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Uni of Manchester IT director resigns after chopping 68 people


Re: his work there is done

I once worked at a local council, my first non-private sector job. We ran one IT section and when merged with another council proposals were put forward for how we'd work together - essentially merging the two departments, with us being the smaller one.

Surveys were sent to customers, our approval rating was over 80%, theirs was under 40%. Guess which way they opted to run the department? Yes the way the 40% one worked, all implemented by a temporary "head of service merger" who left about 3 weeks after the work was completed and before the first raft of complaints came in.

None of our department managers were given managerial roles in the merged department, none of our team leaders were team leaders, they were on protected salary and every one of them left within two years, the place is now mostly outsourced.

Pay up, Lincolnshire, or your data gets it. Systems still down after ransomware hits


The NHS mail system was being bombarded with this sort of crap last year, seems to have lessened now but I doubt there's a trust/commish group in the country that hasn't had problems because of it.

Lenovo's file-sharing app uses hardwired password '12345678' ... or no password at all


I'll have to change both of mine, fortunately I wrote the codes "1234" and "5687" on the shackles so I didn't get locked out.

Universal Credit: The IT project that will outlive us all


He has asked the DWP what proportion of the new technology required to implement universal credit has been complete for each year since 2011, but was told the department does "not have a detailed point-in-time breakdown." So it is impossible to judge how much has been achieved in terms of IT build in the last four years.

Please tell me they asked for a "point-in-time breakdown" for NOW so in 20-whatever they can ask what work was done between now and then.. ?

Thought you were safe from the Fortinet SSH backdoor? Think again


Re: "Management Authentication Issue"

Username: Me?

Password: noitwashim

Sorry, password invalid. Please try again head of information assurance.

Sight for sore eyes: Dropbox lands on Win 10 with iris recognition


Re: @The Original Steve

I find it ironic that people have a dig at Microsoft when MS have taken the US government to court in order to protect data from non-US citizens from being accessed by the US government when it's held in Ireland.

I think they deserve some credit for that personally, very few companies anywhere in the world would bother with it.

Boeing just about gives up on the 747


Seat configuration is more or less down to the airline when ordering, not Boeing from what I understand.

No escape: Microsoft injects 'Get Windows 10' nagware into biz PCs


I can't stop thinking that..

Windows 10 would be a lot less unpopular if MS stopped trying to ram it down peoples throats, now before any fanboys on either side open their mouths - I use windows 10 at home and REALLY like it, but then again I decided to upgrade to it the day it was released.

I'm not sure I would have if I'd held off and been nagged about it constantly since. It's insanely stupid marketing by MS.

Cisco forgot its own passwords for seven weeks


Re: 'password' indeed!

Problem is if they auto create passwords on these and put them on with stickers (like many home routers) some idiot won't change them and CISCO will get the blame when random contractor X looks at the back of it and takes a note of the password.

At least with an obvious temporary password even the most stupid admin will change it to something they know.. like letmein.

UK NHS-backed health apps 'riddled with security flaws'


As any NHS Info sec staff member will tell you..

We manage risk, have no budget and mention pen testing and you get a dirty look.

I'm fantastic at pointing out the glaring issues with software we either develop in-house and I'm not even a coder, I'd like the applications externally tested but that costs money and you know - money = operations not carried out and the public wouldn't stand for that.

It's apparently not a great use of resources to protect our data.. yet.

Rejoice, Penguinistas, Linux 4.4 is upon us


Re: Windows 10 - Linux any day

When you can't simply talk about the new version of Linux without bringing in some MS bashing you know the latest version isn't good enough.

This article is about Linux, can we at least keep the fanboy bullshit contained for a little while?

Want to defend your network? Profile the person attacking it


Re: Work as a cleaner. I did!

This is oddly one of the strengths of most public sector organisations, cleaners are just part of the staff so they have friendships with people in the buildings, they know the staff, they are known.

Right up until outsourcing happens - then this problem rears it's head again.

Windows 10 makes big gains at home, lags at work


Bit bored of the anti-windows 10 stuff

It's an improvement over Windows 8/8.1 and in many ways better than Windows 7. Yes there are bits I dislike (vagueness and lack of control about privacy and updates) but they are arguably getting stick partly as they've been more open than many other vendors about what they are doing, even if they remain a little vague.

