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PLUTO SPACE WHALE starts to give up its secrets


Re: Call me simple

She didn't look all that round when she did her walk of shame -body double or not...

Virgin Media goes titsup AGAIN. The cause? Yet MORE DNS strife


Virgin obviously think Essex is in the North East too.

We need to talk about SPEAKERS: Sorry, 'audiophiles', only IT will break the sound barrier


Re: The ear can't hear square waves.

When I crank the gain on my guitar amp and plugin the Les Paul beast, I assure you, you can damn near hear a square wave ;-) (is there a smiley for humorous indignation?)

caveat: Transistor amp of course, valves are a totally different thing, I much prefer valves distorting rather than transistors clipping.

Virgin Media struck dumb by NATIONWIDE DNS outage


Re: Hmm

All that is worth it when you ring up tech support and the guy on the other end has a heavy geordie accent. That sort of service is priceless.

BBC offers briefest of teasers for the next Doctor Who


Re: Monkey

Oh mate, I had visions of a big egg on a mountain cracking and Monkey, with a stripy scarf and floppy hat, leaping out waving a big stick and shouting "Doctaaaaaah!" cue -funky electric guitar.


Re: You had me at "Clara"

I'm hoping that one day the Doc will regenerate into Monkey and his crew will magically morph into Pigsy, Sandy and Tripy-whats-his-name.

No more "sonic screwdriver" but a f*ck-off magic big stick and lots Dalek butt-kicking action, how's he going to call the TARDIS? - take a wild guess ;-)

Gotta go, my sides are hurting just thinking about it.

Apple inaugurates free OS X beta program for world+dog


Re: Plucking disaster from the jaws of success is back again.

Try using Mail in 10.9. Expected or unexpected use -it's just crap, and thats with professional QA. Letting the public test pre-release s/w will plumb new depths of apple's particularly poor (of late) QA.

Europe approves common charger standard for mobe-makers


Re: Patent

...thus they will become the only supplier of mobile phones in Europe.

Ahhhh, the silence would be bliss.

SCRAP the TELLY TAX? Ancient BBC Time Lords mull Beeb's future


Re: Just a News Operation

You're too generous, all their news output is crap and lefty biased crap at that.

I dumped my tv license because I didn't want to fund the left wing bolx that the bbc churn out and I'm quite looking forward to being doorstepped by the tvla.

Tube be or not tube be: Apple’s CYLINDRICAL Mac Pro is out tomorrow


How much?!!

It better have been rolled on the thighs of a cuban virgin!

Schiller: 'Almost everyone' at Apple works on iPhones - not Macs or anything


Re: And yet...

Yep, teenage nephews and nieces of mine consider Apple to "last season" or "Crapple"

Apple: Of course we stalk your EVERY move. iOS 7 has a new map to prove it


Re: Step one...

"Do you need to be that anonymous?"

That's not the point. The point is that it's none of their (Apple, Google and whoever they sell your data to) business where you've been simply because you've bought their latest fashion accessory.

The bunker at the end of the world - in Essex

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Excellent place to visit, very atmospheric, interesting and down right frightening at times. Most frightening was being told on the tour that the defences were mainly to keep the likes of you and me out not marauding Ruskies, it was expected that society would have returned to a more feudal like existence.

After visiting the bunker we went home and watched "Threads", needed a damned good drink after that lot! ;-)

Recently a couple of locals(Harlow) organised a zombie invasion/survival role playing type game based in the bunker -tickets were sold out before I managed to get any -gutted!

Apple chief Cook: You - senators. Get in here and redo this tax law


Re: How are Apple (or Amazon) acting illigally

Exactly, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the Tax laws will not be changed because too many politicos have vested interests or are doing the same thing, or are relying on "donations" from large corps.

Wait for the excuses- "We couldn't possibly do that because it would... blah-bullshit-blah" -same as in the UK.

Borked your iDevice? Pay EVEN MORE to have it fixed by Applecare


Re: EU warranty

"Re: EU warranty

So if your kid pushes your iMac on the floor and breaks the screen EU law requires Apple to fix it?"

No, and neither will any amount of AppleCare -best look at your home contents insurance.


EU warranty

Just managed to get an out of (1 year) warranty work iMac repaired using Euroland law. iMac is 18 months(ish) old with no AppleCare warranty, the screen was very dark in places and needed replacing.

The dealer we purchased from had since gone bust and our preferred dealer wasn't interested if we didn't have additional AppleCare. I contacted Apple, spoke to a support chap and directed him to this link: http://www.apple.com/uk/legal/statutory-warranty/

He promptly assigned warranty repair status to the iMac serial number and told me I could go to any dealer that I preferred.

I called back our preferred dealer and quoted the serial to them, they checked it out and arranged collection for repair.

AppleCare wouldn't appear to be very good value for money anyway if Euro law provides better statutory rights...

Currant Bun erects £2 paywall: Wraps digi-paper around free footie


Re: "The Daily Telegraph introduced a subscription last month, with the first 20 articles free"

Or just open a "New Private Window" .

Tech firms face massive tax bill if Dutch vote to end loopholes

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Re: We are not doing anything illegal or immoral

Exactly, It is our "moral" duty to pay as little tax as possible because government (UK) is highly proficient at wasting the money collected.

There is only one thing you can rely on the (UK) government to do and that is piss tax payers money against the wall -and feel good about it while they're at it. A little less money available on the country's debit card might force them to re-evaluate their priorities and start spend our money more wisely -If that ever happened though, I think I would probably be constantly expecting to wake up in the shower at any moment ;-)

Mobes, web filth 'pornifying' our kids, warns top Labour MP


Abbott -top Labour MP?

Crikey! That's the first time I've heard Diana Fatbot described as a "top Labour MP"


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