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Legal eagles accuse Labour of data law breach over party purge


Utter nonsense

It's no longer personal and private information the instant you make the choice to post it on the internet, end of story.

The more pertinent question is whether Labour it STORING the information, but simply trawling websites looking for it is not illegal.

LA explosion knocks LogMeIn's British customers offline


Re: A remote access company without automatic fail-over...

I'll go further, if you have staff on-site 24/7 automatic fail-over isn't required and the staff on the ground should make the decision. It can often be faster to recover to normal service, with less disruption if you don't.

Sysadmin ignores 25 THOUSAND patches, among other sins


Some of us leave the place tidy

The last couple of times I've left documents for whoever replaces me, last job the document was about 30 pages long, detailed all the annoying recurrent problems with systems management wouldn't replace, service account information etc all stored in my boss's safe for the next sucker. The time before that I Worked in a school and the hand over document was knocking on for 100 pages, I tried to keep it as short as possible with but with so many different versions of software (I covered 9 schools) it was impossible.

Both times I've had e-mails from my replacement thanking me for doing it, one said it was a bit of a reality check but that having all the common fixes sitting there saved a ton of time especially as at neither job did I have any sort of knowledge base product, it was all done on spreadsheets by myself and my techs, both of whole were utterly useless.

Microsoft will explain only 'significant' Windows 10 updates


Re: Mint is the way?

My daughter (5 years old) uses Linux Mint on an old laptop to play Minecraft, she's never actually used MS Windows despite it being on the two other PCs in the house. She prefers her laptop. I prefer Windows although do use Linux a fair bit, just shows you how you stick to what you know best.

A habit I need to crack!

Enjoy vaping while you still can, warns Public Health England


Non-smoker, just my opinion

I don't smoke, never have and I don't quite understand the addiction side because of that. However I've witnessed several friends come off cigarettes because of vaping so I'm for it. All of them have slowly been reducing their nicotine intake and one no longer has any at all but just enjoys vaping.

Until someone proves there's HARM in it for those doing it or those around, I don't think it should be banned. I would like to see greater regulation of the substances in it to ensure that longer term those are safe (as with everything we consume) but banning it? Seems utterly moronic.

Dixons Carphone still has 7.5k Windows XP EPOS systems


Re: Just as Dixons salesmen always said...

Don't worry, the saviors in purple shirts will fix it for a fee.

Downing Street secretly deletes emails to avoid exposure to FOIeurs


"because it meant that colleagues had different recollections of what had been agreed at meetings"

- Erm hold on, why not just minute the meetings then? Problem solved.. oh wait those can be requested under FOI..

BlackBerry ponders putting Android on future mobes


From one blunder to the next

Surely they're just shoe-horning themselves into an ever increasingly small market share? Device management could work out but holy shit it's a gamble.

Paper driving licence death day: DVLA website is still TITSUP


Re: Gross stupidity and idiocy

It'll be interesting to see if these 3 day expiring codes are re-used later.

Scummy transients FOUND ON MARS by NASA rover


Amazing stuff

When you consider what we're reading about - this is us observing another planet, where no human has been remotely, using technology mostly developed in the past 60 years it's absolutely incredible.

Hackers' delight? New Apple wrist-puter gives securobods the FEAR


Re: Productivity

Or you've spent 15 minutes in the bath room and according to the accelerometer of your watch your wrist is moving at quite a pace, are you have a fit or..

$17,000 Apple Watch: Pointless bling, right? HA! You're WRONG


Re: What about the cheap buggers

Yet now there's clearly a lot of money to be made in selling kits to make them look like more expensive models.

UK Supreme Court waves through indiscriminate police surveillance


Re: UK Govt are idiots

Just think of it as another handy backup of all your personal data. If that USB drive fails you can just ring the police and ask what password you were using on the BHS website

Game of Moans: Sky coughs to BORKED set top box BALLS-UP


Re: So, for the last 4 or 5 months

Contracts ? No it only ever works in one direction, when you owe them.

Why 1.6 million people will miss Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 date with fate


They close the windows so external attackers cannot attack.

Undead nights: Zombie FPS Dying Light shines bright


Re: most people

I did, handful of people have issues which is pretty normal these days sadly. Only 1 out of the 30 or so people I know how have bought it have any problems with it.

