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Scottish Highlands get blanket 3G coverage


Re: Vodafone SureSignal Portal

Not true, I am a business contract Vodafone customer and there were no such problems


Re: Not sure I understand this...

that's exactly right.


Voda Femtocell

I've used a Vodafone Femtocell for nearly 5 years now and it is absolutely great - when it works! It is very fussy about some routers (or maybe they are fussy about it?) in particular Linksys routers don't work with it. I am moving to Sky Broadband today so I expect it to stop working.

The trouble is the complete and utter lack of support when things go wrong - Vodafone will consistently blame your equipment / BB supplier and the supplier will want nothing to do with the problem.

There are a few forums that will tell you which ports to open and how to do it if you are having problems, however I've never had any success with these, if the router doesn't work first time I have found it won't work at all

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