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Oracle throws weight behind draft US law to curtail web sexploitation


This is a bad law that will hurt women

Backpage is a 3rd party provider and as such is not liable for the content users post on the site. That's an important protection that many websites depend on.

Most of the actions against them have been by grandstanding Attorney Generals that are either up for re-election or running for office.

If this law passes and the site is shut down, trafficking won't go away It just move somewhere else, to a site much less inclined to help the police. Let's be clear, trafficking of these girls is horrible, but the best way to fight it is with sunlight.


Kim Dotcom's locker may be full, but the cupboard is bare


Well, I read this article quite carefully, twice, and it made no sense at all. Comparing cloud storage to finite scare resources like food? Turnip growers are happy because stores have lots of turnips that no one is buying? Getting people to pay is no problem?

Most of all there seems to be a correlation being made between price and value - they are not the same.

I won't trash this article on logic, mainly because I can't tell what point the author is trying to make.



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