I'm on AMD, as are most of them.


Re: Dead Island...

21 hours into it and hardly touched the campaign, I just enjoy kicking zombies off the roof too much. Coop is simply hilarious, if you find single player dragging, get in a game with your mates, you'll be crying with laughter within half an hour.


Re: Good zombie game for a change

I've been enjoying it a lot, turn down draw distance and you'll see a good FPS boost, not sure what the setting does but it certainly doesn't seem to affect draw distance much!

Mostly playing on coop when I can, which adds an entirely new level of mayhem to the game as friends pull aggro from zombies and night becomes far less scary, but far more active as you purposely begin setting off traps etc to get into some enormous fights!

Grand Theft Auto 1997: 'Sick, deluded and beneath contempt'


Re: Awesome Soundtrack too!

Vice city had my favourite tracks, also the DJs were fantastic. I use to listen to it in my car a lot on the long drives, it was so much better than radio 1 or 2. These days I'm old so I listen to Radio 4..

Capita lands spot on mega £5bn NHS commissioning deal


Got to wonder why..

We couldn't have just left things as they were. NHS Scotland seems to be such a stable place compared to down here, they still have NHS boards (not even trusts) and actually talk to each other rather than competing.

Perhaps I'll just drive over the border when I actually feel ill from now on, only way to get some consistency of care.

Why Microsoft's 3D HoloLens goggles aren't for Google Glassholes


Re: The problem with hololens

This has quite a few possible applications in medicine, architecture, engineering and is frankly more a work friendly device than consumer - I'd be surprised if Apple wasn't considering something similar, but different (and probably more expensive).

NHS refused to pull 'unfit for purpose' Care.data leaflet


Re: the minutes have been refused

If the FOI was knocked back on those grounds, a review could have been requested and if still not satisfied a complaints to the ICO about it would probably have resulted in them being released pronto.

Brit gun nut builds working sniper rifle at home out of scrap metal


Re: Scrap metal?

The Reg are taking tips from the latest edition of the "Daily Mail - how to create headlines" manual.

ASA raps vloggers over undisclosed ads


BBC got involved..

shortly after starting to target the same audience with their own youtube style site. Coincidence?

What's MISSING on Amazon Fire Phone... and why it WON'T set the world alight


Re: A free speaker worth £199

What use is it though? I'm after a MOBILE phone so give me a speak? What the f..

Might as well have given me 4 pints of semi skimmed milk, I can use that whilst attempting to use the phone too.

Dragon Age, Inquisition: Our chief weapons are...


Re: £50!!!!

You'll get it well under £30 just about anywhere right now, give it a few months and it'll be half that..

Apple blacklists tech journo following explicit BENDY iPhone vid


PC Master Race says.

Go back to your console peasant.

Brit telcos warn Scots that voting Yes could lead to hefty bills


Re: for an IT site

Yes you would, just that Scotland wouldn't be in it. The United Kingdom of England, Wales and NI would remain.


The West Lothian Question (asked 1977 in Westminster by a Scottish MP) has been left to rot for far too long by the main political parties at Westminster. It certainly needs addressing and I think the tories could use it to their advantage by closing that loophole.

Remember Shetland and Orkney can only have a referendum if an independent Scottish government were to permit it and legally they wouldn't keep "all the oil", but we're forgetting there's oil to be had near Faslane on the West coast.


Re: As a Scotsman

can I say that a YES vote wouldn't actually mean the person hates the English. I say that as someone married to an English woman but living in Scotland..


Re: You know all this talk of things being more expensive

I'm hoping for a decisive vote either way, the polling companies are hopefully more inaccurate than normal having never had to predict this sort of result in this political climate within the UK.

All of the anti scot / anti english stuff aside, the Scots have 100% of the UKs Pandas, that's what we should be campaigning for.

Apple's Watch is basically electric perfume


Surprisingly disappointing

I'm no Apple fanboy, I use Windows 8.1 for my sins on my custom gaming PC at home and have a selection of android tablets that the kids use, but I usually find something during Apple presentations which I find cool. Not this time, seen it all before in one flavour or another by another manufacturer and the Apple Watch looked surprisingly similar to others.

