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Autonomy trial: Key HPE witness might not testify, UK High Court told

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I'm confused again.

From early in the article ...

1) HPE want to call Egan as a witness.

2) Lynch opposes this.

3) Yet Lynch's own lawyers "wanted to put it to Egan in person that his witness statement "is, in large part, false".

So why oppose him as a live witness, the best opportunity to achieve 3) is to have him appear as a witness, on oath, in the dock.

( aside from the issue of Egan not wanting to attend nor ability to make him do so).

OK, Google? Probably not! EU settles on wording for copyright reform legislation

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Super Cale were fantastic, Celtic were atrocious

Does this mean the end of such punny headlines, and it's many variants, unless multiple licences are obtained?

IIRC Michael Palin, of Month Python fame, stated that on their 1976 tour, in an unscripted and inspirational moment the raced to the front of the stage and sang "the hills are alive with the sound of music". Thus landing the Pythons with a substantial bill for licensing and performing copyrighted work.

The Nazz Silver badge

"cultural preservation uses" versus "a new mechanism on licensing on out-of-commerce works."

Take an obscure 60's song, or maybe a 70/80's mainstream hit/album that is out of print ( and there are many) which you won't find on such as Spotify.

How does that fit with the above?

You-tube certainly preserves the cultural value by making it visible to an audience more so than some "music industry body" that probably legally owns the copyright(s) and yet is doing absolutely nothing to use it for commercial purposes. Use it or lose it.

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Gaming v Music

In an article today, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47239600 a comment is made about gamers uploading videos of themselves playing games, almost certainly including copyright content, software, music, images etc.

Technically, these will also require licensing, even though most gaming companies don't issue takedown notices : to quote "Studios tend not to enforce their rights against YouTube gamers in order to avoid the PR implications of being heavy-handed with fans, and because the videos can have significant promotional value," said Ms Berry.

Significant promotional value!

And Music doesn't?

Earth's noggin took quite a clockin' back in the day: Now a second meteorite crater spotted under Greenland ice

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More mundane but obvious.

When the Earth was much younger, hmmm .... acne scars.

Maybe multiple impacts from a "skipping" impact, rather like a stone on a pond?

Holy planetesimal formation, Batman! Ultima Thule's no snowman – it's a friggin' pancake

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Re: Maybe Freud could explain

At least it's his Uranus.

Cops looking for mum marauding uni campus asking students if they fancy dating her son

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Diversity at the University.

I trust that this mother had the full range of diversity and options in mind when embarking on this strategy.

To paraphrase John Lennon, if i may ...

"All we are saying, is give dwarfs** a chance"

Yes, i know, spelling. Add your own option here.

Never mind that naked selfie scandal... Brazil lights the, er, kindling, dot-Amazon saga roars back into life

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Incongrous footnote, p.s.

Didn't expect to see that there at the end. Interesting article though.

Tipping : One more reason to dislike the US.

Why would anyone tip a delivery driver/contractor for doing their basic job, as little as leaving a parcel on your porch?

Plus, an ever growing list of people/trades/tasks that one is expected to tip. Debates about the rate of tip that escalate the minimum eg Should one tip 15, 20 or 25% at restaurants?".

From Red Planet to deep into the red: Suicidal extrovert magnet Mars One finally implodes

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Re: "reality TV "stars" dying from crash landing, habitat failure, or slow suffocation. "

Better still.

"Jeremy Kyle on Location". With an extra large guest list on this weeks show.

OK, Google. Music in 2019 isn't what it was, but Play nice, will ya?

The Nazz Silver badge

Thankfully, the bug won't play our (UK) Eurovision entry.

Early prediction, not many points, if at all. It's dire. Utterly. Had enough after the first ten seconds but persevered, fool that i am.

Sure, you can keep Grandpa Windows 7 snug in the old code home – for a price

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Re: Redmond

re the ruins of Pompey

My word, what's happened to Portsmouth? Other than decades long decline.

More importantly though, i knew/correctly guessed at what the poster actually meant.

Crypto exchange in court: It owes $190m to netizens after founder 'dies without telling anyone vault passwords'

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Re: Lesson for us all...

re $190 million gone.

Excuse my ignorance, of bitcoin, but as i understand it that a finite number of Bitcoin can be issued.

If the $190m of bytes has truly gone for good, in the short term does that not make each of the remaining quantity of Bitcoin more valuable?

Within reason, once it is down to the last few Bitcoins then they'll almost, if not actually be worthless?

