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Furious Google techie on NSA snooping: 'F*CK THESE GUYS'


Re: "...laws are for the little people..."

germany not a western country? google stasi.

Want to go to billionaire Sun kingpin's beach? Hope you're a strong swimmer


Re: Not sure dick is the word

that just means Clarckson is a more likeable dick, which is a given because he is not a politician

London Underground cleaners to refuse fingerprint clock-on


Re: Gummi bears anyone ?

no one put some kind of superglue on it? or chewing gum? or.... specially in schools the should be inventive in destroying the system

OK, so we paid a bill late, but did BT have to do this?


telling an untruth to third parties is defamation isnt it? since the payment is not due on the day they use the pop up to disturb the services, And the pop up is used on anyone using your side of the services a third party reading it constitutes BT breaking defaation law. Just file a criminal complaint and sue for extra costs

City of Munich throws Ubuntu lifeline to Windows XP holdouts


Re: Nice idea, but...

with a good package manager it is just like an app store, much easier then hunting for the software you want, downloading it (with the risc of yet another "downloadmanager" and crapware install option checked) and then doing the setup.exe. After witch you can go and delete the original download manually.

Setup.exe easier? I think not

Storage rage: Like getting a nice steak and being told to only eat 80% of it


Re: Craig Foster

I have had the same conversation, after an hour I told him that if he wanted us not to waste disks all he had to do is sign a statement forbidding us to use raid for the added security of the data. Case closed quickely

The future of PCIe: Get small, speed up, think outside the box


Re: grain of salt

IB can handle a node failing, how else would clusters be build using it

or are you just talinkg about situations where cache coherency is a must? not sure PCIe links will deliver that.

Headmaster calls cops, tries to dash pupil's uni dreams - over a BLOG


What a petulant little child, the head teacher that is.

OK, forget the 3D telly fiasco: 4K is gonna blow you away - say tech giants


most OLED screens come out of the production line bend, why else are there so many not flat screens for sale?


Re: Still loving my Toshiba...

i have a 720P Samsung about the same age, hope that will keep going at least another 2 years then jump to 4K when the prices are reasonable and make the samsung the bedroom TV

Lenovo to ship all new PCs with Start Menu replacement


Re: Why?

if it was a better way people wouldnt complain, fact is it isnt a better way


Re: Here we go again

It is even worse, java update doesnt nag to install the ASK crap. If you dont pay attention or are not a savy user you just click and it gets installed automagically. it is an opt out, not an opt in. Still bewilders me that Oracle chooses to do that, not that they have a good reputation, but this is surely a new low. They must really hate java for some reason.

Top execs off as Zynga's new CEO shaves 'layer' off senior ranks


Re: Chief People Officer

CPO and the other two C functions to be combined. New job title C3PO

Elon Musk unveils Hyperloop – the subsonic tube of tomorrow


Re: Yeah, good luck.

no debate about HSR in Europe? come again? There is a huge debate about HSR at the moment in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

A HSR line was built between the two mentioned countries, it went way over budget, schedule etc etc. When it was finaly completed, the italian built trains turned out to be total failures. they are so bad they are banned in Belgium.

In the end we have a HSR that is unfit for purpose and a dozen or so trains, that you wouldt even house pigs in, standing still and going nowhere ever. the HSR is a write of before even being really used, its a miracle that no one got killed.

Report: NSA spying deals billion dollar knockout to US cloud prospects


Re: I usually don't buy socialist arguments about America being a "corporateocracy"

yes history repeats itself, and USA military already did shoot unarmed USA citizens before. Shooting armed citizens is even easier. Which is a good reason to arm your citizens, much easier to shoot them.

And if you count police as am armed force then its the order of the day, not an exeption.

Yes a revolution can happen, and if the current politicians on both sides keep it up will become sure to happen, but it will be a very very high bodycount. which is good for planet earth. But every downside has an upside ;)

Microsoft loosens strings on Office 365, drops kimono on upgrade options


MS office? no matter what form... NO.... using Libre Office now and happy with that at no cost, no contract and no legal bs

Jimbo Wales: ISP smut blocking systems simply 'ridiculous'


freedom of expression and the raising of a clueless generation

What happened to freedom of expression, isnt that a human right anymore. does a government really feel that its its job to censor in this day and age?

besides, its better to have kids who know what porn is and how it comes to be, then a generation who will not knoe what to do once they reach legal age and do see porn.

What makes the internet different from the numerous rages that show porn?

What is the policy for false negatives? will the government pay for losses of income since they are the ones making it a must to opt out in the first place?


Re: "on every device"

forcing you to use it on every device is rather simple, no connection until the ISP gets a msg from the prog you need to install about your preferences. and that is the scary part, who knows what added functionality the government required software has? its not that they proven to be trustworthy....ever...

besides I dont want to use my devices for their stupidity.

how are they going to enforce it on tourists and other foreigners? Do I need to do a complete reinstall of all my devices on coming home?


I hate it when that certain someting brown, pink or olive has hairs, where can I download that filter?


Re: Perry doesn't have a clue about the technologies involved

Blokking illegal content just makes it harder to find and to really fight against it.

