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The 10 best … Windows Server 2012 features


Re: Difficult to see

Erm... no?

Windows has the advantage of being far easier to setup and support compared to Linux - which equals a lower cost in staff pay.

I guess you shouldn't go anywhere Windows, as it's clear you're not sufficiently technical to support it, as per your comments your Windows machines require regular reboots, whereas one of my Windows servers we found hadn't been rebooted for nearly 3 years (it's never allowed downtime) - weird that isn't it?

It does require Anti-Virus sure, but is that a huge problem? Well i guess when a system is very popular and used, then virus writers will target said systems.

Scales fine in a virtual environment.

File and memory management don't seem to be an issue for my environment, perhaps in your IT area it is, but hey, every server environment is different - perhaps you need to see how servers are used in other industries / companies rather than believe that your setup is the only setup?

Yeah, you have to pay for allot of things in life, that's how our economy works - hell, your company has to pay for you - should you be free?

Apple may debut low-cost iPhone for emerging markets in 2013


Stop it - please just stop it.

Apple's entire marketing and hype is premium products - this goes hand in hand with the definite better quality apps it holds in its AppStore compared to Google Play. Apple is all about exclusivity and top end products.

Apple getting into the "cheap" market is a sign of desperation, and lack of innovation. As with the iPad Mini, it's a case of Apple following other market leaders in an attempt to gain more market share, using the already followed and established market trends.

This isn't the Apple of Steve Jobs, but the following of a company looking to maximize profits as much as possible no matter how much said plan impacts consumer perceptions.

Apple = Just another tech company.

Apple supremo Tim Cook's pay packet slashed 99% in 2012


Re: WTF?

I had to say the same.

Exactly what has he done to got on such a list? As you said, he took over a company which was dominating the markets it was in, and had a number of already well received products in the hands of consumers. I'm struggling to think of what he's done which has further expanded the company which didn't rely on the work already carried out by Jobs and Co before he took the helm.


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