BT's outgoing CEO: He's officially gone, but he'll score £1m in pay, pension until Oct

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Nissan UK

Some 30 years ago (thereabouts, doesnt time fly?) there was a true case where an ordinary geezer somehow blagged himself a very, very top job with Nissan UK without any necessary credentials or experience. AFAIK he didn't provide any fraudulent documents, he just winged it.

It was 10 months before he was rumbled as not being fit for purpose. IIRC by his own admission, he hadn't done much at all in that time and was surprised it took that long. Must've earned, well been paid, a good wedge in that time.

BT CEO for a million quid? Absolutely, bring it on immediately. I'd only need to work 3 months then i'd be out of there.

Oh dear! Amazon's facial recognition is racist and sexist – and there's a JLaw deep fake that will make you want to tear out your eyes

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30degree skewed

Is it just me, or is it a recent trend that all the photos of women i've seen lately** now show the women facing the camera at an angle, not quite side on? Make no wonder they're difficult to recognise.

**Frequent on Twitter, but also shown this way in many recent BBC "news" articles?

Another Apple engineer cuffed over alleged self-driving car data theft: FBI swoop on bod as he boards plane to China

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Re: $100,000 in cash.

"There" being Apple and not the USA.

*He has been released on $500,000 bail after lodging $100,000 in cash and putting some property up as collateral. ®*

What else is cash if it isn't actual cash?

I know i imagine a lot of things but sometimes i get it right. Or near enough. :-)

The Nazz Silver badge

$100,000 in cash.

If the guy has not been there very long, it is implied he was brought in as "cheap" labour, i'd be curious as to where and how he's accumulated so much cash.

And besides, any "secret data" he's allegedly nicked has presumably long since found it's way back to China, if that is the case. Hardly likely to have saved it all up to take with him as hand luggage.

When depositing bail, wonder if he was a Shel fan?



Ca-caw-caw: Pigeon poops on tot's face as tempers fray at siege of Lincoln flats

The Nazz Silver badge

And in homage to our left-ponders the inimitable genius Shel :

High Flying Eagle : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKmQA1OZ84o

Jammy dodgers: Boffin warns of auto autos congesting cities to avoid parking fees

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Re: The 2000 AD solution

IIRC didn't Sydney have a similar problem in that many people would live in such mobile homes, spend all day down at Bondi and then have the bloody cheek to go park up in all the exclusive suburbs of the city for free overnight parking? Can't blame them for doing so. Obviously the multi millionaire residents complained like shit.

And the response by the people's representatives? Typically, ban the practice.

The Nazz Silver badge


How difficult can it be to program an automated car to seek out and then continuously circle a roundabout (until it is summonsed to perform the return home journey)? Gridlock will ensue in seconds.

Brexit-ready BT sits back, watches profit rise in CEO's swansong quarter

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Re: Like Apple have just realised

Indeed. Amazing that such antics have been fully supported by OFCOM and the Government for years.Have long thought that the Government policy is subtle taxation by stealth, allowing such antics and massive profits by BT. Not unlike the energy "price caps" that will see my unit prices actually rise for the second time in less than seven months. Ridiculous.

The Severn Bridge toll has finally been ended as it has been paid for several times over.

Hell, i must've paid BT their costs in installing a landline ( the builders did years ago, BT flicked a switch) many hundreds of times over.

Europe taps Facebook, Google, Twitter on the shoulder. So about those promises to stamp out lies, bots, dodgy ads?

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Or maybe, most of the UK population are too cowed by Political Correctness and the fear of the downsides eg prosecution for hate speech, to actually express an honest opinion that the majority fault lies in poor, and dare i say, neglectful parenting. These days there's a huge gap between what people will think and what they dare say.

I've also said it before :

At the gym i'd said that although the official age for FB is 13 i'd heard that younger kids used it. "Oh yes" says this woman boastfully, "my 7 year old has her own account."

The Nazz Silver badge

Re: Disinformation : Update

And some politicians lie much more than others. Not to mention striking at the very essence of an honest and civilised society.


Not quite sure myself why the perpetrator of multiple offences gets a lesser term than the one who covered up for her.

(ps well used shoe horn for hire)

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hmmm dick enlargement

The wife( now ex) showed me a few of those dick enlargement adverts, and rather suggestively said i should look into them. Strewth, i thought, i'm not paying $199.99 , plus package (fnarr, fnarr).

So, in an effort to please her, i tied a large bottle of sauce to my dick, trusting that gravity would oblige.

Two weeks later she asked how was it going. "Well, tbh, it's not any bigger yet but at least it's turned black."

TL:dr : In the end she made her own arrangements.

iPhone price cuts are coming, teases Apple CEO. *Bring-bring* Hello, Apple UK? It's El Reg. You free to chat?