Trying to figure out why anyone would want to carry another smart device around which has 10% of the functionality of their existing smartphone. To top it off though it's not even as "nice" as many of the existing smart-watches, they didn't so much as drop the ball as flatten it, make it shiny and try to strap it to their wrists.

Is it an iPad? Is it a MacBook Air? No, it's a Surface Pro 3


Re: @Arnaut the less RE"......... but for the mass market it just costs far too much....."

I know.. no businesses with use MBAs in an enterprise environment. I do know several who use existing Surface and iPads though.

RealVNC distances itself from factories, power plants, PCs hooked up to password-less VNC


Re: Meh

Which is arguably why it shouldn't have that option during install, people switch off or go for the easiest options. By all means leave it in the software but have it as something you have to do after installation.

I agree though, idiots have nobody to blame but their probably part time/outsourced IT person they had do it for them, or who installed it so they could remote in later to fix printer drivers..

Just in case? Unverified 'supersize me' iPhone 6 pics in sneak leak peek


I'm not convinced

Screws? Apple have tended to use pressure and glue recently, it looks far less refined than even cheap mobiles in the photographs. So either Apple is putting servicing of mobile devices higher than aesthetics for a change or it's fake IMO.

Pushdo Trojan outbreak: 11 THOUSAND systems infected in just 24 hours


11000 windows PCs

But the story mentions 110000 unique IPs, surely that could be a lot more PCs.

YES: Scotland declares independence ... from the dot co dot uk empire


Re: Not an ISO 3166 code

and we can get at the oil under Faslane.

Barclays Bank counter staff to become iPad-toting 'community bankers'


We're having iPads forced on us at work too

How long until the first one is dropped?

How long until someone attempts a honeypot?

Start packing your bags for a Windows Server 2003 migration


"Julius Davies, data centre technology specialist at Microsoft, also advises businesses to use the migration from WS2003 as an opportunity to start making decisions about the future."

Julius I'd be very careful what you ask for buddy.

Google policy wonk patronises Brits over EU search biz probe


Re: For a company flogging the discovery of information

It didn't come across as blocking, it came across as simply clueless as to how Google works. She seems vague and confused about what was being asked but still mumbled the same garbled shit out.

She wasn't the best interviewee but the interviewer could have asked better, more probing questions. Neither came out of it well tbh.

Windows XP market share decline stalls, Mac OS X surges


Re: An obvious embarrassment

The stats don't really tell us anything useful due to how they're collected.

Japanese boffin EYES up big bucks with strap-on digi-glasses


Extremely handy for meetings at work..Whilst you sleep.

BlackBerry ditches T-Mobile US after iPhone advert spat



Mashing the self destruct button with their foreheads then.

Insecure hipsters with BEARD ENVY spur facial hair transplant craze


They can have some of hair off my back, what's the going rate?

Tizen devices are HERE.... Hello, Samsung Gear 2 smartwatches


I don't want a watch which needs to be paired with a phone, I want a smart watch which is a phone too.

MtGox MELTDOWN: Quits Bitcoin Foundation board, deletes Twitter


Re: Oops

MtGox needs to go down the pan, it's been poorly run. Bitcoin really needs a decent, secure and well run exchange and less of the amateurs who don't quite grasp how the system works.

Fortunately people can store their bitcoins locally, personally I hold none on exchanges and only usually sell via localbitcoins.

TONGUES OUT if you want to LICK Steve Jobs' BACKSIDE


I'm glad I come here for the most up to date information on IT.

Turkish president mulls $4.5bn Apple fondleslab school deal


Re: You can always be sure....

There's always an Apple fanboi banging on about money too.

Then there's the lurkers like me who don't give a toss what brand it is or what OS is on it, as long as it's the best device for my needs.

KC engineer 'exposed unencrypted spreadsheet with phone numbers, user IDs, PASSWORDS'


Don't wait on the company going to the ICO - this is the mistake many people make, they won't.

Report the company yourself, it takes all of 5 minutes.

MANIC MINERS: Ten Bitcoin generating machines


My gaming PC is paying for itself, whilst the sceptics sit in cold room wondering what it's all about. £100/month after electricity is not to be scoffed at from alt-coin mining, but please continue to play it down whilst I continue to milk this whilst the going is good :)


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