Blokking is in every case the worst thing to do


Re: misguided strategy

why shield innocent users from porn on the internet when its at every top shelve in every gass station and magazine store?

the best thing is not to shield at all, if you dont want to see it click away, if you do feel free.

The biggest problem with filters is that it hides illegal activity, when nobody stumbles upon kiddie porn, nobody can report it to the authorities. And the pervs know where to find it anyway

Davros liable to criticism for huge STRAW DALEK he never built


it is certainly better then 99,99% of the other marketing out there.

You CAN'T be a Silicon Roundabout hipster... you don't have Bluetooth socks


Microsoft's new productline named Microslut, will among other include a vaginal ring to check if any of the females in your family have unsanctioned sex. Ofcourse bluetooth enabled and connected to the cloud to make sure there is a skydrive involved.



Re: depending how they implement it then it's reasonable

then they should state that commercial servers are not allowed. and for non commercial servers they just should put a FUP in there to be shure.

MIT clears itself of responsibility for Aaron Swartz's prosecution


Re: Godwin's law be damned

if they cant differentiate between a laptop and a gun, they should close their doors asap

USB accelerates to 10 Gbps


I agree that USB standards naming has been a mess for the longest time.

But the adoption of this standard by Intel is not that important. its rather easy to change the chip that provides (extra) USB3 ports on a lot of motherboards for a 3.1 chip.

maybe Intel is a contender for the firm that produces most processors, but intels share in the total processormarket is far from the biggest. if ARM adopts USB3.1 in their designs it will become mainstream rather fast.

Snowden's XKeyscore revelations challenged


Latest NEWS NSA says Snowden is lying, therefor he cant be prosecuted.

the USA is at it again, while the NSA is saying that everything Snowden says is untrue at the black hat conference, the USA still wants to prosecute him..... but for telling a made up story you cant get prosecuted as a traitor, for telling the truth you can.

So who do we believe? The NSA or the rest of the USA government?

Review: Crucial M500 960GB SSD


Re: How much data...?

SSD doesnt have a max number for reads, only for writes. So it just depends on how much you write in the hour or two of usage. I think you could use an SSD for a very long time in your scenario, easily outliving the rest of your machine for usefullness.

Keyboard, you're not my type


second hand

I bought a bunch of old HP and IBM PC's a decade ago. for 10 each. They were all complete with mouse and keyboard. I tossed the systems and the mice. But now I do have a lifetime supply of My favorite keyboards. same feel as the ALPS based keyboards, but at about a tenth of the price, these things last and can be found second hand almost everywhere.

but that might be the reason that everybody had to switch to crap keyboards that break down on saturdayevening one day after warrranty ends.

LibreOffice 4.0 ships with new features, better looks


Re: Am I the only one who likes the Ribbon interface?

nowadays the ribbon can be customized too. And I still hate it.

Also IT Pros tend to look further and are less bound by company dictated softwares like office. So most IT pros tend to have office only to read some office only formats. and use the alternatives for higher productivity or at least ease of use.


Re: Being driven in droves to LibreOffice??

it always was a physical media and license to install on 3 machines. + reïnstall on changed or new machines.

Netbooks were a GOOD thing and we threw them under a bus


Re: Quite right.

Indeed the price is almost the samen with your upgrades, but....

You have been working on it for all that time, thats a value and

you can do the upgrades incremental, so you dont have to spend that lot at once and can buy an upgrade when funds allow


Re: Ahhh, I mourn the NetBooks passing

My son has a HP netbook with an AMD processor, ideal for most work. Enough power and enough battery life,

Commentards Ahoy! How about a Petabyte of storage?


Re: 1TB? no problem!

why staggered spin up? put a good UPS in front of it to take the initial load ;)

Playboy fined £100k by Blighty watchdog for FLASHING SMUT at kids


Its not about the porn

It is just another coöperation between the banks and government to force everybody to pay for a credit card. I dont want one and have no use for one, so I am degaded to a second class citizen with fewer rights then those who pay their credit card "tax"

commercial items should never be a tool for identification or an age check. besides I predict a fast black market economy for credit card details among the youngsters who want to see the modern day equivalent of the rags we used to read before we were 18.

no justice in this ruling once again, the banks dont need pron to be creaming after this one

Don't shoot the Windows Live Messenger, cry IM users


Re: How much is MSN IM used now?

I so miss the ICQ feature that let you automaticaly receive files even when absent,

Bob Dylan's new album is 'Copyright Extension Collection'


Re: "Sony has been unashamedly cynical"

Sony being honest, did the medication finaly kick in or did they pull a muscle doing that?

US military nails 'best ever' Microsoft deal, brags size does matter


Re: So, Windows is...

And you think that the source of any software related problem on a navy ship would be publicized? national security anyone?


Re: $100 per machine per year is a deal?

it is a buy once use three years deal, so its $300 per machine. And I think thats not a real good deal for 2 million machines. ni use comparing it to SMB. the numer of machines is what counts, should and could do much better, iven with MSFT, let alone with FOSS.

MEGAGRAPH: 1983's UK home computer chart toppers


Re: Was I the only one...

that genlock MSX was a phillips 8280

I had a few spectravideo's still love the 738 "portable" it did MSX and CP/M :)


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