I moved to Windows 10 shortly after it came out having never tried the development versions, I was pleasantly suprised, turned off Cortana after trying to get it to work and then just got on with it. Having Windows 10 installed hasn't upset my Linux Mint laptop one bit, it's still talking to me.

Just a bit bored of the whole anti-MS bandwagon around here, give it a rest, actually come up with some valid experiences of having used it rather than theorycrafting your own linux/mac/W7/WXP fanboy fantasies of it not working for you.

Apple buys mood sniffer AI firm Emotient. Stop rolling your eyes at me, user


Re: Just wait...

That'd certainly change the face of Instra"gram".


Siri - Are you sad Coder? you should pop into the Apple Store to check out our new range of lightening cables and accessories.


It'll mostly pick up either disbelief or smugness

at the price of the products.

Bloke sues dad who shot down his drone – and why it may decide who owns the skies


Re: What is the sky?

However as these mature and we have better cameras on them the bottom line is that it won't matter if they're 100m up or 1000m they'll be able to zoom in on whatever they like or take high enough resolution footage that it can then be look at later on a computer.

Personally as far as I'm concerned they should be treated the same as CCTV cameras - fine to cover your property but not any other private residence without consent.

I don't own a drone but I do like them - but there's a time and place.

ANN-IE-LATION: Microsoft to axe support for older Internet Explorer next week


Re: for whatever reason are still running Windows Vista...

That's a LOT of options available. If people can't cope with this then they are in the wrong industry.


Re: for whatever reason are still running Windows Vista...

Sorry but I dont' see Windows 10 as requiring retraining, you can make it look like Windows 7 pretty damn easily and without any third party stuff. At most you'll need a one page showing the different ways to shutdown the PC.

It's less of a problem than when moving from some versions of office, such as 97 to 2007 etc. That really messed with admin staffs head. Ribbon? Ribbon can fuck off was their motto.

The bashing on Windows 10 is getting juvenile, the focus should be on the privacy/cloud aspect not the interface - which frankly is not absolutely fine.

I realise I'll be downvoted, feel free, I'm no fanboy - I use Linux at home but the Windows bashing is simply bandwagon jumping these days.

ISPs: UK.gov should pay full costs of Snooper's Charter hardware


Re: Depressing.

The worrying thing is that at some point down the line there's an IT advisor making the case for doing this, possibly alongside his friends who all work in the business of supplying the solutions he's suggesting are "a must for national security"

IT security is a safe job? Tell that to Norse staff laid off this week


Re: Job Security?

These lay offs could have been part of the agreement to secure the additional funding, it's unlikely having looked at the current business model that any investor wouldn't make suggestions especially around potentially temporary staff or areas of the business which weren't focused on what the investor wanted.

It's very possible that these staff were on contracts which were up for review shortly anyway or were part of an IT project which was coming to an end - We all know how companies love to ditch staff just after they've implemented a big change, only to then find they'e nobody who knows how to fix it when things go wrong ;)

Dr Sue Black among handful of IT Brits getting New Year gongs


Utterly corrupt system

Awards for the mates of the rich and famous, those who do their highly paid jobs for their big fat pay cheques. I'd love to see these actually mean something again.

MPs slam mandarins over failed GP IT system


Yeah well nothing changes

I worked in GP IT for 5 years, left a couple of years ago. ATOS here have done what they always do - exactly as requested and not an ounce more, yet the blame is being landed on them for "taking advantage", well no they haven't. In every dealing I had with them the problem was the local NHS staff who had contracted them not having either experience of delivering IT infrastructure or system development projects or local senior management expecting it done to a cost rather than to an objective.

If you then offer to pay ATOS they'll accept the money, the staff who signed off the payment should be held accountable for not having ensured the system was fully tested beforehand, I don't really see how ATOS is in anyway to blame for that especially as the chances are the system wasn't fit for purpose from day one.

