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Unpatched stealthy iOS MDM hack spells ruin for Apple tech enterprises


Bricked - hence secure. Job done, great job guys.

Hospital servers in crosshairs of new ransomware strain


Re: Remember the three Bs...

and not only network held backups.. tape has it's uses!

Okay IT pros, change happens. But here's your Reg guide to staying in control


That's all great but..

when I worked in IT in the NHS we'd have to carry out major changes during core working hours, when it was damn near certain that something would go wrong, despite us consistently asking to do the work either in overtime at the weekend or at the weekend and claiming the time back (no cost to the NHS..) it was always refused, it always had to be done during "lunch" which seemed to be any time between midday and 3PM.

Invariable things didn't work or had to be rushed. So whilst I agree with everything that's being written, if you can do the work at a quiet period, then do so.

Your money or your life! Another hospital goes down to ransomware


Re: And the moral is.......?

Whilst I agree with the idea of not using Windows, what alternatives do we have that are both friendly for the end user and common knowledge to IT analysts/engineers/tech (whatever they're called this week) ?


Oh yeah I get it - Linux is great, hell I use it at home but 95% of my IT staff have never, ever used it outside of booting off a live linux CD to remover files from a borked HDD.

Blaming Windows is pointless, the bigger issue is management not pushing staff towards alternate operating systems, without staff to support it, we can't make the change even if we got all our users on side.

Hackers giving up on crypto ransomware. Now they just lock up device, hope you pay


To be fair it doesn't mention anything about restore points, nothing to say it won't simply remove them.

I suggest we all hit the porn sites to do some research.

Building a fanless PC is now realistic. But it still ain't cheap


Re: How about

I did this in my flat, my girlfriend was complaining about the noise of the PC in the living room when she's watching her soaps and I'm gaming. So I drilled a 1inch wide hole through the wall into the cupboard, installed some vents on the door and left the PC in there. I even had a remote power switch connected.

Worked REALLY well until I went to upgrade my GPU and after hauling all of the brushes, vacuum cleaners and random bits and bobs out of the cupboard I realised that it was now under a thick layer of dust and squeeling like a pig from the heat.

PC World's cloudy backup failed when exposed to ransomware


Re: "years of work and important documents"

I'm not disagreeing with you here but she's go to take on the lion's share of responsibility here. As usual they've never tested the backup and probably never even checked it once it was installed and "working". It's the usual lazy way of backing up data and most of us (myself included) only improve in this area once we've make a royal cock up of it in the past or seen someone close to us lose months of work.

You don't need to be an IT pro to check backups, no more so than you need to be a household security expect to set an alarm, but as with house alarms it's only one thing that may/may not work and it's best to remember that locking the door and checking you've got your valuables out of site is best. similarly with backup checking it's actually working and having a "oh shit I lost everything" plan is best.


Re: Something doesn't add up here...

I'm trying to figure out why renamed encrypted files would overwrite the originals on the backup, from my experience with ransomware it rarely leaves the originals and you'll have tons of .abc .locky etc files instead.

Additionally as you've said the staff themselves seem to be making this up as they go along - back up of all unchanged files would make no sense.

Personally I use Crashplan and manage how retention, versioning etc is done through the utility, that's partly because I'm utterly paranoid about losing stuff and it's the only cloud based backup I currently trust, even then I still have a local backup of *everything* anyway. Crashplan has saved me a couple of times though.. local drives do get stolen during burglaries :-/

Google gives away its internal $200 patch analysis tool for free


I know it's early but at least try to read the next line..

"The move to give it away is the "next logical step" Blichmann says."

Yes el'reg has taken a few sentences to explain "it's free now" to inflate the length of the story somewhat but we all do that now and again, that's no excuse to stop reading, sip your morning coffee and pick your nose rather than continuing for just a handful of words when el'reg finally get around to stating what is a perfectly acceptable and short statement from a guy. It just seems rather pointless to repeat the same thing "It's free" when they've said that in the title and in the first few lines of the story, at least that's my opinion. Not that it matters much.

