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So. What's North Korea really like?


Re: Monumental

It'll be a hammer, sickle and a paint brush representing workers, farmers and artists - pretty common trilogy in communist art


Lethal 4-hour-erection-causing spiders spill out of bunch of ASDA bananas


Re: If you sell someone edible goods, and they come with venomous spiders...

Attempted murder? Come off it...

A murder has to be intentional I believe, so unless you're accusing some Asda employee or supplier of attaching spider egg sacks to bananas on purpose at best it's going to be manslaughter through ignorance.


HTC One M9 hands on: Like a smart M8 in a sharp suit


Re: Sounds good!

Investigate what the SIM free costs are, buy it outright and go onto a much cheaper SIM-only plan. Might not be the best option for your circumstances but it's worth investigating and you get a phone without any operator bloatware.

Hope it works out for you!


Anonymous vows to avenge Charlie Hebdo massacre by blitzing jihadist sites


Re: Interesting

When they attack the Pope (http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/2015-01/7/10/enhanced/webdr03/enhanced-15679-1420643314-17.png), the English, (http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/2015-01/7/10/enhanced/webdr04/enhanced-32502-1420644540-1.jpg) or Jews (http://www.haaretz.co.il/st/inter/Heng/news/images/covers/3.jpg) are they also being racist?

Coming originally from a town with many racial problems (Burney) I do understand what you are getting at and using religion as a form of racism does exist - but I can see no evidence that is what has happened in the Charlie Hebdo case.


Re: Interesting

Well your first mistake there is accusing Charlie Hebdo of racism: Islam is a relgion not a race and there are Muslims of every race and nationality.

And because it is a religion, not a race, it is open to questioning, satire and maybe ever some "hatred" like all concious choices. You don't choose your skin colour, sexual orientation or to have have any disabilities and so these topics should not be satirsed - but concious choices like your political affiliation, the football team you support, whether you use Vi or Emac and your religion are open to scrutinity and satire.

Also - have you seen any of the cartoons they published? The vast majority are not insulting to Mohammad and are mostly poking fun at those who think it's ok to warp his teachings to the levels that it's ok to murder 16 innocent people who drew something on a piece of paper. (How weak must their faith be if a cartoon can hurt them so?)


Webcam hacker pervs in MASS HOME INVASION


The solution here is the same one as was used back in the day when you could hop of 90% of home WiFi routers because the WEP / WPA was not enabled by default and even set up port forwards because 99% of the unsecured routers had a default admin password:

Ensure the default password is random, possibly based on the mac address, rather than using a default one! Then stick a sticker on the product (just like routers have these days) giving the password. If Russian hackers have physical access to your house you have bigger problems!


Belgian watchdog barks at Apple: Take care when you flog that warranty


Now now, Apple always obeys EU law, Belgium is just upholding it wrong!



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