Google probes AVG Chrome widget after 9m users exposed by bugs


Re: Hmmm

Most other companies that screw up in the AV field don't do so by leaking data or potentially opening up customers to MITM attacks, they release a messed up DAT file etc. This is a pretty major cock up in security by a firm which is meant to be trustworthy enough not to do exactly that.

White knight and defend it until you are blue in the face, this is a major balls up.

North Wales Police outsourcing deal results in massive overspend


I work in the public sector.. I constantly fight against outsourcing

Not because I think it's bad in all instances but because the approach many in management have is that "it'll save money", not it 99% of the time won't if you want the same level of service. It's not a bloody charity and especially when it comes to IT all those little favours and "2 minute jobs" staff do will all be charged for at an extortionate price or even better use up your pre-paid support tickets that you for some reason decided was a good idea to sign up to.

When I first moved into my current post I saved the organisation £115,000/year by having one contract ended and spending just 3 hours training our own staff how to repair laser printers, honestly that's all it bloody took.


'Powerful blast' at Glasgow City Council data centre prompts IT meltdown


Re: Must have been...

Hat doesn't fit, bloody SNP can't even get one the right size.


Re: Business Continuity

I wonder if they even had one.

IT infrastructure on demand? Yeah right, say devs


10) Continual, reliable investment to make it work for more than 12 months if 1-9 are in place.

Google chap bakes Amiga emulator into Chrome



Oh god how I loved Deuteros, I got a hooky copy from the Barras in Glasgow and played it constantly, no manual so took a long time to figure out what the hell was going on but for me it's one of the classic games, I was completely drawn into the resource management + story side.

Aesthetically pleasing and with a nice sound track from what I remember

Cyber security buck stops with me, says Dido Harding


What the actual ffffFfffffu?

Avoidable or not? Really?

That's such a poor excuse for still having no plans to have one person in charge with sole responsibility for it, sounds as if they've learnt nothing. She's not responsible for it, if she was then she'd have resigned for being so utterly clueless about the subject.

Microsoft extends Internet Explorer 8 desktop lifeline to upgrade laggards


Damned if they do.. damned if they don't.

Double edge sword, if MS state a deadline and don't stick to it people get complacent, if they do people get pissed off.

Problem with government, both locally and centrally, plus the NHS etc is that they know the deadlines are coming but staff on the ground cannot get the backing to make the changes well in advance due to it always being a problem for the next financial year. Then of course the government throws a wall of cash at MS who extend that deadline and local management punt the problem further down the road.

MS are a company after all, not a charity but the fact THEY hold the cards in this situation just speaks volumes about the attitude of government officials to them.

Tablet computer zoom error saw plane fly 13 hours with 46cm hole


Re: Goooooooo Bill

iPad is most likely at fault - so let's blame Windows.

Welcome to The Register, where Windows bashing is mandatory even if it can't be justified by any logical means.

Lenov-lol, a load of Tosh, and what the Dell? More bad holes found in PC makers' bloatware


I was so proud of my 82 year old dad last week.

He'd got his new laptop delivered and immediately called me up to ask what a good AV was for it and "How do I remove all this shit they've installed on it."

It made me weep a little, the old guy still knows best.

Snooping Scottish plod to be taken to tribunal by spied-on detective


Re: No surprise

Wouldn't it be RIPSA as it's the version that applies in Scotland and likely falls under Holyrood?

128GB DDR4 DIMMs have landed so double your RAM cram plan


Re: Consumer version soon please

hahahah the constant Windows 10 bitching never gets old. I mean mature.

Google, didn't you get the memo? Stop trying to make Google+ happen


Re: They did their dash with me

Don't you come in here and expect a debate when we're busy bashing any large corporation! What do you think this is a DISCUSSION FORUM?

Dell: How to kill that web security hole we put in your laptops, PCs


Remove programs, disable services?

Nah, every IT department I've worked in has simply wiped the laptops as they come in,same for desktops. Get our own pre-build on them with apps installed etc. This is more of a home user issue.

Heck even at home I wipe any pre-builds I'm asked to setup for people, less guff and usually takes less time than stripping off that Mcafee internet suite that's pre-installed.

MoJ restarts troubled £250m National Offender management ICT system


Re: "Restarted"?

