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Tech firms face massive tax bill if Dutch vote to end loopholes


Re: Re Capt Blue Bear

So you have worked for companies, which you feel impoverish their employees, and your brother has worked for the government, which treats its employees generously, and you still want companies to be rewarded with more money and government to get less?



Re: Who pays the tax?

Companies try to maximize profit, so they charge what the market will pay. When you say that a company which avoids tax has fewer costs to pass down to its customers, you make it sound as if that company is likely to cut prices to limit profits if their tax rate drops. Companies grab all the profits they can, of course, and nothing is wrong with that, but if a company makes €3 billion in profits and pays €1 billion if it in taxes, I don't think there is much wrong with that either. They're not likely to close up shop because €2 billion isn't as much as €3 billion, are they? I pay income tax, VAT and property tax, but it doesn't stop me from working, buying things and living in a house.

And I don't know what government you live under, but I would say my government has done more for me than any tax-haven based multinational conglomerate. All told.


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