incompetent.

Adobe preps emergency Flash patch for bug hackers are exploiting

Henry 8

Re: Meanwhile, Adobe plans to make Flash harder to maintain

One just has to register for distribution rights, once, for free. Took me about 2 minutes to fill in the form and get an automatic response. Yes, it's mildly annoying that they're taking away the old enterprise download links, but it's not difficult to use the replacement - I've been doing so for months.

Microsoft whips out PowerApps – now your Pointy Haired Boss can write software, too!

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I haven't done a full comparison of the available features, but the "send email when there's a new tweet" thing sounds awfully like what one can already do (totally for free) on ifttt.com ("If this, then that"). That site also has a great many recipes that others have already written if one wants to copy something to get started.

Shingled drives get SpectraLogic archive down to 9 cents/GB

Henry 8

Independent failures?

The statement "probability of data loss to 1 in over 2 million years when properly monitored and maintained" sounds rather fishy to me. What are the chances that they've taken "failure rate for a single disk" and just multiplied that up N times, assuming that all failures are independent? Even if you declare lightning strikes and earthquakes as outside the calculation, disks that are hosted in the same environment, and which were probably all made in the same production run, don't have independent failure rates.

PINs easily pinched with iPhone-attached thermal imaging kit

Henry 8

So the article says that this technique doesn't work on keypads with metal keys. Well fair enough, but I've used a far lower-tech solution to bypass keypads (er, obviously, only to get in to areas where I *should* have had access but didn't have the code to hand...). Just look for the keys that have the slightly greasy residue from people's fingers - far easier, cheaper and lower-tech than thermal imaging cameras!

Phone hacking blitz hammers UK.biz's poor VoIP handsets

Henry 8

Thinly-veiled advert?

I agree that sysadmins should remember to include VoIP in their assessment of network security etc. However, I'm afraid I'm always going to be sceptical of a company-produced "study" which essentially ends in an advert where they tell you that the same company just so happens to sell a product which can help solve $problem_covered_in_report

Dell charges £16 TO INSTALL FIREFOX on PCs – Mozilla is miffed

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Re: RE: service charge

I would be rather surprised if Dell were actually paying someone to sit for 10 minutes in front of a computer and hit "next". For the Windows machines I look after, I tick a box, and Firefox will automatically install on a computer of my choice. And for the case of the Dell website, the customer has already ticked the box for them!

Backdoor root login found in Barracuda gear - and Barracuda is OK with this

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Re: 2 Class C's = "large range"?

"A /24" is a) shorter than "class C", and b) factually correct. Both are virtues, no?

Henry 8

Re: ...firewall off port 22 completely.

Nope, sorry, no mention of port 24 anywhere. The paragraph you're referring to did mention some /24 subnets. means the addresses from to Go and read about subnets and netmasks

Henry 8

Re: 2 Class C's = "large range"?

CIDR has been around for 20 years now. Why do so many people who allegedly know about IT still think that class a/b/c networks exist?


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