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Re: so

Cook : "Now then team, i need some ideas to add value to this new iPhone line we're developing"

Team : "Jack off."

Cook : "Good idea, may as well get some pleasure from this whole shebang."


Japanese astronomers find tiniest Kuiper Belt object yet – using cheap 'scopes and off-the-shelf CMOS cameras

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On a seperate note, i thought i had discovered laods of 'em this evening.

It's cold and clear out (hardly fresh news, i know). Cycling along the cycleway i looked up to marvel at the starlit heavens. Followed almost immediately by a massive reduction in luminosity.

More accurately, a total loss of visibility as my breath froze within my specs.

I studied hard, I trained for years. Yay, now I'm an astronaut in space. Argggh, leukemia!

The Nazz Silver badge

Take a lesson from Athletics?

You know in good time who the chosen 'nauts are.

Six months to launch, take some NK cells out of their body, grow them on in the lab, whilst the body naturally replenishes them.

A day or two before lift off inject the NK cells back into the body. Packing them in.

Double the benefit, they're healthier for the journey AND they get to the finish line, Mars, that much quicker.

Oh, and pack plenty of ginseng tea for the journey.

Gripe to UK, Ireland, Poland: Ad tech industry inhales, then 'leaks' sensitive info on our health, politics, religion

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Re: A Google Spokesman

Is it worse than that?

Presumably, ALL the potential bidders for ad slots get to see all the information whether or not they are the successful bidders. Winning strategy, bid cheap and get loads of lovely data anyway.

FTC gets back to work: Now, where were we? Break up Facebook and fine it $2bn, you say?

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Re: He Speaks!


Nauseating. Typical (failed) politician speak.

We did Nazi see this coming... Internet will welcome Earth's newest nation with, sigh, a brand new .SS TLD

The Nazz Silver badge

Final word.


Sums up much of the internet/ www content.

The Nazz Silver badge

Re: Rehabilitate, don't exclude

Yep, that's what's required.

I'm with Samuel Jackson on this one, if you keep repeating and perpetuating the narrow issue, the perceived problem is never going to go away.

Should the super-rich pay 70% tax rate above $10m? Here's Michael Dell's hot take for Davos

The Nazz Silver badge

Hypothetical exercise.

1) Share the total wealth of all of the USA equally between every single citizen/resident/illegal there is, say 350-400million of 'em. Whatever it is.

2) Reform all economic structures, eg equal pay for men, women, minorities etc so that everyone has equal income. Equal health facilities, treatments. etc. So that everyone is truly equal.

How long do you think it would take until we see a vast spread re-emerge, billionaires at the top end and the poor with ringworm at the low end? And at every point inbetween?

I'd happily wager less than 7 days.

Q. China just landed on its far side, the US woz there 50 years ago – now Europe wants to mine it? A. It's the Moon

The Nazz Silver badge

Deal with two problems with one solution (no puns intended).

These rockets are big and powerful right?

The Earth is soon to be experiencing catastrophic rises in sea level right?

So, the next time a rocket goes to the moon attach a long, very long hosepipe to it to be towed to the moon.

OK, ok, so there are some practical difficulties, reinforced pipe needed , a big bung at the space end sort of thing. Metering, gotta be a water company metering the outflow and charging the earth for it. Dip our end in fresh water eg the Great Lakes.

ps with nuclear material why bury it on the moon, why just just fire it towards the sun or out into deeper space? It's not like it will be lonely out there, something will eventually want it.

Hardworking Americans keep busy during the government shutdown driving up smut traffic

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Only $5.4bn for the wall?

Around that figure is being requested. Maybe a waste maybe not.

Anyone, certainly on the US side of the pond, got an approximate figure for the total dollars spent on the Presidential campaigns run by Trump and the loser Clinton ( not to mention the also rans Sanders and many others).

I'd wager that the latter figure dwarfs the funding sought for the wall.

The Nazz Silver badge

Not surprised they're Hard up.

You know, like when you haven't been paid for a month and running low on readies. Might just be a UK expression, even just a northern one.

I'm also reminded of a past conversation with the Mrs.

"What are you doing watching porn?"

"I'm not."

"Yes, you are, it looks like porn to me. So WHAT are you doing?"

"I'm learning German the hard way."

Fake broadband ISP support scammers accidentally cough up IP address to Deadpool in card phish gone wrong

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Useful telephone number.

I find it useful to have to hand a local C.I.D. phone number. Just ask them to ring me back on my private line and give them the number. Let the fraudsters report the matter directly to the fuzz themselves. Maybe if enough people did that then some action would be taken.

En garde! 'Cyber-war has begun' – and France will hack first, its defence sec declares

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Cynical, who moi?