TL;DR Yes it's free.

She's coming... the Chief Data Officer


Re: Back in the day...

Still rare to see them in public sectors, head of IT.. usually but at director level? Usually lumped in with something else and increasing the IT department is leading on all projects which is probably why projects go titsup so often as they have no executive level representation.

Smartphones help medicos, but security is a problem


Re: Sending medical images via MMS

As someone who works in this field I'd see no issues with photographs being taken, the key here is whether the images include anything that would identify the patient, arguably most don't as clinicians are only interested in the injury and unless that's on the face it's likely the patient would never be identified purely by a cut, wound, mole etc.

A larger issue is video, however I've still to see a clinician use a clip over a decent quality photograph.

Lastly healthcare is not a cost insensitive business, we're simply given so any hoops to jump through during procurement that invariable even before a project kids off we're pay double whilst getting "double the discount" from suppliers, throw in project management which is insanely stretched (or own PMs are expected to handle several multi-million pound projects whilst earning £25k/year) and you're always going to hit problems.

'Millions' of Android mobes vulnerable to new Stagefright exploit


Re: Pretty easy to get people to visit a 'hacker' website

Out of lazy interest as I use it on my desktop would I also be able to block elements larger than a specific size on the android version?

It dramatically speeds up some sites for me.

Snowden WAS the Feds' quarry in Lavabit case, redaction blunder reveals


Land of the free, land of business and opportunity, unless the FBI want to **** you over, then that business you spent years building up is gone in days.

I feel sorry for the guy, he was literally doing nothing wrong and has arguably lost more than many major criminals do.

Microsoft Surface Book: Shiny slab with a Rottweiler grip on itself


This is why I hate reading MS comments sections on the red

Fanboys of any type descend upon it, MS, linux, rarely any discussion worth reading.

Two Corsair SSDs destroyed thanks to faulty PSU from Maplin


Re: *sigh*

My local Maplin has stopped stocking even little momentary switches, I'd struggle to even find solder in there now. It's all drones, remote control cars, speakers and modular PC components alongside random garbage for mobile phones and LED lights.

Let's not even mention the price of their cables..

I realise the internet has had a huge impact on their business but I doubt that they'll ever compete when they're targeting customers with such a wide arrange or random shite.


Maplin ? Ouch

Maplin is to Tandy what Toys R us is to Argos.

RIP Tandy.

On a more serious note, I spent more time specing a PSU last time I build a PC than I did motherboard or GPU.. get that one wrong and the rest of the components suffer.

A typo stopped hackers siphoning nearly $1bn out of Bangladesh


Spelling mistake didn't prevent it.

Vigilant staff did, ordinarily this would probably have got passed these checks.

Google-backed British startup ‘stole our code’, says US marketing firm


Hard to tell who's at it to be honest but I can't help think that this is similar to musicians claiming stolen IP over a song someone heard years earlier that's similar, at least to some peoples ears.

If they do win though I'd expect it to be a field day for litigation as other firms hop on the juicy band wagon.

Microsoft has made SQL Server for Linux. Repeat, Microsoft has made SQL Server 2016 for Linux


Re: Microsoft is afraid

Afraid? No, just diversifying. They have produced products for directly competing operating systems in the past such as Mac OS etc.

McAfee gaffe a quick AV kill for enterprising staff


malware that installs following malware? Sweet.

'You've been hacked, pay up' ... Ransomware forces your PC to read out a hostage note


Re: One way to scupper ransomware

Most of them can only activate if you've got macros enabled in office, don't do that and you won't even get the payload, at least on the current worse set of ransomware guff.


Re: "Eastern Europeans go free"

"I'm russian to get that czech in the post..."

^^ Surely?

Microsoft: Ditch your phone biz and do crazy hardware experiments


Give MS all the stick you want..