This is how they resolved the performance issues, they turned it back on several months later.

Apple's design 'drives up support costs, makes gadgets harder to use'


OK then Reg.

"Other anti-user crimes the pair note include low contrast designs with thin illegible fonts,"

Directly below an image that's so blurry I can barely make out the text.

Openreach boss quits BT in midst of split uncertainty


Superfast, Ultrafast, Megafast next?

I'd be happy with faster and more reliable than the **** we've been force fed for years. I still can't get cable, there still is no real competition in the market - that's the main problem, not the speed but the lack of competitors for Openreach and BT.

The entire thing needs to be opened up.

Microsoft rolls out first 'major update' to Windows 10


Here for the MS hate..

Just here to see the linux fanboys hating on anything that's not linux as usual, get those outdated comments in quick guys, give me something to laugh at.

Windows 10 is fine, I use it on my gaming PC. I use Linux Mint currently on my laptop. Each to their own.

Chaos at TalkTalk: Data was 'secure', not all encrypted, we took site down, were DDoSed


Re: sql injectydddoss thingummajig

"may" have been accessed that age old way of softening people up before admitting it too early on.

Windows 10 out, users happy, PCs upgraded, my work here is done – says Microsoft OS chief


Another MS story, time to read the comments from linux and Mac fanboys.

Different day, same **** comments from people bashing MS, claiming that they don't know anyone using Windows 10, that they can't run photoshop and all their friends are moving to macs.

Get a grip folks, Windows 10 is fine, I use it alongside Linux Mint at home. At work we've only just moved to Windows 7 but 10 won't be far off now and it's already winning a few fans there. Sadly work aren't interested in trying out Linux and my experience of running apple servers was not a happy 6 years so I'll never try that again..

Scotland Yard pulls eyeballs off WikiLeaker-in-Chief Assange


The problem he has..

That if he walks out and hands himself in, the US will come up with some excuse for him to be sent over there, even if our government says it's just for "breach of bail conditions."

The Swedish dropping their request really hasn't changed anything for him.

Freelancer.com code exposes bids to competitors


Re: So

What!? That's deny some clicks. Doesn't happen these days.

Top VW exec blames car pollution cheatware scandal on 'a couple of software engineers'


Doesn't bode well..

With the increasing reliance on wireless and "connectivity" between devices if they aren't doing internal testing that would highlight this sort of flaw surely they should be reconsidering how cars operate and connectivity until they have some assurance about their testing regimes?

How long does it take an NHS doctor to turn on a computer?


Yes we're all so funny.. but

I'm sure there's a website somewhere that a doctor is recounting the time an IT guy told him about the difficulty he had satisfying his wife, how she'd never climax and was rarely "ready" for him.

No doubt the doctor tried gently to explain that she wasn't turned on.

As US$12bn is wiped off Apple's value in one day, iOS 9, OS X 10.11 and Watch OS 2 dates set


Re: Bubble bursting

I disagree, I don't think Jobs was the innovator people make him out to be, I think he had an eye for advertising and packaging a product together which met the requirements, or rather perceived requirements of the mass market far better than other tech firm heads could. Problem is without him at the helm Apple don't seem to be thinking ahead anymore, the product line is getting messy and disjointed, it's almost as if they've stopped taking any risk at all.

I'm not someone who's brand loyal at all, I have Microsoft, Sony, google, Samsung, Nintendo and Apple products in my house but the Apple range is starting to look like the Samsung one, all over the place without any specific focus or over-arching long term vision, they're developing re-actively, rather than pushing their competitors. Short term I can continue seeing them grow, but longer term they're going to have to start pushing again and to be honest I think they've run out of ideas for how to repackage the same old product with a handful of updates.

Wangling my way into the 4K gaming club with a water-cooled whopper


Re: 60hz still flickers for me

This is most likely related to the types of backlighting used on most monitors, article about it on the brilliant TFTCentral site: http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/articles/pulse_width_modulation.htm

Just look for monitors that don't use that.

Pwn2Own Tokyo hacking contest trashed, export rules blamed


Let's just avoid confusion and call them "Terrorants" plus it could be a new breed of villain for Marvel movies.


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