What's French for "fucking good luck with that then"? Foolish woman.

Let's also hope that they are well prepared for any others forms of hacking their citizens could be exposed to.

NHS England digital boss in hot water over 'puff piece' written about her future employer

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Re: There is no such verb as "to pen"

My sheepdog disagrees with you. And further, it's due to be let out to leave some of your namesake in the borders.

DNAaaahahaha: Twins' 23andMe, Ancestry, etc genetic tests vary wildly, surprising no one

The Nazz Silver badge

re Twins

My mate : "I hear you've been shagging a pair of twins."

Me : bashfully "Yeah"

Mate : "How do you tell 'em apart?"

Me : "Well, Sam has a great pair of tits, and Chris has a 7"cock."

Right, i shall go read the article now.

Lawyers' secure email network goes down, firm says it'll take 2 weeks to restore

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Re: Down for 2 weeks - WTF?

Don't forget that the Lawyers are paid by the hour.

Twitter. Android. Private tweets. Pick two... Account bug unlocked padlocked accounts

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Protected tweets.

IME some kids ( huh, like 24 yo's) protect their tweets from their parents (hi, sprog), whilst others leave them open, so that they CAN communicate with their parents. Perversely entertaining.

McKinsey’s blockchain warning irks crypto hipsters

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Mandatory use.


Would it prevent the following (actual) case :

Lawyer : "M'lord, here is a letter i sent to the defendant on dd.mm.xxxx"

M'lord : "Yes, i hear you, but could you please explain why then it differs from the genuine letter that you actually sent to the defendant, as submitted in your bundle one month ago?"

As with the music industry (wider entertainment industry too?), the basic processes should be tidied up long before any fancy tech should be applied to it.

Iran satellite fails: ICBM test drive or microsat test? Opinion is divided...

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Re: Pfaghhh!

Although included in your "and it's military allies" can we just mention Blair by name. Ta.

Lest people forget.

World's first robot hotel massacres half of its robot staff

The Nazz Silver badge

Re: The room doll was removed

Never doubt the authoritative voice of experience.

Rimini and Oracle's legal eagles return to the ring in front of Supreme Court

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A question.

IANAL, obviously, so bear with me.

On the matter of copyright, Oracle won and Rimini lost. So Oracle win some monetary award to cover "costs and expenses" of going to trial. Of which it is as clear as thick dark treacle as to what properly constitutes "costs and expenses." Hence Rimini's appeal.

Treating the Appeal on Costs as a seperate trial, which the article alludes to, if Rimini were to win this one, which i would hope they do, does that mean that :

a) Rimini get a significant reduction in the amount of costs and expenses first awarded


b) Now get awarded "costs and expenses" of their own for having "won" the current trial.

Hopefully b) being larger than the rump of a).

What a cheep shot: Bird sorry after legal eagles fire DMCA takedown at scooter unlock blog

The Nazz Silver badge


Bird shit.

FYI: Twitter's API still spews enough metadata to reveal exactly where you lived, worked

The Nazz Silver badge

Other tools have been doing this for some time now.

Just look amongst the 17-18 year olds :

"oooh look, here's a selfie of me with my certificate having just passed my UK driving test".

Complete with name, address and driver licence number from which it's easily possible to determine their birthday.

Hands off that Facebook block button, public officials told by judges in First Amendment row

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Re: One step closer

The US better get a move on then, else they'll be beaten to the post by both the UK and by France going by today's "news".

Nobody in China wants Apple's eye-wateringly priced iPhones, sighs CEO Tim Cook

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Re: There's disposable income then there's

re Stevie buck

Bear in mind that buying the wife a new iPhone every year is still far, far cheaper than the divorce she would otherwise go for.

Of course in this day and age, no self respecting wife would ever dream of having her hubbie buy her the phone in the first place.

Germany hacked: Angela Merkel's colleagues among mass data dump victims

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Re: AfD data missing

re Bob

Maybe, Bob has gone for an actual DUMP and as he's so full of it it's taking some time.

Who knows. Who cares.

Until now, if Canadian Uber drivers wanted to battle the tech giant, they had to do it in the Netherlands – for real

The Nazz Silver badge

Judgement of Justice Feldman.

Accurate and precise. And it doesn't even (or need to) mention the fact that arbitration must be taken , not only in a different sovereign country, but on a different continent. (Whether she did later in her Judgment i know not).

Just what sort of a **** of a human being must someone (several) be to recruit local hardworking, underpaid "staff" to deliver your product ie a taxi ride ( not ride sharing) and yet lumber those same people with such onerous arbitration clauses?

the phrase, "it won't end well" springs to mind.


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