I still think their joysticks back in the day were awesome, sidewinder force feedback anyone?

First working Apple Mac ransomware infects Transmission BitTorrent app downloads


Nice attitude,

Relying on backups and not addressing the core problem though - that ransomware does happen and preventing it from doing so is equally idiotic. Must be lonely up on your high horse, cuddling those back ups.

Microsoft wants to lock everyone into its store via universal Windows apps, says game kingpin


Re: How to run a monopoly 101

They could arguably have gotten away with it as late as the Windows 7 release, but now those pesky kids are wise to their tricks. I remember getting my first iPad, bought apps etc, then I got a Nexus 7.. oh different app store, then my wife got a Kindle as a present.. damn it.

Now we've got the Windows 10 app store, hey I get free Minecraft Beta - great, but will I go near it for ANYTHING ELSE? Will I hell.

Apple: FBI request threatens kids, electricity grid, liberty


Re: You don't say !

To be fair to Microsoft they did try, just really badly over the years to improve security. It was never an after though, just done with an incredible degree of variance from one patch and development to the next.

Apple, despite me not being a fan did approach it and continue to do so in a much more mature way. Right off to wash my hands, can't believe I'm typing praise to them.

Windows 10 claimed another point of desktop share in February


Re: 1% rise is a jump?

More interesting tbh is the fact Windows 7 share has dropped, I use 10 at home (along with Linux) and it's fine - but at work we're still very much on Win7 and have no intention of moving for several years.

Not so much an anti-Windows 10 thing as concerns around legacy apps etc.


Re: Windows Server?

Probably as 2003 is EOL already isn't it? Doesn't really make sense when not including Server 2008 etc though.

Flinging £700m at courts' IT won't increase efficiency, says NAO


Re: Anything can be fixed with a new IT System!

Working in the NHS I can say this - most people here don't think the answer is always a phone call to IT away..

However many managers do, right now we're implementing an electronic patient record, yet we're not properly looking at existing ways of working and how those should/must CHANGE to go electronic, we're also not training staff to handle the electronic record who currently handle the paper ones. The result? will be expensive to fix and mistakes will be made which could have been avoided.

People seem to forget that an IT system is only as good as the processes and work you put in before, during and post development, not just on the system but those that impact on how it's used daily.

Great news! Only 707,509,815 records breached in 2015


I'd love to see the data for information which wasn't put online - but which was held on servers which had online connectivity or some other oversight within network configs. Absolutely, as with social media if you really don't want to share and can avoid doing so - don't stick it online.



only 1 in 10 people then, time to get out the old D&D 10 sided die and give it a roll for 2016.. fingers crossed.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 preview for Raspberry Pi 3


Re: teaching computing to kiddies.

I've a feeling it'll teach them about the microsoft licensing model before it teaches anything worth learning.

Wonder how the license is applied to the Pi..

Child tracker outfit uKnowKids admits breach, kicks off row with security researcher


Re: no financial information or unencrypted password credentials were vulnerable.

From their perspective it's worse, they put their IP on the line along with their core business.


Half hearted thanks and a bit of spin

Seems to me they're more interested in painting the hacker here, who has DONE THEM A FAVOUR as the culprit.

Typical knee-jerk defensive posture by the company, we see this all too often these days when they forget they should be busy apologising for the error, making good any fixes and shacking the hackers hand for having saved them from a world of ICO butt hurt.

IT boss gets 30 months of porridge for trashing ex-employer's servers


Re: Dumb git cubed

I don't know anyone who would remote in after leaving to do it. Do it whilst you are there, set it to go off well after you've left etc.

Employers are typically very bad at handling staff leaving, personally now I work in IT security I'd like admin rights stripped from any staff the moment they hand their resignation in.

HMRC clamps down on gov bodies wanting to reclaim VAT on IT kit


Sizeable amount

In the NHS where I work it's less than 1% of total spend, yet we're absolutely reliant on it.

FBI v Apple spat latest: Bill Gates is really upset that you all thought he was on the Feds' side


I like Bill Gates

He's done a tremendous amount of good with he wealth and he's not afraid to speak out on important issues, but I'm still not entirely sure why he had to on this one.

Come on Bill, with all that money you could be off having a nice relaxing time playing Wii Sports, why bother?

Bill Gates denies iPhone crack demand would set precedent


Re: And of course. . .

Competitor? Really? No not really. Linux is more of a competitor in general than Apple has been for a long time.

Intel shows budget Android phone powering big-screen Linux


Re: Nope...

Yeah but the 'nux fanboys would love it, well until Linux was mainstream then they'd all look for something else to drool over.

Much like the kids at school loving a band until it's popular.

Sir Clive Sinclair in tech tin-rattle triumph


I got something similar from a high street shop recently with about 20 Megadrive games on it, my 5 year old loves it and it's pretty much fool proof as she turns it on and there are the games, no internet connectivity, no worry about her dropping it (this thing is bomb proof) and it's got nice simple controls.

Yeah I could be skeptical about Sir Clive doing this but honestly I think he's onto something, I'd be far happier with my kid playing old speccy games than half the trash on the kindle store.

Oz town suffers hairy panic attack


Re: IT

Site needs to be renamed to "The Redditor".

Brits unveil 'revolutionary' hydrogen-powered car


Re: I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but...

There's something about that dashboard that reminds me of my classic mini.

Just saying.. externally though it's hideous.

Windows 10 is FORCING ITSELF onto domain happy Windows 7 PCs


Re: blaming slack admins for this one

Then again it could be argued that if they don't have the money for a reasonable (free) infrastructure) then they're getting a more secure OS free.

I'm struggling to see why so many are up in arms about an upgrade that you have to opt in to get to begin with which is free, more secure, doesn't require retraining (despite what the linux/mac fanboys say).

It's just the usual el'reg MS flame, nothing new just a slightly different topic, last time it was Windows 8.. now it's windows 10.

Locky ransomware is spreading like the clap


Re: Enabled Macros?

Our are disabled my default, we still get hit as staff enable them when prompted without thinking.


If I'm told one more time that I don't do enough staff awareness I'll scream, there's only so much you can do for some people, after that you really need to start going down the disciplinary route.

PC sales aren't doing so great – but good God, you're buying mountains of Nvidia graphics cards


Homebrew PCs are simply becoming more common

If you can build with lego, build in minecraft then you can build a PC these days, no longer do you have to pay attention to the colour of cabled pins when connecting it's an absolute doddle.

Bottom line is people can either buy from one of the large PC retailers or spend less and get a better PC they themselves can service and upgrade for years. People are increasingly doing the latter either on their own or with friends.

Now let's hope AMD can up their game, we need TWO strong GPU manufacturers as a minimum.

Good news ... and bad news for Skype-using Apple fans and small biz


Re: Muppets

Yeah it's a bit daft but they should look at all the good things Apple have done for non-mac users like iTunes.. Appleworks..

God I can't keep a straight face.

Bottom line is this is el'reg, MS get it in the rear regardless of what they do by the baying crowd.

Official UN panel findings on embassy-squatter released. Assange: I'm 'vindicated'



I'm trapped in a brown paper bag and I can't get out!

UN - He's being detailed by everyone outside the brown paper bag, give him compo.

Universal Credit slammed by MPs: Late programme branded 'unacceptable'


Re: "Completely unacceptable"

Yes but that's not what they SAID therefor they accept no responsibility for it.

BT blames 'faulty router' for mega outage. Did they try turning it off and on again?


Yeah.. don't believe it.

Such a bad excuse, might pacify home users but come on folks we all know this is more likely someone making a cock up of a change somewhere or during routine maintenance/testing (assuming it happens).

BT broadband is down: Former state monopoly goes TITSUP UK-wide


The internet is down!

Quick - To the internet!


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